Daily Awesome Conversion Pt 4

geist1 geist2 geist3 geist4 geist5 geist6 geist7 geist8 geist9 geist10 geist11 geistall1 geistall2The Sinekai Deist Servitors are another great eample of Jake Bruticus’s work, I love the “Spirited away” reference with the mask on the servitor. Here is his description of them:

The heretek genetors of House Sinekai require specialised servitors to maintain their nightmare menagerie. Geist servitors drift patiently around the animal pens, providing nutrients, extracting specimens and performing simple surgeries. The geists are also used in times of war, drifting ominously and implacably towards their target. Their parasitic bio-electic tendrils drag along the ground and drawn in nearby sources of energy allowing the geists to remain functional indefinitely, though requiring them to remain motionless and recharge after large energy expenditures. Their equipment – electro whips, surgical manipulators and assorted mechandrites – are often supplemented by flamers and tezlic lightning cannons.


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Rantimus is our Australian F.A.T. Mat distributor, and an avid gaming enthusiast.
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