Signals from the Frontline #401


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Show Notes




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  • BIG NEWS! The next in release in the ITC Terrain Series is here! Feast your eyes on the Cargo Containers! Form now till Friday the 15th, we’re offering them at a special buy 2, get 1 free offer! These are big pieces of terrain, and not only look great, but serve as excellent LoS blockers that can work on any table.


itcterraincargo3 itcterraincargo4 itcterraincargo5

  • We’re kicking off the ITC Terrain Paint contest, too! We gfot delayed due to the holidays, but we’re kicking it off! Send in a picture of your ITC Urban L building painted to match a F.A.T. Mat of your choice. The winner, chosen by our staff for skill at painting and modeling and coolness factor, will win a set of 3 of the new Cargo Containers! Shoot your entries into
  • Big thanks to Paulo Dias who sent us some awesome Pyrkol templates! Check these bad boys out.


  • Forge World releases an FAQ for 30k, which you can view, here.
  • Forge world also releases images of Corax and the Dark Fury assault squad, which look fantastic.

corax fw

  • The Games Workshop New Year, New Army deals which are up for pre-order through the rest of today at 25% off from Frontline Gaming, come with small formation rules if you want to use all of the models in the box. If you’d like to get some and save a ton of money, shoot your orders in to: by midnight, tonight, Friday the 8th.

gw pre-order bannerFB

  • Hysterical Games previews an Armored Bear and Tecknicks. Panzerbar looks amazing, lol.

PzBI Technik1 Technik2

  • Dust previews the new box set: Task Force Rhino.

dust1 dust2 dust3 dust4 dust5


  • Pathfinder announces the release of the Rusty Dragon Inn miniature series.

pf1 pf2 pf3 pf4 pf5 pf6

  • Anvil Industries previews a cool looking new APC.

anvil1 anivl2

  • Secrets of the Third Reich preview a new character, Red Claw.


  • Las Vegas Opeeeeennnn!! It’s almost here! Be sure to grab your tickets, we still have room in some events.


Upcoming ITC Events


The CoC is gearing up again in Sacramento, and will be using ITC Format for the season. They’ve got an event coming up on January 23rd, and 7 events throughout the year, which is awesome! You can see the event schedule and guidelines, here.

We wanted to share a very cool story with you all from the good folks who organize the Rattler GT! Using ITC format and some ingenuity, they’ve grown their community tournament scene and attendance by 40%!

Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • Rumors of a new AdMech codex in 2016 combining Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus with some new units, rumors indicating a flyer and two new battle robots.
  • Rumors that CSM will be pushed back to 2017…womp, womp.
  • More rumors of the Duardin coming, soon! Be sure to save your pennies for the Frontline Gaming pre-order special when they hit, 25% off!

Rant Session

Tactics Corner

Rules Lawyer

Completed Commissions

  • A great looking and affordable Tabletop Standrad commission we recently completed for a Ravenwing force.

20151130_214956 20151130_214308 (1) 20151130_214027 (1) 20151130_213944

List Review (updated)

Primary Raven guard Talon Strike Force

Pinion Battle Demi

– Assault Squad Base 5 with Jump Packs

– Devastator Squad 4 x Lascannons – (goal is next to scout squad for Ignores Cover)


-Shaow Captian Korvydae (Good JP Commander with Hit and Run)

– 2 x Scout squads with Sniper Rifles

– 3 x Tactical Squads with 1 Melta Gun each


Shadowstrike Kill Team

– 2 x Scout Squads in Land Speeder Storm (1 HF, 1 HB)

– 2 x Vanguard Veteran Jump Pack

Sarg Power Fists, Melta Bombs

4 x Lightning Claws

Formation detachment

Sky Hammer with red Hunter chapter tactics

2 x Jump Assault Squads Basic Bitches

1 Dev Squad with Heavy Bolters

1 Dev Squad with Multi Meltas


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6 years ago

I have no idea what I’d use it for, but I kind of need that Armoured Bear.

Also, Corax’s hair looks way less Doomrider once it’s painted 😉

6 years ago

I really liked Eric’s comments. After losing Duel Con I was pretty crushed as that was my first big tournament I attended but its nice to see our community bounce back. I know the Tucson scene is getting better and a bunch of us are making the trip to the Rattler Cup.

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