Signals from the Frontline #388


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  • Forge World announces the awesome Leviathan Dread is now up for pre-order! Wow, he’s a beast! Read the rules, here.leviathan1 leviathan2 leviathan3
  • PuppetsWar releases new alternative 28mm head bits called Heroes Team Heads, as well as new Orc accessories: Blaze Cannons.



  • Kromlech show off some painted Plaugelinegs, not to be confused with Nurglings!


  • Pathfinder previews more of the new baddies from the Bestiary 5, Pakalchi Sahkil, and the Wyrmwraith.

pathfinde2 pathfinder1

  • Privateer Press releases two new units, the Skorne, Praetorian Ferox cavalry unit and the Epic Trollblood warlock, Hoarluk Doomshaper!



  • Dropfleet Commander has released more images of new ships and they look just awesome. They’ve also announced additional stretch goals for their extremely successful KickStarter.

dfc1 dfc2 dfc3 dfc4 dfc5

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  • Big News! Specialist Games to return to GW? Wow!
    • Blood Bowl? Man-o-war? Epic? Necromunda? Battlefleet Gothic?!
  • Images floating around of some new Blood Angels and Astra Militarum goodies!
    • A new Chaplain with Jump Pack that looks amazing, and a new Terminator Captain, also baller.
    • What looks like a Plastic Techpriest and an AM Tank Commander upgrade kit.
    • Plastic assassin clam-packs on the way!
    • Does this mean the last portion of the Warzone Damocles campaign will have formations for AM and Blood Angels in addition to Farsight? If so, will we be seeing an AM and Blood Angels “Decurion” style detachment as we did with White Scars and Blood Angels? Let’s hope so!

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Tactics Corner

Rules Lawyer

  • Big thanks to Travis and the gang from TFG Radio for all the help with rules issues they’ve provided to the 40k community!
  • Also, thanks to Andrew Mudge who reformatted the ITC FAQ into an easier to read and navigate format. Thanks!

Completed Commissions

  • Tabletop Plus Riptide!

Alt Guns 2 With Drones Rear DSC_0315 Alt guns

List Review

Tau Combined Arms Formation + Firebase Cadre + Offico Assassinorum

Tau CAD – 1082 pts


Ethereal – 50


20 Kroot w/ Sniper Rounds 10 Kroot Hounds – 190

6 Fire Warriors w/ EMP Grenades – 161

-Devilfish w/ Disruption Pod


3 x 1 Crisis Suit w/ Fusion + Twinlinked Fusion – 57 x 3 = 171

Fast Attack

2 x 1 Tetra w/ Disruption Pod – 50 x 2 = 100

Heavy Support

2 x 1 Skyray W/ Disruption Pod – 130 x 2 = 260


Void Shield Generator – 150

-3 Shields

-5 Obstacles

Firebase Cadre 625 pts

Riptide – 205

-Heavy Burst Cannon

-Twin Linked Fusion Gun



2 x 3 Broadsides – 210 x 2 = 420

-TL High Yield Missile Pods

-TL Smart Missile System


Offico Assassinorum 140 pts

Culexus Assassin – 140

Total 1847

The plan is to centralize the fire around the Void Shield Generator, while the ethereal hides in the devilfish boosting everyone’s Morale

The kroot do one of three things: One, Act as an infiltrating picket line to deny my opponent any really good scout moves or infiltration positions, while also tailing back into my deployment zone to gain the benefits of the ethereal’s leadership and the broadsides supporting fire. Two, Act as a close support buffer wall if forward deploying would be harmful. Three, outflank a giant ass ObSec unit into the enemies backfield.

The tetras put marker lights out and act as homing beacons for the Single man crisis squads.

The rest of the army tries to hide under the dome behind the barricades, since the barricades only need to be within 6” of the generator I can spread them out to provide cover for all the different units.

Oh yea and the assassin punches psykers in the face and turns invisibility off. Just have to work on how to deploy him and the kroot so they don’t mess each other up.



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  1. iNcontroL November 13, 2015 12:57 pm #

    awesome show as always 🙂 Really professional and fun with the top personalities in the game!

    • Reecius November 13, 2015 1:21 pm #

      Thanks, bro! Appreciate it.

  2. Novastar November 13, 2015 10:09 pm #

    What happened to the cool intro with the metal and warzone noises?

  3. Pascalnz November 15, 2015 3:20 am #

    the terminator captain is Karlean from deathstorm, shield of ball. also….man I’m excited about the possible new BA stuff:)

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