Dominate for Two – Analyzing a Loss

David, Ryan, & Alex discuss how best to learn from your bruises. What kinds of questions should you ask when you lose? Is there a priority or a weighting that should be attached to specific factors like dice, lists, or positioning? Also a quick bonus mention of how best to analyze when things (sometimes seemingly despite your best efforts) go right!

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About Dominate for Two

Dominate for Two is a fast and focused Warmachine & Hordes strategy discussion podcast that comes in bite-sized chunks. The three man team of David, Ryan, & Alex are based out of Oakland, California.

2 Responses to “Dominate for Two – Analyzing a Loss”

  1. Vercingatorix August 25, 2016 8:53 am #

    So I don’t play warmachine but 40k and really liked this episode. Especially the talk about “how much to blame dice”. I find that people (myself included) have trouble wrapping their head around a games worth of averages. I try to be cognizant of it now.

    The game I played last night my opponent was mad that he lost on a leadership test he had 60% chance of passing. Totally forgot the previous several interactions which all had a non-negligible chance of forcing the leadership. There was an upwards of 70% chance of me winning through the course of that interactions but because it failed on the LAST interaction then its “Damn dice”.

    The funny thing is that he only needed to change one movement and there wouldn’t have been a chance for me at all.

    Also the “chance of not losing” vs “chance of winning”. Daemons in 40k are a highly variable army. In particular there’s a chance of the whole army getting considerably worse every turn. A lot of people build there army around how to avoid that thing happening. I tried an army that didn’t mitigate it all but had several other chances to give me an advantage that would let me win quickly and I’ve really liked it.

    Though I’d obviously prefer you talk about MY gaming system! I did appreciate the talk.

  2. AngryPanda August 26, 2016 2:22 am #

    Same here. Not a Warmachine player and I still appreciate this podcast. The things you discuss are more like genral attitude towards gaming and useful anywhere.
    The chance of winning vs losing discussion seemed more specific for a skirmish game but it felt like it translated almost perfectly to Infinity there a game can be made on one high risk maneuver too.
    Thank you, this one is definatly a series I want to follow.

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