New Roll to Seize: Chorus of Screams

In this episode, we take a hard look at those acrobatic space elves, the Howling Banshees…


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On this episode, Jay and Andrew discuss the amazing models and new weapons coming out of the Genestealer Cult, while slamming their heads against the wall for some pretty big missteps from this last month. In the Brown Library, we face our greatest challenge yet. Not everything Eldar is created equal, but we do our best to give it a fighting chance.

Seizes of the Month:
Jay: Just don’t shoot at Kastelan Robots…just don’t
Andrew: Fire Dragons are not always your greatest threat

Brown Library:
Folks, we’ve got banshees, an Avatar, and yes, a Phoenix Lord, but do we make it work? You might be surprised.

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2 Responses to “New Roll to Seize: Chorus of Screams”

  1. Avatar
    jeff October 6, 2016 5:27 am #

    these are the best 40k player podcasts that i have ever heard, and i spend too much time with 40k podcasts in the room. thanks for the fantastic work. you are a positive force in this world, and the next. maybe.

    • Jay Jones
      Jay Jones October 8, 2016 4:18 pm #

      By the Emperor! Thank you for the nice words good sir. It’s these kinds of comments that keep us going. That and the fear of Gozer.

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