Infinity Tactica – Transmission Matrix ITS 2016 Mission Break Down


You know what sucks? Having to leave your deployment zone to dominate an area – so let’s just play Transmission Matrix instead! For more articles like this check the Tactics Corner.


Like the quadrant control missions, this mission is all about dominating areas by having more points in positions TM Deploythan the other player. What’s different is that instead of it being large squares, you have to huddle your troops within a 4 inch radius of a transmission area. These areas are distributed in a x-pattern across the board with two being on your deployment line so you can actually deploy in a position that lets you dominate right from the beginning! These areas also serve as repeaters so consider this game a hacker’s paradise.

Deployment is in the typical 12” strips and there are no deployment restrictions.

DOMINATE: Have more army points in an active state than the opposing player within 4 inches of the transmission scenery piece. As is usual only actual models, or their marker count for dominating, no mines, tokens, holoechoes, etc.


Dominate the same number of transmission areas at the end of the game turn = 1pt

Dominate more transmission areas at the end of the game turn = 2pts

2 Classified Objectives = 2pts per Classified Objective

At 40% of your total points you better be prepared to achieve those Classified Objectives. Theoretically you could still win by ignoring them and successfully dominating more areas than your opponent, but not by much.

Ultimately this is going to turn into a fight for the central area since both sides should have little trouble securing their respective areas. Interestingly enough since there are no exclusion zones, so infiltrating models will be able to contest this turn one.

This mission is actually a great example of why ITS moved to the new point structure, since both players could conceivable score their COs and tie on the areas netting themselves each 7 points, a respectable score, without ever having to leave their deployment zones.


  • Since this is an area control mission you are going to want to go second to enable bottom of the third turn land grabs that your opponent won’t be able to react to.
  • If you are unable to go first you need to press hard to try and get your COs done early before the other player can get out of their deployment zone.
  • Trying to take one of the enemy areas is going to be difficult considering they can deploy heavy hitters like TAGs or HI in the zones from the beginning.
  • As I mentioned before every hacker in this scenario gets 5 free repeaters! The down side to this of course is the new Killer Hacking Device is going to make short work of many hackers. Quite possibly the safest way to play this is to avoid hackable targets and hackers entirely.
  • Guided Ammo shots will be incredibly useful since, once again, the mission is littered with repeaters that can be used to spotlight targets.
  • A Foxtrot Ranger is a great unit for this mission, but a Hac Tao hacker is even better! Since a AD combat troop has to either risk jumping into the middle of the board, or walking a long way to the center Infiltrators make much more sense.


The big question a person has to ask themselves about this mission is: Do I take nothing hackable or do I bring a slew of hackers? The answer will largely depend on the army. Nomads will have a field day here, but PanO not so much- Ariadna can chose to just not play the hacking game but they risk losing out on guided shots. In the end it’s going to be a list that can get expensive models up the board and protect them from hackers/guided shots that are going to carry this mission. Have experience with Transmission Matrix comment below and share your thoughts! As always, Frontline sell Infinity products at up to 25% off every day!


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  1. AngryPanda May 22, 2016 1:16 am #

    Reading this my mind went:
    .. I need more snipers..
    ..I need more high burst ARO pieces..
    ..I may need more Hackers..

    oh my god I need everything!

  2. Arrias117 May 23, 2016 7:34 am #

    This mission sounds like “screw you Heavy Infantry: The Game”. My poor poor Yu Jing.

  3. Rocketyei May 24, 2016 1:18 pm #

    Yeah I played this I’ve recently and the other guy had aTAG.. It didn’t last long.

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