Tuesday Night Fight! Chaos vs. Imperials 7:00pm PST, Tonight!



Tuesday Night Fight! Join us at 7:oopm PST for the game! Click here to go to our Twitch, channel.

Note: We big goofed in this one, guys, sorry! The morale check on the Daemons would have been auto-passed, the Skyhammer Devs would not have been able to stop the Dogs. Also, the reroll on the charge for the Assault marines only works vs. a unit that got penned by the Devs. Very sorry for the confusion!

We’ve got a fun battle planned for you, tonight! An Imperial Army with a mash-up of elements including the feared Skyhammer Annihilation Force, vs Chaos featuring a Greater Brass Scorpion!

Imperials 1850pts
Unit Description Size Cost
Yarrick Warlord 1 145
PCS 5 30
Squad 1 A.Cannon 10 60
Squad 2 A.Cannon 10 60
Squad 3 A.Cannon 10 60
Veterans P.Gun x 2 10 90
Fast Attack
Vulture 1 155
Vendetta 1 170
Heavy Support
Wyvern 1 65
Skyhammer Annihilation Imperial Fists Chapter Tactics
Devastator Squad M.Launchers 10 200
Drop Pod 1 35
Devastator Squad H.Bolters x 2, L.Cannons x 2 10 200
Drop Pod 1 35
Assault Squad 5 85
Assault Squad 5 85
Knight Detachment
Knight Paladin 1 375
Totals 82 1850


Frankies List:

Chaos Space Marine CAD
Sorcerer Mastery 3, Spell Familiar 1
Cultist _ 10
Cultist _ 10
Fast Attack
Helldrake Baleflamer 1
Brass Scorpion _ 1
Daemon Allies
Hearld Of Tzeentch Mastery 3 Exalted Gift 1
Hearld Of Khorne Exalted Gift, Juggernaught, Exalterd Locus of Wrath 1
Pink Horror _ 17
Fast Attack
Flesh hounds _ 20



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    dr.insanotron August 4, 2015 10:03 pm #

    Please read the rules for your armies before playing. Sky hammer is a moral check witch deamons auto pass so the will never be gone to ground

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