Signals from the Frontline #440 Tournament Preparation

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Rant Session

Tactics Corner

  • Tournament Preparation: How to go in ready to do your best!
    • First step: Logistics.
      • Get your army as close to fully painted and based as you can. This is not only for your own sake but is a courtesy to all the other players that invested time and energy into painting their armies. Also, it helps to earn you more points for events that have paint scores!
      • Make sure you have an easy way to move your army around from table to table. A Tablewar Display tower is absolutely awesome for this, as is a display board. Just make sure your display board isn’t too big as it can be hard to stow it away.
      • Have your dice ready to go. If possible bring color coordinated dice and have the amount you use most frequently set on the table and ready to rock. As an example, in my Astra Militarum army, I use Vultures, which use 20 dice for the twin Punishers and 3 Dice for the chin mounted Heavy Bolter. I always have 20 big dice and 3 little dice on the table as that is the most I will typically need at any time and makes it easy and fast to go through my shooting phase. Further, I usually separate the dice into groups of 5 to make it super quick to grab as many as I need.
      • Have any templates you use frequently ready to rock. Also, things like wound counters, stunned markers, smoke and wrecked markers help speed the game up and keep things accurately tracked.
      • Bring a pen or pencil! You always need one.
      • Make sure you have all your rules! Be courteous to your opponent and TOs and always have your relevant rules handy.
      • Make sure to bring a copy of your list for each opponent. Not hand written lists, please! Those suck to read. Make sure your list is printed. I prefer to have very simple lists with just the name and size of the unit plus any upgrades listed. Some folks like Army Builder or Battle Scribe lists which also come with some of the rules.
    • Second Step: Preparation
      • Read the event missions and FAQ! Seriously, this is the single biggest step you can take to maximize your success. If its an ITC event, that makes it nice and easy as you are probably already used to the missions and FAQ. If it is different, study those suckers.
      • Practice the missions! This will help to prepare you so that you aren’t trying to figure them out on the fly. Again, if it is ITC this step is easy.
      • Play the same list many times over. Knowing your army is MUCH more valuable than having the latest and greatest net list. Nothing beats experience. Try to play the same list with as many repetitions as possible and you will win more games more consistently than if you jump from new list to new list.
      • Practice against lists you are likely to see at the event. Typically, you can guess pretty accurately what net lists are going to be making an appearance at a tournament and these days, can even guess with what frequency they will appear. Knowing what to do against these armies is invaluable.
      • Practice against the lists your list is weak against and in the missions your list is not strong in. The favorable match-ups are not going to give you good practice, playing the most challenging games will teach you how to best use your army to overcome these and strengthen your game in general terms. It can be frustrating to do this, but the experience it gives you will make you a better player.
      • Swap armies with your tournament buddies. I have found this is a GREAT way to gain new insights as to how other armies play. Just swap armies in a practice game with your friends and it will give you new insights as to how armies work that you will be facing.
      • Read other Codexes! Just keeping the rules fresh in your mind helps a ton to not be blindsided by rules and combos you were unaware of.
    • At the Event: Perform!
      • Take a deep breath to get those pre-game jitters out. Staying relaxed is critical to thinking clearly.
      • Always, always read the mission before you start just to make sure you know what you are trying to do. This sounds like a Duh! comment, but even at high level play folks miss this from time to time.
      • Always review your opponent’s list. Ask questions, make sure you understand what it does and if anything is unfamiliar clarify that BEFORE the game starts.
      • Define terrain with your opponent before you start playing.
      • Set the stage for a great game by chatting with your opponent a bit before you start, be polite, and friendly. If you send out good vibes, you will find they are pretty much always returned to you making for a more enjoyable game.
      • Stay calm and think about mission objectives, even if your dice are cold or you are losing in the present moment. I can’t say how many times a player that was losing has come back to win by focusing on the mission objectives.
      • Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. The only thing worse than a soar loser is a crummy winner.
      • The mental/emotional aspect of competitive play is where the best players separate themselves from the pack.
      • Most importantly: HAVE FUN! That’s what you’re there for, so stay light hearted as much as possible and enjoy yourself.
    • After the event: time for reflection.
      • Think about what went right and wrong in your games. Try not to focus on the dice too much as it is not something you have control over. Think about the moves you made that were good, and those that put you in a poor position. Be honest in your assessments or your own performance, don’t be afraid to admit when you goofed or when you made a slick play.
      • Think about your mental performance, when you lost your focus and what trigerred it. Understanding how to keep yourself calm and focused and how to avoid your anxiety triggers and how to bring yourself back to a state of focus are critical skills to master if you want to win a Major level event. This will also help you to be a more pleasant person to play against.
      • More practice! The games you lost, play them again if possible to see how you could have done better. This will help you master your list for the next event.
      • Lastly, go to lots of tournaments! They’re super fun, and repititions will get you over the jitters you get at tournaments. You’ll be able to achieve focus much easier.

Rules Lawyer

Completed Commissions

P1070997 - Copy P1070997 P1080041 - Copy P1080041 P1080054 - Copy P1080054 P1080070 - Copy P1080070 P1080075 - Copy P1080075 P1080092 - Copy P1080092 P1080099 - Copy P1080099

List Review

Hi guys, big fan of the show. Hope to make it over from Ireland one of these days to say hello. I have a pretty topical list – the new Space Wolves. Let me know what you think. It would be good to get your take on the new Wulfen models and the new Deathpack formation too.

Cheers lads!

Ed (ZeroDiscount)

List for review:

  • Legendary Greatpack – The Ironwolves (930pts)
  • HQ – Wolf Guard Battle Leader – Thunderwolf Mount, Power Fist, Storm Shield (140pts)
  • Troops – Blood Claws x 5 – Flamer (65pts)
  • Transport – Drop Pod – Deathwind Launcher, Teleport Homer (35pts)
  • Troops – Blood Claws x 5 – Flamer (65pts)
  • Transport – Stormwolf – Multi-meltas (215pts)
  • Troops – Grey Hunters x 5 – Melta Gun (80pts)
  • Transport – Razorback – TL Lascannon, Dozer Blade, Storm Bolter, Extra Armour, HK Missile (55pts)
  • Troops – Grey Hunters x 5 – Melta Gun (80pts)
  • Transport – Razorback – TL Lascannon, Dozer Blade, Storm Bolter, Extra Armour, HK Missile (55pts)
  • Heavy Support – Long Fangs x 4 – Multi-melta, Plasma Cannon (85pts)
  • Transport – Razorback – TL Lascannon, Dozer Blade, Storm Bolter, Extra Armour, HK Missile (55pts)
  • Wulfen Murderpack (440pts)
  • Elites – Wulfen x 5 – Pack Leader w. Frost Claws, T-Hammer & SS x 2, Great Frost Axe, S-frag Launcher (220pts)
  • Elites – Wulfen x 5 – Pack Leader w. Frost Claws, T-Hammer & SS x 2, Great Frost Axe, S-frag Launcher (220pts)
  • Space Wolves Deathpack (480pts)
  • HQ – Wolf Lord – Thunderwolf Mount, The Black Death (180pts)
  • Troops – Grey Hunters x 5 (70pts)
  • Fast Attack – Thunderwolf Cavalry x 4 – Storm Shield x 3, Power Fist (230pts)

TOTAL – 1850pts


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5 Responses to “Signals from the Frontline #440 Tournament Preparation”

  1. Duz_ June 13, 2016 12:16 pm #

    I guess I’m the 2nd person to like the grenade clarification.

    As a guard player it means my tank squadrons won’t be wiped out in 1 turn of a tactical marine charge! And with how HP’s work vehicles certainly could do with a boost!

    Perhaps if you are considering changing the rules on the grenades it would be better if it was limited to MC/GMC/SHW’s as these are the ones who don’t really need any additional benefits than they already have.

  2. westrider June 13, 2016 12:33 pm #

    Re: Tournament tips:
    – Don’t bring a pen or pencil. Bring several. They have a habit of walking off.
    – Eat well. Everybody’s system is different. Figure out what’ll get you through the day without ending up all groggy or crashing. Either of those will really put a crimp in your Tournament experience.
    – Stay hydrated. The concentration of people in a 40K tournament tends to crank the temp up significantly. A/C can be deceptive, the dry air evaporating sweat quickly enough that you don’t realize how much water you’re actually going through.

  3. BBF June 13, 2016 1:42 pm #

    I thought that was 420 …

  4. pascalnz June 15, 2016 12:29 am #

    I am sooooo, going to Vegas next year.

    one weird bonus for having only one grenade in combat. furious charging blood angels are much better at taking out tanks than other marines… huzzah![small mercies;P]

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