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  • Space Wolves for the Horus Heresy, w00t!


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  • Came across some cool looking alternate miniatures called Constructs from the Hexx Shop.

akolita_1 Dziedzic_1 (1) Dziedzic_1 handlarz_1 inkwizytor_1 Inzynier_1 mysliwy_1 NVplaczka_1 piechur1_1 strachnawroble_1 straznikkuzni_1 straznikprawa_1 szabrownik_1 szczur1_1

  • New Infinity Fireteams!

Infinity-Fireteam1 Infinity-Fireteam-ALEPH-768x512 Infinity-Fireteam-Haaqislam-768x512 Infinity-Fireteam-Nomads-768x512 Infinity-Fireteam-PanO-768x512 Infinity-Fireteam-Tohaa-768x512

  • Bolt Action releases the Is3 Russian heavy tank!


  • GW FAQs Age of Sigmar! Wow, and they’re actually asking if the community thinks the FAQ is clear, double wow!

AgeofSigmar Khorne 1080

  • BAO is almost sold out! We’re down to single digit tickets left! Do not wait!

Slider BAO 10 tickets

knight slider 1


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ITC Championship Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Steven Heitmeyer BComp 4 429.94
2 Matt Root FNG 3 368.71
3 Nate Bates BComp 4 347.2
4 Jeremiah Petit FNG 4 339.91
5 David Arimond FNG 5 339.04
6 Brett Perkins FMs 3 338.99
7 Andrew Ford NP 4 337.75
8 Vince Weibert nWo 3 331.35
9 Justin Pizzoferrato NoLiSo 3 329.2
10 Kenneth Johnson WMs 3 328.52

ITC Team Rankings

Rank Club Name Club Code Placings Points
1 Team Zero Comp TZC 17 1151.13
2 Great White North Gaming GWNG 47 1080.84
3 Beast Coast Beast 22 1077.76

Adepta Sororitas

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Bartosz Czolczynski N/A 2 146.09
2 Kenneth Flindt hansen N/A 1 98.48
3 Josh Schubert HT 1 95.08

Adeptus Astartes

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Nate Bates BComp 4 347.2
2 Justin Pizzoferrato NoLiSo 3 329.2
3 Sebastian Zambrzycki 4 274.35

Astra Militarum

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Jared Wright CofC 2 158.52
2 Patrick Wyllie SMG 2 147.88
3 Sean Porter WL 2 131.43

Blood Angels

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Michal Nowicki N/A 1 113.88
2 Maciej Liwanowski AdMech 1 101.85
3 Mike Mialki CofC 1 97.84

Chaos Daemons

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Vincent Arroyo SexP 2 221.38
2 Justin Curtis CK 2 208.35
3 Eric Hoerger Beast 2 201.29

Chaos Renegades

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Brett Perkins FMs 2 225.47
2 Sean Keaveny TBeerL 2 131.6
3 Lukash Nahachewsky GWNG 1 131.59

Chaos Space Marines

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Todd Silber DSD 2 155.95
2 Clifford Mcallister FMs 3 151.2
3 Bartosz Tetzlaff N/A 1 113.53

Cult Mechanicus

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Matthew Root N/A 1 167.75
2 Pieter Bresler GWNG 2 118.38
3 Andrew Mcclanahan CrowC 1 111.44

Dark Angels

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Aaron Aleong CK 2 308.22
2 Grzegorz Hellich G’sCl 3 289.73
3 James Watkins Beast 3 202.3

Dark Eldar

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Maverik Bishop FMs 2 111.57
2 Jeff Biery CofC 1 108.71
3 Kyle Oman N/A 1 94.53


Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Andrew Ford NP 4 337.75
2 Arthur Oliver GWNG 3 308.32
3 Matt Schuchman Beast 3 299.65

Eldar Corsairs

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Carter Leach Merc 40k 3 308.67
2 Jeff Biery CofC 1 111.09
3 Herb Shaffer HerbAs 1 100.62

Grey Knights Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Matt Ulmer CofC 2 161.55
2 Henrik Lampen RTStock 1 100.02
3 Layne Seegmiller SoUt 1 99.48


Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Joshua Dearth TZC 2 179.34
2 Colby Pryor CofC 1 86.63
3 Chris Derhodes N/A 1 75.38

Imperial Knights

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Chris Jones 1sHappen 4 275.29
2 Nick Shufeldt BComp 2 131.01
3 Amory Burgess DefHI 2 130.22


Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Doug Kus Merc 40k 2 52.05
2 Randolph Soanes-ulrich N/A 1 33.46
3 Justin Jones N/A 1 21.02

Khorne Daemonkin

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Mark Perry SMG 3 253.31
2 David Fields Mulligans 2 176.85
3 Denny Page Mugu 2 163.98

Militarum Tempestus

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 David Koszka B&W 1 50.83
2 Spence Taylor N/A 1 20.77

Necrons Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Baxter Seguin Mugu 3 282.38
2 Alexander Fennell DSD 2 229.81
3 Werner Born Beast 2 196.21

Orks Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Troy Graber FMs 3 271.21
2 John Mccool DMT 2 187.77
3 Devin Meadows FMs 3 187.03


Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Jeremiah Petit FNG 4 339.91
2 Matt Root FNG 2 251.34
3 Phil Harlos GWNG 1 118.07

Space Wolves Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Dylan Mosley TZC 2 196.96
2 Robert Harp Merc 40k 3 175.96
3 Nikolaj Jensen N/A 2 147.14

Tau Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Steven Heitmeyer BComp 4 429.94
2 Kenneth Johnson WMs 3 328.52
3 David Arimond FNG 5 291.61

Tyranids Rankings

Rank First Name Last Name Club Events Points
1 Christopher Wright CofC 2 161.53
2 Andrew Tiegs FNGC 2 158.79
3 Danny Ruiz REKT 2 126.81

Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • 8th ed 40k in September? Don’t freak out though, it is rumored to be just a cleaned up version of 7th ed, and the changes will be available as an FAQ online.
  • Two more campaign books this year Blood Angels, Grey Knights, Tyranids and Orks to give them some formaiton love.
  • The studio apparently knows their are issues with orks and are trying to resolve them.
  • Formations are here to stay.
  • The AoS sales plummetted after the initial release and the feedback on the rules was very bad, so GW is trying to turn the ship around by introudcing a points system in the very near future. Sweet!
  • Lord of the Rings will include a ranked combat system to fill that gap in the fantasy games market.
  • The new CEO plays the game and actively listens to employees, wants to get feedback and grow. NICE!

Rant Session

Tactics Corner

  • Further Space marine psychic power discussion.

Rules Lawyer

Completed Commissions

  • Tabletop Plus Ferrus Manus!

ferrus1final ferrus2final ferrus3final ferrus4final

List Review

Scuba Steve’s Ultramarines Battle Company

Gladius Strike Force (Ultramarines)

Core: Battle Company

  • Captain w/a Combi-Melta
  • Chaplain w/a Combi-Melta
  • Tactical Squad w/ a Razorback
  • Tactical Squad w/a Razorback
  • Tactical Squad w/ a Rhino and Meltagun
  • Tactical Squad w/ a Drop Pod, 5x Additional Marines, and Meltagun
  • Tactical Squad w/ a Drop Pod, and Meltagun
  • Tactical Squad w/ a Drop Pod, and Meltagun
  • Ironclad Dreadnought w/ a Drop Pod, Hurricane Bolter, Heavy Flamer, and Chain Fist
  • Assault Squad w/ a Drop Pod, and Flamer
  • Assault Squad w/ a Drop Pod, and Flamer
  • Devastator Squad w/ a Rhino, and Grav-cannon
  • Devastator Squad w/ a Rhino, and Grav-cannon (Warlord)
  • Sternguard Veteran Squad w/ a Drop Pod, 2x Meltagun, 3x Combi-Melta, and Melta Bombs
  • Sternguard Veteran Squad w/ a Drop Pod, 5x Combi-Plasma- 50, and Melta Bombs
  • Sternguard Veteran Squad w/ a Drop Pod, 3x Combi-Flamer- 30, and Melta Bombs

Inquisitorial Detachment

  • Ordo Xenos Inquisitor w/ a Combi-Melta and 3x Servo Skulls

List Notes: I am using Ultramarines because when you combine their chapter tactics with the Gladius strike force special rules you are rewarded with re-rolls for almost all of your models during the game. I chose the Sternguard formation to help me deal with Eldar, aspect hosts are incredibly popular and the AP 3 bolter fire (combined with Ultramarine re-rolls) is an effective tool to deal with them. Plus, my Alpha Strike capabilities are absolutely bananas. My Captain, Chaplain, and Inquisitor usually go with a tactical squad and drop down to give me two pods of melta power on first turn. I would like to know if you think spending the points on the sternguard is a good idea or should I use the scout formation instead and purchase more marines in the core selection of the Battle Company? Thanks guys!

Next week’s media:

  • Meta Busting Monday: Exploring the new Space Marine Formations! Monday, 11am PST
  • Tuesday Night Fight: Astra Militarum & Librarius Conclave vs. Battle Company & Warp Spiders
  • Thursday Short Form Video Bat Rep: Space Marine Psychic Shenanigans vs. Tau Monster mash!

Tuesday Night Fight Slider Apr 26


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6 years ago

Ban the heretic!

6 years ago

I’ve been listening to your objections to the new Psychic powers. I generally agree with them, but they also highlight another change that would greatly improve the ITC.

Super-Heavy Vehicles, and Gargantuan Creatures should not be able to benefit from blessings, or other bonuses like the Grimoire.

That one little change would greatly improve the fun of the game, and decrease the feel badsies for mid to lower level players.

6 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

As much as I’d like to claim that idea as my own, it wasn’t. People have been bugging me with that specific request since we started prepping for LVO 2015. I’ve sure you’ve heard it before. It’s got to be one of the top 5 requests I get from people every time we run an ITC event.

It sucks to play against an Invisible WraithKnight or a Grimoired Chaos Knight. I’d be really surprised if a majority don’t agree with that. It went into the Post Event survey for Flying Monkey GT. I’ll let you know the results once they are in.

6 years ago
Reply to  tag8833

I’ve heard this idea before as well.

An even bigger problem though is blessings on death stars, there’s just not much that anyone can reasonably think to do about it.

Sex Panther
Sex Panther
6 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

Why does it need to gain traction? I’m sure a 2++ knight is hated by a lot of people. It is so easy to put something to vote, is there a limit to the number of questions asked each poll?

6 years ago

I don’t think the new powers are so nutso that the entire 4 disciplines need to be thrown out.
-veil is good, already exists for eldar, and is really just an alternate to invis. (Except that synergy with veil requires you to already have decent saves like storm shields. Veiling some tac marines of of cover ain’t gonna do jack.) The Libby school in general is pretty nice. Banning this would essentially be banning 6 decent powers just to knock out veil. Also since it’s just another deathstar power, banning it and not banning fortune or invis seems kind of odd.

-Shift is actually pretty easy to play around. Did a batrep on dakka and my opponent was careless, leaving a unit entirely in a small terrain piece instead of hanging a guy off the back, so I was able to pull that unit up, but then the power never got used again, and it wouldn’t have the first time had he not made that mistake. We had roughly 2 pieces in every 2×2 board area, usually a big and a small, and we just couldn’t find a lot of reasons to cast the power.

The rest of the geo school (barring phase form, which is good,) is freaking awful. Chasm is wc2, it’s statistically hard to cause even a single wound with, and many units in the game, like entire necron decurions and every monstrous creature are flat out immune to it. /facepalm
The school is seriously like pyromancy bad with 1 good power and 1 situationally good one.

-fulmination is pretty hot overall. Give PA libbies a storm shield save, a primaris that is 2 heavy bolters, and the big one being electrodisplacement. That one is a little cray cray when put on a deathstar with pods or scouts sneaking on to the board to be displaced. Much better than shift and cheaper to cast. You can tell the upper players from the lower on the net right now because the lower players are whining about shift, the upper ones are pointing at ESD.

-technomancy is meh. Subvert machine has an extra die roll-off after casting and denial where the power can still just do nothing, and the power literally does nothing if say…the opponent doesn’t bring a vehicle. (Which are less than ideal in current 40k anyway.) Even in a game with 14 vehicles on both sides combined, this school did all of 3 glancing hits all game with both of us using it. (I also managed to get subvert off and actually win the roll-off once! …and shot a heavy bolter doing no wounds…yay!)

So the big powers are just veil, ESD, and phase form, with shift a tier lower and a giant asterix next to it. Not so sure about banning 4 entire disciplines just to nuke those. And again, invis is REALLY GOOD, so is fortune, so is grimoire of true names, so is fateweaver, so are wraithknights, so are warp spiders, so are windriders, etc etc etc. It seems to me there are bigger fish to fry, so to speak.

6 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Just for clarification, did you use those powers in conjunction with a Conclave or just natural? It seems the Conclave really pumps up the already borderline powers because of the ability to bypass the issue of randomness and decreasing the chance of denying.

6 years ago
Reply to  bigpig

Couple games with shift had conclave. Even then I found it lackluster. ESD was done in and out of a conclave. Awesome in both. Only got veil in the games with conclave. Got several of the mid range powers with and without conclave.

6 years ago

If death stars are getting too powerful why not consider bringing back full ranged D and allowing the Tau hunter contingent to play RAW. Twin-linked, ignores cover, bs 6 d-shots should hopefully encourage people to not dump 1850 points into one unit.

6 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

Also full strength D doesn’t really do much to most death stars, not unless you’re abnormally lucky at rolling 6s.

6 years ago

I really think we oughtta look at tossing some bones around to the have-nots.

I don’t think there are many people who would freak out if BA actually got ws/bs 4 scouts, a4 dreadnought, 35 point terminators, and vanguard with cheaper power weapons.

It seems kind of silly to stay solely focused on the top tables and top combos in the top armies when there are plenty of people with the mediocre armies that ARE competitive players, they just didn’t buy the right army for this point in time. Some of them don’t go to events because they don’t want to just show up to be a midday snack for a wraithknight that can beat their 1850 list with one hand tied behind its back.

If we really want the competitive game to grow, we should be hoisting up some of the bottom armies, even if it’s just temporary until they get an update from GW. Get some of those chaos marine, AM, and BA players to believe that they can actually hold a candle to some other armies and maybe they’ll actually show up to play.

Specifically on the BA changes: There’s no harm in throwing it up on a vote right? If you think it will pass, then by all rights it SHOULD be on there, because that would obviously be what the majority wants.

6 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

Heh, unfortunately posting on here is the limit of my influence. I’m not in a place with any big names or events, so I doubt you’ll hear about this from anyone other than me. Thanks for the nod though!

6 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

GW didn’t bother fixing SW Dreads or Wolf Scouts in CotW; it’s entirely likely they’ll miss something just as big when they do get around to BA.

6 years ago

Haven’t had the chance to listen yet (my phone doesn’t like Twitch), but I thought I’d point this out. Shifting Worldscape cannot target buildings because buildings are considered vehicles when being determined if they’re a viable target by psychic powers.

From the BRB pp110: When determining if a building can be targeted by a shooting attack or PSYCHIC POWER, … …, treat the building AS A VEHICLE unless specifically stated otherwise…

6 years ago
Reply to  Kartr_Kana

Skyshield then?

6 years ago

I’m definitely feeling the new campaign formation books. Use the OG rules and buff them with formations is so much better than rewriting a whole codex. If they keep doing campaign books, I really hope they get back around to CSM. Night Lords, IW, Emperor Children, anything non Khorne MSU would make me so happy and I feel in the future it could finally happen if they keep releasing campaign books this way. I’m also at work so have to wait a bit before listening to this cast.

6 years ago
Reply to  Dbiesto

What about Dark Eldar though Dbiesto? There’s just so much in their codex that’s complete garbage in the meta that a few formations won’t be enough. Not unless they were insanely good. LOTS of free points or something.

That and their codex suffers from being boring and uninspired. Archons are crappy and worthless in every way for instance.

6 years ago
Reply to  zyekian

I completely agree. I’m really hoping they do something to balance every army but as of right now it looks like Space Marines(all factions) Eldar, and Daemons probably in that order with the new release.

6 years ago

Reece, Frankie – You can’t flat out ban the new Marine powers.

I fully support the removal of Geomancy because altering terrain in a competitive, time restricted setting is entirely impractical.

That being said, the other powers help out greatly against some of the existing, crazy and overpowered units available to Eldar for example.

Having played against 4 – 6 units of Warp Spiders and Wraith Knights in my recent games, I really do need the extra mobility and ignoring of line of sight to even have q chance of interacting with some of these units.

Warp Spider spam has been dominating EVERY competitive environment with or without nerfs to their ability, especially when they are coupled with other overpowered units.

Perhaps I don’t want to play MSU spam or fast moving deathstars, in which case those powers actually give my army a chance.

Yes, Orks will suffer… But guess what, they already do. Eldar certainly don’t struggle against any of the armies. Even with the new powers it doesn’t raise Marines above them, but it might force them to rethink warp Spider and Jetbike spam!

6 years ago

Hey everyone!
Just thought i would put my two-cents into the new powers. I’ve played competitively for a while now and i have played with these new powers.

Librarius Discipline;
-The only power people will complain about here is veil of time. Everything else is pretty standard, and Null zone adds a much needed reduction to certain armies/units. Veil is a warp charge two- so not certain unless a lot of dice AND lib conclave- which according to ITC you can only get off 2-3 powers anyways. Veil is really good, yes, but eldar already has this- and honestly its not as disgusting as some people are saying. HOWEVER; i do agree it makes ss deathstars even more nasty… just not enough to ban the psychic power.
–Suggested fix; Easy. re-roll rule is already in place, Any 2+ can only be rerolled successfully on a 4+.

Technomany Discipline;
-No one is complaining about this even though it targets already the weakest part of any army- vehicles. lots of haywire with three blessings for vehicles is really really nice. Looks like GW was trying to fix vehicles with this set of powers!
–Suggested fix; dont

Fulmination Discipline
-Magnetokineses and Electrodisplacement; No other powers in this set are super-great. Magnetokineses is really interesting. Move 18″. Thats cool and all but the unit cannot charge the same turn it moved using this power. Its actually really balanced and reminds me a lot of the other power in the book from the discipline no one uses (so much so i wont bother to even look at my book). The difference is its an ok power in an ok discipline rather than an ok power in a horrible discipline. This is clearly meant to give mobility to large squads- and not bad honestly. Electrodisplacement however; this is a rather sick power that allows for fast, and easy movement across the board. People will complain about this power (and some have already). BUT you need a unit near the enemy to get this power effectively off. If you face this all you really need to do is target the smaller weaker units to prevent the deathstar from moving around the table. It relies on weak units to transport the heavy units. Tau will laugh at this power- as drop pods will disembark units into interceptor fire galore (it happened to me) and be unable to use the power. Most other armies will have a major problem with his however, as you require either interceptor OR assassin to prevent the drop pod- turn 1 charge.
–Fix; ITC could easily (and should!) add a rule that states “units transported by this power cannot charge in the same turn” OR “This power cannot be cast on an unit that just came in from deep-strike or reserve in the same turn”. Both of these rules limit the FIRST TURN charge ability of these. I personally like the second rule more, but i think both are very usable and VERY valid without gimping the entire discipline

-People are talking about Phase Form and Shifting Worldscape. Phase form is essentially a better version of the white scar item that gives a unit ignore cover. ITC already has a great ruleset that limits super heavies from gaining ignore cover if it has certain things. I think a lot of people are complaining about this power when most armies already have something similar in either war gear or relic options. Shifting Worldscape is hilarious! move terrain with someone on it to a new location!? hahaha! thats so great! I can see this being more trouble to T.O.s than players. Before getting to fix it part, the easy way to reduce the headaches for T.O.s is have replacing terrain to rightful location tied with battlepoints. If the player doesnt- reduce battlepoints. It should be obvious to players if terrain is messed up.
–FIX IT!; Phase Form; Cannot be cast on units with same restrictions as ITC superheavies (larger than 7″ blast AP 3 or better). Other than that i think its pretty fair in the scheme of things. Shifting Worldscape; Units on terrain being transported MUST take a dangerous terrain check (even if it has move through cover). No armor saves for this check (although invul saves may be taken). Vehicles cannot be transported this way. Impassible terrain cannot be moved.

Last thoughts;
Most of the powers complained about are 2-3 warp charges. If you take a lib conclave than you have a great chance to cast the powers… but only 2-3 (depending on tiggy, as severin loth CANNOT be in a lib conclave or get this powers as of right now). only being able to cast two of these powers isnt horribly broken. If you try to cast without lib conclave you will probably perils OR get just enough through to squeak out the spell… and then have the enemy throw is dice to dispell.

Its also likely, judging by the books coming out, that this is just the progressive climb of power levels. I would suspect in another month or two to see a new book for non-imperial army with questionably great rules as well (we saw it with necrons, then eldar, then space marines, then tau).

I used this powers against a net tau list and still got my but kicked (i played a drop pod and assault heavy list), so i would hold off on ‘THROWING THE BAN-HAMMER’ until you see if it really changes who’s on the top boards. Also think about is this a game-killer or a game-changer. Seems to me most armies have a hard counter to at least one or two powers people are complaining about… just they dont bring them because they arent great in pre-power meta.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x