Daemonkin/CSM vs Grey Knights/Eldar – Warhammer 40,000 – 1850pts

Nick and Dany get a practice game in before Capital City Bloodbath coming up next weekend!

Be sure to check out the Tactics Corner for more great video bat reps.


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4 Responses to “Daemonkin/CSM vs Grey Knights/Eldar – Warhammer 40,000 – 1850pts”

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    archied1 August 25, 2015 6:42 pm #

    Nice battle report. Question about the Daemonkin list – can you take dozer blades on the land raider? My read of the DK codex is that you can’t which totally sucks, so please prove me wrong. If I’m right I guess one solution is to move it to the allied CSM detachment, but then you don’t get blood tithe points for it.

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      westrider August 25, 2015 7:51 pm #

      DK Land Raiders can’t get either Dozer Blades or Destroyer Blades. It really bugs me, because I’ve got a Khornate Land Raider I converted with both that I’m really proud of.

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        1PlusArmour August 28, 2015 12:24 pm #

        Right you are! We double checked this after the game and found the same thing. His list has been tweaked since then!

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      1PlusArmour August 28, 2015 12:24 pm #

      No, you cannot :(. We were running under the assumption at the time of filming that the Fire Raptor could be part of the Daemonkin detachment. Apparently this is still up in the air with Forgeworld/ITC FAQ.

      Dany has switched it around now, dropped the dozer blades, and moved the Fire Raptor to the CSM allied detachment.

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