Signals from the Frontline #481: Blood Bowl on the way!

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Show Notes

Date: 11-7-16


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  • Wow, GW announces Blood Bowl on the way in the next week! Awesome, that is going to be a hot seller!


14708347_332202603812187_2483260929616282268_n skavenblight-scramblers

  • We’ve got the new Silver Tower characters up for the new order special! Grab em this week at 25% off MSRP.


  • Another Grav Tank variant from Forge World for the Adeptus Custodes!


  • GW teases Planetary Onslaught, which will combine Planetstrike, Cities of Death and Stronghold Assault.


  • Our F.A.T. Mat sale is going red hot! WOW. Thanks to everyone for their business and for helping us make the impending move easier. If you want to take advantage of this sale, please get your mat quick as we are selling out of popular styles.



  • Tons of awesome new stuff coming out for Konflikt ’47 that look fantastic!

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Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Some more news from the Open Day:

– No other Sisters of Silence have been worked on yet. They wanted to see how popular the first set were.

– Resin upgrades for the plastic Custodes will get done, similiar to the Secutarii ones. Also more vehicles.
– The Custodes will get an army list equivalent to the Solar Auxilia.
– Talons of the Emperor armylist. You will be able to do a pure Sister list or pure Custodes list or mix.
– Custodes are older than Thunder Warriors. Info about their creation is heavily guarded by the Emperor. No packers.
Jenetia Krole, Valdor and Ahriman will get rules in Inferno!
– Thousand Sons will have scalable psychic powers.
– Inferno is biggest book yet by 8 pages.
– Inferno should be ready for pre-release February the 4th!
– Next Black Book will feature Blood Angels and Dark Angels.
– Daemon Magnus seems to have an alternate head and a sword option!
– “Squats are NEVER being done. Ever. You will see fishman in space before Squats. And there is no love for fishmans in space :(“
Supposedly a Sisters Cannoness on the way at the end of the year? Exciting if true!

Rant Session

Tactics Corner

Rules Lawyer

Completed Commissions

  • And of course, GeekMasterK’s awesome Inquisition pumpkin!


List Review


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5 Responses to “Signals from the Frontline #481: Blood Bowl on the way!”

  1. Seneschal D November 7, 2016 8:07 pm #

    Monkey Fighting Snake on a Monday through Friday Plane

    A Real Snake Was Found on a Plane in Mexico – TIME

  2. Alex November 7, 2016 11:22 pm #

    But Reece I thought the tau were the fishmen from space

    • Reecius November 8, 2016 9:43 am #

      Don’t forget communist!

  3. Ytook November 8, 2016 10:05 am #

    I think for AoS with regards to working with the double turn I think your list building may be one of the problems. I haven’t really seen you guys play and I wouldn’t count myself as top tier, but based off of listening to 9th realm it seems you guys have basically built all out aggression armies that play as such, which will work fine if you get a double turn but be taken apart by another armies double turn. As the article on here stated you need to think both offensively and defensively in AoS unlike 40K where you want to be as efficient in one direction as possible. Building a pure aggression army in AoS is like building a pure first turn alpha strike army in 40K, if you need that first turn and your enemy to not null-deploy to work you’re going to smash some games and completely flounder in others.

    Basically if you’re off tempo and going to be facing a double turn you need to think defensively, how you do that will depend on faction. For Stormcast I’ve found a large block of 10 shield Liberators that you position ahead of the rest of your force does this great, with only a Lord Castellant and a mystic shield (which you only need to get off once to last the double turn) or cover you’ve got a 20 wound block with a 2+ re-rolling 1s save that your enemy has to deal with in their first double turn (assuming a turn 2 tempo change), if they don’t they’ve got a big unit that hits pretty hard up the field dominating the centre, and if they do deal with this unit then so what? They’ve spent their tempo dealing with a 200 point unit while the other 1800 will be largely untouched (as they can hover out of range and present less immediate threat) and taking down that unit will require a lot form your enemy, two units of 10 is even better.

    This is pretty basic but is most widely applicable, Bloodbound do the same with Bloodreavers but replace survivablility with mass numbers and even more immediate threat, Seraphon have Saurus and Temple Guard, Slaves to Darkness have Chaos Warriors, Destruction has… well basically all its massed infantry (‘ard boyz and Moonclan are particularly good at this). Basically all those cheap troops with some good defence/horde ability which you think are pointless next to elite mortal wound dealers, this is why you need them beyond filling out battleline requirements. Look at the top performing armies here in the UK and you’ll see big units of troops.

    There are of course plenty of other ways to act defensively, Sylvaneth for example are a bit different. They rely on wyldwood placing to grant them large areas of cover, create inherently dangerous terrain for the enemy to get near (this is where Spite Revenants in their battalion shine as they’re cheap and with a well placed wyldwood they can basically make an area an absolute horror for enemy units to get near) and teleportation between wyldwoods allows them to easily hide in the backfield and pounce when they’ve got tempo. This is why large units of Dryads are so important as they become very defensive in wyldwoods and can teleport to basically where you want after your opponent has given up tempo.

    As for not being able to avoid gunlines I’m kind of confused, Dispossessed quarrellers have an effective range of 24″ (and that’s very good for AoS), you start the game 24″ apart with 12″ deep deployment, setting up a situation where they have to spend a turn getting in position turning a double turn into effectively one turn of shooting at best isn’t difficult (and you’re Sylvaneth Reece, you can slap down large pieces of enemy chewing cover that you can manipulate and teleport around, place your free one in the enemie’s zone, your Acorn of Ages one in your very backfield and Verdent Blessing/Treeman Ancient some midfield). Artillery has longer range and hits hard but can still be avoided and are easier to deal with as they heavily rely on maintaining their squishy crew and support characters to be truly effective.

    Anyway, rant over, great show as ever guys 😛

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