Dominate for Two – Things We Got Wrong

David, Ryan, & Alex discuss our early predictions from the start of the new edition that didn’t pan out. We trot out the models we thought would blow away the metagame that have sputtered, and also call attention to some ugly ducklings that have defied all expectations and turned into pretty kick-ass swans. David gets a boner for colossals, Ryan is right about things, Alex realizes it’s okay to just maim, and everybody gets a little sleepy.

Got something that’s turned out better or worse than you’d anticipated at the start of the edition? Let us know at, or drop us a line on Facebook and Twitter.


About Dominate for Two

Dominate for Two is a fast and focused Warmachine & Hordes strategy discussion podcast that comes in bite-sized chunks. The three man team of David, Ryan, & Alex are based out of Oakland, California.

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