Signals from the Frontline #393


Show Notes

Date 12-4-15


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3AgeofSigmar Khorne

  • The Age of Sigmar: Path to Glory supplement sounds pretty dang cool! You create a Chaos Champion, assemble a warband, and then try to rise of to become a Daemon Prince. Sweet!
  • We also started up an AoS article series and they’re excellently written! Check them out.
  • An enterprising gamer is attempting to make a Wargaming Movie! Check out the KickStarter for more info.
  • Dropfleet Commander finished their KickStarter with a bang! $970,000! Wow! Well done guys, that is incredible.


  • The Narrative Guys, who are running the 40k narrative event at the LVO, continue to impress with their beautiful terrain. This is truly going to be an event to remember. Also, we’ll have hobby and painting classes up for the LVO to purchase in the web-cart, next week.

lvo1 lvo2

  • New images from Forge World from the next step in the Horus Heresy series! Space Wolves, Thousand Sons and Dark Angels. Awesome.

fw.da1 fw.sw1 fw.ts1

  • Wrath of Kings show a new model in their line, Pack Master Kozakar with his three pets. Looks pretty awesome, actually.


  • The Khador Kodiak and Grolar are being released in plastic! Also, the Dhunian Knot for Trollbloods. Looks amazing.



dhunian knot

  • Forge World puts the new Mechanicum Ordinatus Ulator up for pre-order, and it is usable as a LoW in 40k.



  • Heavy gear shows off the plastic Caprice kits, looking good!



Upcoming ITC Events

Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • Images of the new Tzeentch Sorcerer on disk floating around, maybe TDK coming, soon?
  • Improved Holo Fields are now only a 4++. Big change for Eldar!

Rant Session

Tactics Corner

  • Tournament discussion.

Rules Lawyer

Completed Commissions

  • Tabletop Standard Drop Pods.

20151012_190326 20151012_190213_20151012190551844

List Review

-Dan Serafimov

Hey guys. Big fan of the show…The tournament format you guys have created is brilliant…your attempts to balance the rules are much appreciated…hoping to make the trip to states in the future, and to partake in either the 40k or the Horus Heresy events there.


-Captain, Artifacer Armour, Thunder Hammer, Shield Eternal


-10 Tacticals, Combi Plasma, Plasma, Grav-Cannon, Rhino

-10 Tacticals, Combi Plasma, Plasma, Grav-Cannon, Rhino

-5 Scouts, 4 Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher, Camo-Cloaks

Fast Attack:

-Stormtalon, TL-Lascannon

-Stormtalon, TL-Lascannon

-Drop Pod

Heavy Support:

-Centurion Devastators, Grav-Cannons, Hurricane Bolters, Omniscope

-Relic Sicaran, Lascannon Sponsons, Schism of Mars

Oathsworn Knight Detachment:

-Knight Errant, Heavy Stubber

So, that’s the list. It comes to 1849 point in total.

-First Question: Should I swap the Grav Cannons in the Tac Squads for Missile Launchers/Plasma Cannons or something else so that I can upgrade the Captain to a Chapter Master? He could drop an Orbital Strike at another unit when he arrives with the Centurions in the Pod…

-Second Question: Am I safe to assume the Vindicator Laser Destroyer is allowed in the tournaments? It was recently released by FW and the rules aren’t marked as being experimental so it’s safe for use…

Thanks guys, all the best and keep up the excellent work!


Second list from Nov 30th

List Review

The game plan of this list is to have the Ratlings sneak onto and hold the objectives that are outside my deployment zone. The two normal Battle Tanks hang back and use their long range to keep in my deployment zone and hold any objectives there might be. Pask and his squadron will clear out infantry and medium vehicles. The veterans are there to provide screening and ap2 threat. The knights are there to provide hand to hand and anti heavy armor. They are also there to take the pressure off my other tanks. Provide the situation of “darned if you do, darned if you don’t”.  Please let me know what you think.

Iron Curtain

Tank Commander 1 30 410 Dragon Fury, Knight Commander Pask 40

Leman Russ Punisher 1 140, Heavy Bolters 20, Dozer Blade 5

Leman Russ Punisher 1, Plasma Cannons 30, Dozer Blade 5

Vet 1 10 60 70 Camo Cloaks 10

Vet 2 10 60 70 Camo Cloaks 10

Leman Russ Battle Tank 1 150

Dozer Blade 5

Leman Russ Battle Tank 1 150

Dozer Blade 5

Ratlings 3 30 30

Ratlings 3 30 30

Wyvern 1 65

Dozer Blade 5

Camo Netting 15

Void Shield Generator 1 50

2 X Extra Shields 50


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13 Responses to “Signals from the Frontline #393”

  1. Adam
    Adam ( December 4, 2015 1:14 pm #

    Good show guys! If you read the tables correctly for the AOS and 40k rules for Path to Glory, you can pick whatever units you want, or put your fate into the hands of the gods and roll… So thankfully it’s not THAT awful, haha.

    • Reecius
      Reecius December 4, 2015 1:35 pm #

      Ah! Thanks for pointing that out. It actually looks like a lot of fun!

      • Adam
        Adam ( December 4, 2015 1:40 pm #

        YEAH! I had to read it like 4 times to make sure I wasn’t missing something when I saw force org based on a chart, hahaha. I actually think the AOS version looks more fun than the 40k version.

        • Reecius
          Reecius December 4, 2015 1:43 pm #

          Yeah, we’re talking about actually trying it out!

  2. Avatar
    Hotsauceman1 December 4, 2015 7:51 pm #

    While I am bummed about nerfed CF Montka is where it is at. It has a better Core formation, better Auxerllary. If I wasnt dedicated to my White Scars, they would be taking that to the LVO.
    And reece is starting to look like when krillin grew out his hair.

    • Adam
      Adam ( December 5, 2015 12:03 am #

      One of many RAW interpretations = nerf… Oh the internets.

      • Avatar
        happy_inquisitor December 5, 2015 2:48 am #

        There is a difference between something written in a manner too tricky for its audience and something that is actually ambiguous.

        I have not yet seen a coherent argument for the “weak” interpretation that did not rely on a failure to understand subordinating conjunctions ( “ if..” is a textbook example) and subordinate clauses. Maybe there is one, I have not seen it.

        Would it have been too OP? We will never know now.

        • Avatar
          TinBane December 5, 2015 5:12 pm #

          Not to kick this off again, but how do you work out the coherency then?

          • Avatar
            Happy_inquisitor December 6, 2015 12:22 am

            I will try to explain without kicking this one off again. T keep things calm I will use the grammatically similar sentence “the cat danced as if it were on a hot tin roof – including the look on its face”. Reading that at what point do we concern ourselves with fire regulations? The answer is never because the heat is in a dependent clause so is only relevant for understanding the dance.

            So only rules directly relevant to resolving the shooting attack are affected by the single unit dependent clause. The grammatical structure makes it clear that other parts of the rulebook such as unit coherency are not relevant to it. If at any point in steps 3 thru 7 of the shooting resolution we need to know what the shooting unit is the dependent clause applies, for any other purpose at all it does not and is irrelevant.

          • Avatar
            TinBane December 6, 2015 11:54 am

            The coherency adjustment rules are in effect for a unit, until the point you start rolling the dice. The order of operations for this rule, as per the rulebook, indicates that the unit is formed right after you declare which unit is firing and what the target is.

            The rule specifically mentions the bonuses you get for using combined fire. It doesn’t indicate that this is a list of examples. It’s not idiomatic for this to be a non-exhaustive list. From this, you are forces to conclude that the aithor is deceptively implying that your sole bonuses are plus one ballistic skill conditionslly, and shared markerlights.

            So, while I agree with you, that the wording is pretty damn clear. It’s also contradictory in other ways. My personal opinion is that the unit indeed fires as one unit, that the authors didn’t consider coherency ( or even the order you must resolve the shooting in, seriously, play this out with the rulebook next to you and see what I mean), and it was intended as the “soft” formation of a uniy, with an exhaustive list of benefits.

  3. Avatar
    Deuce11 December 4, 2015 9:05 pm #

    Guys… I’m watching this on my apple tv right now and I have to say: I think is your best show ever. It’s like I’m watching video cast of professionally produced talk radio. It’s fantadtic! Bring Jeff in more, you guys just seem to really enjoy it more you’re spittin $h!t with your friends. I think you are hitting a new stride and I hope it is a sign of more yo come. Keep up the good work FLG

  4. Avatar
    x078 December 5, 2015 5:03 am #

    Good show. Regarding forgeworld, i believe FW clarified the “experimental rules” i.e. the should be viewed as rules yet to be released in FW book. Anything released is by default part of 40k.

  5. Avatar
    Riska December 5, 2015 1:35 pm #

    One of the best shows yet. Great opening thoughts, great guest, very well done. Thanks!

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