Dominate for Two – The Shooting Meta

David, Ryan, & Alex discuss shooting in the current metagame and whether it’s the return of oppressive standoff gunlines. We dive into what’s changed to make shooting a big question now, some of the basic theory for why it’s intrinsically powerful, and the difference between standoff armies and combined arms. David hails our new gun-toting overlords, Ryan lists all the counters three times, and Alex says “screw that, I got mine.”

Is your meta sitting on the master strategy that makes gunlines a thing of the past? We’d love to hear about it! Share your experiences with us at, or get ahold of us on Facebook and Twitter.


About Dominate for Two

Dominate for Two is a fast and focused Warmachine & Hordes strategy discussion podcast that comes in bite-sized chunks. The three man team of David, Ryan, & Alex are based out of Oakland, California.

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    Luke October 21, 2016 4:02 am #

    TBH I think that GSC will be a meta-shaker. Just like flyrants and daemons cause people to consider what to do about AA, GSC can force people to consider what to do about horde armies and MSU assault, instead of the more common assault-based deathstar that seems to be more prevalent in today’s meta.

    Way too early to say if that will have any effect on top tables at GT’s, but I’m hopeful.

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