Gallery at the LVO! Now taking submissions!


Hello all you artists out there! The submission for of the first ever LVO Gallery is opening TODAY until Nov 30th! Take a look at this mock Submission form below and consider submitting your art to be displayed at the LVO 2017!



  1. Please keep in mind that Completed and Work in Progress Submissions will take president over proposed designs.
    • The general “theme” this year is Tabletop Games.
  2. Currently there are no size restrictions, but there are fewer slots available for large scale pieces.
    • We are taking submissions for Display only Art (not for sale) but those will be held in reserve for more complicated installations.
  3. We will be charging a modest display fee to cover equipment rental costs. This will be a flat rate of 15$ (20$ for exceptionally large pieces)
    • We will have volunteers to aid in sales, and marking the art as sold.
  4. All art, regardless of time of purchase will continue to be displayed until the last day of the convention. And will be available for pickup/shipping Sunday.
    • Should you sell your piece, you are responsible for any shipping costs to your buyer.
  5. There are no price restrictions, you may value your art at what feels right to you.
    • We would prefer that you attend the convention. If your piece is accepted and you cannot attend, individual arrangements will be made to send you the proceeds of sale, shipping of your art to you, or shipment to your buyer.
  6. We love models, but this year we will not be taking any submissions of miniatures as we have separate competitions for that! 
    • There will be clear “Do not touch” signs posted. And staff to ensure the safety of your art, but the LVO is not responsible for any damage done to your piece while on our gallery.
  7. Original sculptures both painted and unpainted can be submitted, but we have fewer spots available for that medium as it requires an additional stand/shelf.


Mock Submission form:

Legal Name:

Artist Pseudonym:

Email Address:

Phone number:


Website/Social Media:

Proposed Exhibit Title:


Will be attending the LVO 2017 y/n:

Concept Images/Photo(s) of Submission:

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