How To Play Warhammer 40K – A Tutorial Series

Hey 1-Plus Armour fans!  In an effort to help increase the number of new players and spread the love that is Warhammer 40k, we have made a 10 part series on How To Play 40K.

This series is meant to ease new players into this complex yet fulfilling game by introducing them to all the basic concepts. The series covers all the core rules from making your army all the way through to the assault phase and beyond. There is also a quick faction overview that might give new players a quick peek into how the different armies look and feel. And we cap it all off at Episode 10 by playing a small demo game. This aims to pull together all the rules in a illustrative battle complete with full explanations about what is happening.

We are currently in Episode 4, with each new episode released every Thursday at 8am EST so please feel free to check it out and tell all those new players out there to have a look!

Episode 1 is linked below, and you can find the full playlist here.


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