Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40k and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics and Comedy!

signals from the Frontline

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Show Notes



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  • LVO tickets will be up for sale on Friday, August 28th! Very excited for that.


  • Kromlech releases some new Chaos Jump packs, very cool!

kromlech1 kromlech2

  • DzC gets ready to releases their new, limited edition Rule Books with new art. Looks pretty fantastic.

dzc1 dzc2



  • New Infinity models! US-Ariadna mini.

US-Ariadna-Concept-2 US-Ariadna-Concept-3 US-Ariadna-Concept-11


  • JoeK miniatures show off another shot of their now complete Jason model, and it is pretty fantastic.


Upcoming ITC Events


Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • New AoS pre-order coming out, the Battletome: Chaos Dreadhold. It’s a book with warscrolls and background on the chaos incursion and apparently background on the new terrain pieces?
  • New AoS release: Khorne Bloodbound Blood Warriors…
  • Also, the Celestant Prime is said to be coming, the first Stormcast Eternal.
  • More rumors of Tzeentch on the horizon! Very cool.
  • 30k Starter Box in plastic! Rumored to be Imperial Fists vs. Iron Warriors, asymmetrical forces. One is rumored to be a boarding party, the other is a defending force.

Rant Session

  • Discussions about allegations at the ATC, and the implications.

Tactics Corner

Rules Lawyer

Completed Commissions

IMG_0512 IMG_0507 IMG_0509 IMG_0510 IMG_0511

List Review

+++ Imperial fists (1850pts) +++

++ Space Marines: Codex (2015) (Gladius Strike Force) (1645pts) ++

+ Core (885pts) +

Battle Demi Company * (885pts)

[Captain Lysander]

Attack Bike Squad

Attack Bike [Multi-melta, Twin-Linked Boltgun]

Centurion Devastator Squad

Centurion [Grav-cannon and Grav-amp, Hurricane Bolter]

Centurion [Grav-cannon and Grav-amp, Hurricane Bolter]

Centurion Sergeant [Grav-cannon and Grav-amp, Hurricane Bolter, Omniscope]

Tactical Squad [4x Space Marines]

Drop Pod [Storm Bolter]

Space Marine Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun]

Tactical Squad [4x Space Marines]

Drop Pod [Storm Bolter]

Space Marine Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun]

Tactical Squad [4x Space Marines]

Razorback [Twin-linked Lascannon]

Space Marine Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun]

+ Auxiliary (575pts) +

1st Company Task Force (575pts)

Sternguard Veteran Squad

Drop Pod [Storm Bolter]

Veteran [Combi-melta]

Veteran [Combi-melta]

Veteran [Combi-melta]

Veteran [Boltgun]

Veteran Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun]

Sternguard Veteran Squad

Drop Pod [Storm Bolter]

Veteran [Combi-melta]

Veteran [Combi-melta]

Veteran [Combi-melta]

Veteran [Boltgun]

Veteran Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun]

Terminator Assault Squad

[4x Thunderhammer and Storm Shield, 4x Terminator]

Terminator Sergeant [Thunderhammer and Storm Shield]

+ Command (185pts) +

Strike Force Command (185pts) [Pedro Kantor]

++ Space Marines: Supplement – Sentinels of Terra (2013) (Allied Detachment) (205pts) ++

+ HQ (115pts) +

Librarian (115pts) [Epistolary (Lvl 2), Force Axe, Terminator Armour]

+ Troops (55pts) +

Scout Squad (55pts) [4x Scout w/ Bolter]

Scout Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Bolter]

+ Fast Attack (35pts) +

Drop Pod (35pts) [Storm Bolter]


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6 years ago

Invitational Brackets – pick the West Coast to win it all this year?

6 years ago
Reply to  MVBrandt

I’ll hopefully not be giving a bad showing representing the West Coast.

6 years ago

I want reece to plan my wedding

6 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

Dude, Im done with that. Im doing MMOs now lol

6 years ago

do you cats have a timeline on when the ITC FAQ is going to be updated?

6 years ago

Kromlech is really great. Like bloody bloodbound Bloodwarrior great.

I ordered some very small things from them twice and each time they have sent extra products for promotion. All those Polish companies produce really good quality. And everyone is specialized in a certain way so that they complement each other. Scibor, Maxmini, Kromlech, Puppetwar, Microart, Spellcrow… I never went wrong with any of these. I think there are almost 10 of such companies in Poland. Unfortunately I do not know all of them.

As a side note for the ELO-System, the Top 3 of the 40k-part of the ETC might also be nice to know. As far as I know, 40k was part of the ETC since 2007. Unfortunately I do not have any data from that year, but the Top 3 since 2008 were:
2008: 1. Poland 2. Germany 3. Sweden
2009: 1. Sweden 2. Poland 3. France
2010: 1. Poland 2. Germany 3. Spain
2011: 1. Germany 2. Poland 3. USA
2012: 1. England 2. Germany 3. Italy
2013: 1. Germany2. Spain 3. Poland
2014: 1. Poland 2. Germany 3. England
2015: 1. Germany 2. Sweden 3. Poland
So since 2008, Germany participated 8 Times with 3 Gold and 4 Silver medals. Poland was there 8 Times and got 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. Sweden was there every time as well and got a gold medal, a silver medal and a bronze medal. England was there 7 times and got one bronze and one gold medal. Spain was there all 8 times and got a silver medal and a bronze medal. France, Italy and the USA each have a bronze medal while France and Italy were there all the time. The USA participated in the last 6 Tournaments.

A team tournament with a pairing system similar to that one at the ATC and the ETC is a very nice variation of the standard single player tournaments. I’d say a team size of 4 or 5 is better for a couple of reasons, but that is probably not the most important decision. That aspect of pairing adds a lot to the game. As you already mentioned, you can play your favourite army in an extremely competitive environment the way you want to play it, whether it is high tier or not. And you can still kick ass for your team. Even if you have to play a bad matchup because no one wants to play a certain opponent, you might still be the star for your team. If you know your favourite army by heart, you might pull off much more points than expected. Figuring out how to approach the pairings can also be a nice experience. During the preparation to a tournament, you can focus on certain scenarios your team might face and refine your list/your tactics according to the role you have in the team. During this process of iteration, I learn so much about the game and my weaknesses. The whole time you get direct feedback and figure out solutions for difficult situations by reference to the actual situation on the board. It turned out that this kind of tournament attracts more skilled players than single tournaments. While you sometimes meet new players or casual players on single tournaments, almost all players at such an event are very skilled and motivated. Everyone fights to the teeth for every single point.

6 years ago

Awesome job guys! when is the results for the D-weapon poll going to be posted?

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