Chaos Space Marines Review: Imperial Armour XIII: Legacies of Ruin Part 3



Hey everyone, Adam here from TFG Radio! Today we are concluding my coverage of the Legacies of Ruin for Chaos Space Marines from Imperial Armour 13.  As always, for more tactics articles, check out the Tactics Corner!

Again, Imperial Armour 13 provides a bit of a boost to the Chaos Space Marine armies. these last set of legacies provide for the more specific chaos god. For a brief intro to the legacies, see Part One  of the series.


I have already gone over the rules in regards to being able to use the legacies, lets go over them again:

  • Any vehicle available to Chaos Space Marines, and it’s supplements, may take a Legacy of Ruin
  • One vehicle per 1,000 points may take a Legacy of Ruin
  • No Duplicates
  • No Daemon Engine, as well as any vehicle with Daemonic Possession or Daemonic Resilience rule, may take a Legacy of Ruin. Now there has been some debate on whether a Chaos Knight with a mark of one of the chaos gods can take a legacy. The reason for this is that, when given a mark, the Chaos Knight becomes a daemon of that chaos power but is not considered a Daemonic Engine, nor does it have Daemonic Possession. Check with your Tournament Organizer, if playing in a tournament.

A quick note before we begin. These particular legacies give daemonic possession to the vehicle, so they are an exception to the normal restriction. This gives your vehicles a bit more resiliency against incoming fire and every little bit helps.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s get started!


Legacy: Vessel of Akashneth of the Boiling Brass

Cost: 15 points/Vehicle, 20 points/Super Heavy Vehicle(SHV)

Benefits: Causes Fear, friendly models with the Icon of Wrath within 12″ of the vehicle inflict D3 additional wounds when determining the winning side of an assault.

Tactics: Ideally you would give this legacy to a vehicle that will be able to survive long enough to be near the action. If you are ab;e to achieve that, the additional wounds added to your assault total could be the difference to winning or losing a close combat. Unfortunately having to get them that close may prove difficult so you may have to use it as a passive boost to your backfield defences.


Legacy: Vessel of Shyak the Seeker

Cost: 15 points/Vehicle, 20 points/SHV

Benefits: Causes Fear, friendly models with the Icon of Excess within 12″ of the vehicle roll an additional D6 and discard the lowest when making any test the uses the leadership characteristic.

Tactics: The ability to get a better result when using your leadership, for various effects, is helpful. It is good if you want to keep a key unit from running away. Especially useful for keeping a unit on the objective or keeping a unit in combat at a key moment in the game.


Legacy: Vessel of Dhornurgh the Reborn

Cost: 10 points/vehicle, 15 points/SHV

Benefits: Causes Fear, friendly models with the Icon of Despair within 6″ of the vehicle have the gets hot and rending special rule when in close combat.

Tactics: Not sure if the risk is worth the reward. Rending is good, especially on just basic guns, but the risk of every model getting hot probably means you are going to lose a lot of guys. It’s a cheap upgrade, so if you want to keep to fluffy with your Nurgle army then you may want to use it.


Legacy: Vessel of Tzenahk the Occluder

Cost: 10 points/Vehicle , 20 points/SHV

Benefits: Causes Fear. Before the game begins, roll a D6. On a 1 your opponent gains an additional victory point if the vehicle is destroyed. On a 2+, the controlling player gains an additional D3 victory points if the vehicle survives the game.

Tactics: If you’re tight on points, and still want to include a legacy of ruin, you may want to include this one. For as little as 10 points you can get  up to 3 free victory points toward the game, if the vehicle is still alive. Give it to a vehicle that you can easily hide and keep the game close. Those extra VPs could win you the game. Just don’t roll a 1, and we all know how easy that is, right?


Legacy: Auloth the Primordial Iterator

Cost: 40 points/Vehicle, 80 points/SHV

Benefits: Causes Fear, vehicle weapons cause pinning. Friendly models with the Icon of Wrath within 12″ of the vehicle cause fear and have feel no pain(FNP).

Tactics: Probably the most useful of theses, which is why it is also the most expensive. You get double the benefits. The vehicle’s weapons cause pinning, so somewhat useful. More importantly, models with the icon and nearby gain feel no pain. This helps in the keeping a unit alive so they can get things done. It is a lot of points but can be worth it if you are able to stack the FNP to make the unit even more durable.


In closing, the Legacies of Ruin is a good way to help give your army that extra edge or boost. Some are a must take, while others are have a very specific use. You should try some of them out before using them in a tournament and figure out which ones work best for you and your army.

Well, that’s it for all the legacies. Hope you find one that you can make work and may the Dark Gods smile upon you! Although if that’s the case you may turn into a spawn.

As always, share your thoughts in the comments section! And remember, Frontline Gaming sells Games Workshop product at up to 25% off, every day. You can also pick up some cheap models in our Second Hand Shop. Some of these gems are quite rare, sometimes they’re fully painted!


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    On the “Vessel of Dhornurgh the Reborn” you mention the rule says Gets Hot/Rending in *close combat* but then say “rending is good even on basic guns.” Did you mean to say “guys” and not “guns?”

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