Signals From the Frontline Episode #491


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  • The next 40K campaign is focussed on the Dark Angels
  • It will be in the same style/format as Warzone Fenris, but focussing on the Fallen’s fight against chaos.
  • The Dark Angels will recieve the next plastic Primarch: Lion El Johnson
  • GW to be releasing more Battlforces in January

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  • Imperial Agents


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16 Responses to “Signals From the Frontline Episode #491”

  1. tag8833 December 12, 2016 2:01 pm #

    ITC Vote requests.

    —– Army Comp —–
    1) What should the limit on Formations be in the ITC
    _No Formations
    _0-1 Formations
    _0-3 Formations (Our current Restriction)
    _Unlimited Formations
    *Note Detachments of Formations currently count as 1 formation for the purpose of the ITC
    1A) Should Duplicate formations be allowed in the ITC?
    2) Should “Detachments of Formations” Count as 2 Detachments for the ITC limit of 3 Detachments?
    3) Should the ITC take a more active role in adjusting formations to make them more balanced and playable?
    4) Should the ITC be more or less restrictive in which Lords of War are allowed?
    _More Restrictive
    _About the Same
    _Less Restrictive
    5) Should the ITC adjust the points level for standard games (1850 currently)?
    _ Yes Reduce it
    _ No Leave it the Same
    _ Yes Increase it

    ——Deathstars / Super Heavies——-
    6) Should we get rid of Battle Brothers and treat the highest level of alliance as Allies of Convenience?
    7) Should Blessings and other bonuses like the “Grimoire of True Names” or “Canticles of the Omnissiah” work on Super Heavy Vehicles or Gargantuan Creatures?
    8) Should the ITC enforce a maximum cap on the number of warp dice in an army?
    8a) If yes, what should that cap be?
    9) Should the rules on blessings be changed so that a unit can only benefit from one blessing at a time?
    10) Should units taken as a formation that allows multiple units to join into an uber unit (Such as Greentide, or Wulfkin) be limited such that the uber unit cannot be joined by ICs?
    11) Should the ITC take additional steps to limit / discourage Deathstars?

    ——–Astra Militarum——
    12) Should Pask be allowed to be taken in place of a Tank Commander in an Emperor’s Fist Armoured Company Formation?
    13) Should the Requirements for the Emperor’s Shield Infantry Company Formation be changed to 1-3 Infantry Platoons?
    14) Should the Cadian Battle Group Formation be changed to allow the Emperor’s Blade Assault Company to be taken as a Core Choice?

    15) Should the ITC change the “split” rule on Pink Horrors?
    15a) If yes, how (You may select multiples)?
    _Ignore the rule entirely
    _Only allow a single split from Pink Horrors to Blue Horrors
    _If a unit is wiped out in a single phase, it is not allowed to split
    _Treat all Pink Horrors as if they are 3 wounds, but cannot split
    _If a model is killed by a weapon that causes instant death, then it cannot split
    _new models generated by a split are generated immediately as soon as you remove the casualties, and become part of the unit that they split out of instead of a new unit.
    _(Whatever better idea you guys have.)

    16) Should Eldar Jetbikes with more than 1 Scatter laser per squad be treated as Fast Attack choices in the ITC?

    17) Should the Great Waaagh Detachment be allowed in the ITC even though it was removed from the latest version of the Waaaagh Ghazgul supplement?
    18) Should The Green Tide Formation be allowed in the ITC even though it was removed from the latest version of the Waaaagh Ghazgul supplement?
    19) Should Ghazgul be allowed to be taken in place of a Warboss in an Ork Warband Formation?

    20) Should Genestealer Cult psykers be considered “friendly” for the purpose of Shadow in the Warp?
    21) Should Shadow in the Warp be changed so that psykers in range of Shadow in the Warp only successfully manifest psychic powers on a 6+?

    22) Should Magnus the Red be allowed to swoop (The Flying mode of a Flying Monstrous creature)?

    ——–Others (GW FAQ)——-
    23) Should Battle Brothers be allowed to embark in each other’s transports?
    24) Should Grenades be limited to 1 per unit when in Close combat?
    25) Should Blast and Template weapons be limited to one level of terrain, or hit every level?

    FAQ Change requests
    1) Please FIX the Super Heavy / GC rules so that they are consistent. If my Stompa can go to the upper level of terrain, a Wraithknight should be able to go up there after him. If the Wraithknight can’t, My Stompa shouldn’t either. The rule in question:
    For ease of tournament play, at this event, Gargantuan Creatures, Super-heavy Vehicles, and other Vehicles that do not have the Walker or Skimmer type may not move/be deployed onto an upper level of a ruin.”

    2) Please clarify if an embarked unit can claim an objective. For instance if an Objective Secured unit of Tactical Marines is embarked on a Fast Attack Razorback, can they control an objective using the Objective Secured rule.
    3) Please Clarify whether a model that cannot move to a position (IE. Wraithknigth moving to the upper level of a ruins), can declare a charge against a unit that is occupying that position.
    4) Please Clarify whether you can or cannot “tank Shock” a stormsurge with a non-super heavy tank.
    5) Please Clarify whether a Dimacharon moves only 6” when using his “leap” ability, or moves 6” in addition to his normal movement, in effect moving 12”
    6) Please Clarify whether an Escape hatch must be placed in the controlling player’s deployment zone.
    7) Please Clarify how far the Skathach Wraithknight moves when it uses it’s “Webway Shunt Generator”

    • RauPow December 12, 2016 9:09 pm #

      I second the motion of Battle Brothers counted as Allies of Convenience to be put to a vote.

      My proposed question to vote on would be: Should Battle Brothers of separate Factions be counted as Allies of Convenience?

  2. Anon December 12, 2016 5:45 pm #

    ITC vote request: Please don’t make us use Imperial Agents.

  3. Dakkath December 12, 2016 7:17 pm #

    Suggested ITC rule change: No unit may be joined by more than 1 IC.

    • pleasantnoodles December 13, 2016 8:00 am #

      At first blush I think I’m rather fond of this, though it does have a tiny cost with some random IC squads like Deathwatch’s super special friends squad.

    • tag8833 December 13, 2016 8:59 am #

      We can always vote on it. I think it would be better than the current IC rules, but don’t like it quite as much as other options for limiting deathstars.

  4. Shifeebrains December 12, 2016 9:26 pm #

    FAQ Request:

    Eldar Corsairs: When deep striking with a Kinetic Shroud, do you count as moving Flat Out or do you count as moving Flat Out only for the benefit of the 4++ save (without the drawbacks)?

    Page 156

  5. Gene Perkins December 13, 2016 6:24 am #

    Suggested Vote:

    Limit the number of “free points” for ALL armies it’s available to. Not just pink horrors. Battle company, warcon, etc.

  6. wintertalon December 13, 2016 10:43 am #

    I really dislike when new rules come out and people want to go back to the old rules.

    Servo skulls are not in the new book. but people want to keep the old way of playing them. Like wise Green tide is gone. But people want to go back to playing them that way.

    I would like to be able to assault out of outflanking with my genestealer. It not in the rules now so you have to deal with how it is now. I had 80 stealers sit on the shelf for almost 4 years intel GSC came out. It is the way the game goes.

    • winterman December 13, 2016 3:29 pm #

      I agree with this for the most part, primarily from the standpoint of a TO who doesn’t want to track down multiple copies of rules and try and manage to make clear rulings on all the variations.

      That said, GW hasn’t made this easy based on their draft FAQ answers to the green tide and Iron Priest questions. And it is a bit daft of GW to update some rules via a supplement and not make the change available (and official) for folks who own the main codex. Horrors being the most recent example – a Daemon player should not have to buy two books (one being a fluff) just to have the most current rules for one unit. So that is where it gets a bit sticky. They should provide the base rules for free like they do in AoS and for some 40k units like the newer Tyranid stuff.

  7. Lockinfinity December 13, 2016 2:14 pm #

    I second the notion to revote on detachment/formation limits. As a Dark Eldar player without a “Detachment of Formations,” and since most of these detachments take as many formations as they like, the ITC should just allow unlimited detachments/formations, but with a 2 limit cap on each individual formation.

  8. Josh December 13, 2016 3:30 pm #

    really don’t want to see unlimited formations. I’d say if you use a detachment with formations, anything beyond the required core and auxiallary formations should count against your 3 total formations.

    • Duz_ December 14, 2016 4:38 am #

      I agree something needs to be done about the formation limits
      Either unrestrict them or count decurions as two
      Its not fair to those armies which don’t have usable decurions to be limited compared to decurions which are running 4-5 formations.
      Also in the case of assassins each one counts as their own detachment

  9. Skallagoose December 13, 2016 5:04 pm #

    ITC vote suggestion:
    Should “free” models be considered Objective Secured even if a troop choice in a CAD (This is for Pink Horror split, Battle Company rhinos and others)?
    -Yes, keep it as is in the book
    -No, “Free” items should not have obsec
    -You’re trying to kick Space Marines while their down you jerk.

  10. Gman December 14, 2016 6:26 am #

    Vote suggestion:

    1.Be able to take more than 1 fortification. Since haemotrope reactors are meant to be an addition to the voidshield generator.

    2. Be able to place fortifications in terrain, as per rulebook rules. Its very hard to place a big fortification 3 inch away from all terrain and edges. There is usually only one or two spots you can place it and it kind of fucks with your deployment strategies.

    3. Make barrage weapons work on all levels of ruins, as per rulebook.

  11. sheit27 December 14, 2016 4:58 pm #

    Vote Suggestion:

    Should Magnus be treated like a GMC/Super heavy when used in an ITC Army list?

    (IE – give opponents +1 to seize, 3 wounds = 1 KP on missions etc)

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