Short Form Battle Report KDK vs Battle Company #288

Sorcerer Cabal Death Star vs. Battle Company! Check the Tactics Corner for more great bat reps!


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4 Responses to “Short Form Battle Report KDK vs Battle Company #288”

  1. Iago June 25, 2016 2:37 pm #

    Nice batrep but I like longer ones way more e.g. those from mwg..I do miss tuesday night fight . I loved watching/listening to those long games while hobbying.

    • Heldericht June 26, 2016 5:32 pm #

      I liked the longer ones, but not with separate commentary. I feel like listening to the players is what I want. Not to bash the commentator (I’m sorry, I don’t know who does it), but with him bouncing between twitch chat he often misses what is happening in the game and seems distracted.

      This might seem like a little thing too, but he also keeps saying things like “Feel no pain is the most frustrating mechanic in the game” or other pseudo negative things that really don’t add to the game. It’s needless negativity. I can understand that coming from a player in the heat of the moment but not from someone who is supposed to be commentating on the game.

      I think i just come from watching a lot of video games being professionally casted and the attitude there is to not criticize the game even if it is known to be broken but to try and analyze what the players can and can’t do in the given situation. Meanwhile we get zero insight into what the players are thinking or why they’re making a certain move.

      One of my all time fav batreps is Reece vs Cooper before Adepticon 2016. Lots of good natured trash talking and fun/risky decision making that really captured the essence of what a friendly game of Warhammer 40k is (to me).

      I digress.

      Loved this batrep too, hardcore lists and seemed like a close game. Thank you for uploading this!

  2. Dayone916 June 25, 2016 10:15 pm #

    James, what about that list gave you the most trouble? Was it just battle company in general or was it Pablo’s version with warp spiders?

  3. kontraktkiller June 26, 2016 8:05 am #

    It was a combination of bad dice in the first three rounds and solid reserve tactics on pablos part.

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