New Roll to Seize: 40k Arena – Striking Scorpions vs Sicarian Infiltrators

This month we ask the question every great gladiator must ask themselves…am I sneaky enough?


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Welcome back to another episode of 40k Arena! Each episode, Jay and Andrew record live from Wych Arena 3022 nestled deep within the Dark Eldar city of Commorragh. Each month, they’ll take you ringside to some of the bloodiest battles the Grim Dark has to offer and keep the dice rolls off the air! This episode we pit two master infiltrators against one another to see who truly rules the shadows. Who will win? Tune in and find out!

Featherweight Match:

  • 8 Canoptek Scarabs vs. 1 Penitent Engine

Main Event:

  • 8 Striking Scorpions vs 5 Sicarian Infiltrators

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