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12187682_1675030542734088_8159219184358632452_n 12188950_1675030609400748_1737217998732631109_n 12189874_1675030656067410_357343139309564658_n 12193312_1675030579400751_759391435522079975_n 12193396_1675030639400745_3608915818539079456_n 12208384_1675030679400741_1174569455056064325_n 12219336_1675030529400756_4191680592203236438_n 12227108_1675030689400740_2182655057557992350_n 12227587_1675030699400739_453771258294592977_n 12227809_1675030566067419_977314502730268407_n IMG_9337 IMG_9338 IMG_9339 IMG_9340Behold the RX – 704 “PURIFIER” A fantastic Mini and a great possible alternative for the might Centurion or maybe the Tau commander (should you be 40k inclined)  This amazing peice of work brought to us by the one and only Andrey Demidov, another example of his stunning work!

Should you want this mini you can find it here: –http://www.albinoravenmini.com/


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Rantimus is our Australian F.A.T. Mat distributor, and an avid gaming enthusiast.

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