Signals from the Frontline #395

Signals Stinger 395

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berzerker dice

  • Forge World opens up the Space Marine armory! Bundle deals on tons of awesome weapons for your power armor obsession.

forge world forge world2 fw3

  • The Mutant Chronicles RPG is now available. Check it out if you like dark science fantasy, it’s a cool universe.

mutant chronicles

  • The Narrative Guys have been working away on their themed tables! This one looks great, going to be an airfield! We’ve also opened up some room for Infinity, Dropzone Commander and Malifaux! Be sure to grab those extra tickets!

lvo narrative

  • Kromlech releases legionary Chain Swords, and they look just as cool as the axes we had previously!

kromlech kromlech2

  • Druid pack released for the Pathfinder ACG.


  • Privateer Press announces the upcoming Hutchuck, Ogrun Bounty Hunter for the Minions faction.


  • Bolt Action releases a new kit, German Grenadiers in winter coats!

bolt action

  • Titan Forge has some new minis on the way!

titan forge 2 titan forge 3 titan forge

  • DUST Tactics announces that a new NDAK starter set is on the way!


  • The next piece in the ITC Terrain Series is coming, soon! Also, we’ve got assembly instructions up on the site for the L Buildings.


  • Ron Howard is saying WIllow II may happen?!?!


Upcoming ITC Events


Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • Chaos and Tzeentch rumors! 2016 will be themed around Tzeentch the way 2015 was around Khorne. Most of it will focus on AoS, but will impact 40k, too. Supposedly this will be much more in depth than KDK was.
  • Apparently, the LoT won’t be the lead off, may not come till 2017.
  • Chaos to get a full new dex for 7th ed, with updates to Chaos Marines, too.

Rant Session

Tactics Corner

Rules Lawyer

Completed Commissions

  • Tabletop Plus Storm Ravens!

P1070550 P1070534 P1070530P1070523 P1070474 P1070468

List Review


KDK CAD – 922pts

Chaos Lord

– Juggernaut, bolt pistol, Axe of Kogliroth (blood thirster axe)

Cultist (8)

Cultist (8)

Cultist (8)

Cultist (8)





Daemon Prince

– Mark of Nurgle, Psker Level 3, Wings, Power Armor, Black Mace, Spell Familiar

Cultist (10)



Pink Horrors (10)

Khorne Flesh Hounds (5)

Notes: KDK Lord runs with dogs. Bela’kor will invis them to create harassment unit. Cultist will

be meat shields and/or go for objectives. Plan is to keep one leader alive to summon a DP or

even Blood Thirster unless the lord is alive to be sacrificed. Heldrakes do what they do but with

the bonus of blood tithe. Black mace DP will pick his target to beat down. Pink horrors will be

my summoning unit. I purposely did not give Lord a inval save because I want him to die to

summon a blood thirster.


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