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After many requests for this design, we are very happy to unveil the insanely detailed Spaceship Interior F.A.T. Mats.

These mats beg to have games played on them recreating the tense battles we read about in Science Fiction fluff between terrible alien monstrosities and brave soldiers! It is also perfect for recreating boarding actions, and futuristic hive cities as well! These mats also have common deployment zones worked into their design to make pre-game set-up a breeze. The 4×4’ version is also great for games of Infinity. The Spaceship Interior F.A.T. Mats provide a truly unique environment for your miniatures games.

Order yours today, here:

Frontline Gaming and TableWar’s Gaming Mats are beautiful, durable mats, perfect for tabletop games.

These mats are extremely tough, printed on a water resistant surface affixed to a neoprene backing. That means the mat won’t slide around on the table, lays flat, resists water and looks amazing.

They now come with a sturdy, nylon zip-up F.A.T. Bag for storing and transporting your F.A.T. Mat, and full color F.A.T. Tag so that you can see which mat is in the bag without having to open it, and to write your name on to show which mat is yours.


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