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signals from the Frontline

Show Notes

Date 6-26-2015



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News at 3:00 minutes. Miniatures begin at 12:00 minutes

  • Dark Angels pre-order special is still a go! Get those order sin and save up to 25% off of your entire order!
  • BAO is looming. We have some space left with Warmahordes, DzC, Malifaux, Hobby Seminars, and Warzone!


  • Las Vegas Open is just about settled. We should have the contract signed, today. By the next show we anticipate letting everyone know when to plan for the event.


  • Dropzone Commander releases renders of their new infantry releases for UCM, PHR and Scourge, and they look pretty sweet! We’ve got the PHR Medusa and Triton transport, the Scourge Screamer and Raider heavy drop ship, and the UCM Heavy Hazard Suits. Very cool looking!

PHR_Medusa_and_Triton-X_1024x1024 Scourge_Screamer_and_Raider_Heavy_Dropship_1024x1024 UCM_Heavy_Hazard_Suits_1024x1024


  • Forge World shows off the complete Warlord titan, with paint job and it is impressive!

warlord titan

  • Prodos Games’ AvP is now shipping! They are moving slower than anticipated, but the units are shipping out. We’re looking forward to getting our hands on some of those, ourselves!

avp box art

  • Paizo shows off a new iconic character, Estra the Spiritualist, who is in the Occult Adventures supplement.


  • JoeK Minis unveils Jason, a new miniature in their line along with the concept art. Looks pretty epic.

jason1 jason2 jason3 jason4

  • Heavy Gear continues to update their kickstarter with images of the Kodiak, Grizzly, Cheetah and Ferret Northern Heavy Gears. They look great!

heavy gear


heavy gear2

  • Battlefleet Gothic Armada shows off gameplay and it looks pretty bad ass.

battlefleet gothic

  • Siren Miniatures posts images of their new model, Thiabo, a cool looking dwarf.

thaibo thaibo2


  • Puppetswar releases some new models, the Crusaders, which look pretty slick.

crusaders1 crusaders2

  • Bolt Action releases a new tank, the Archer SP 17 for the British Faction.

bolt action

Upcoming ITC Events: starting at 27:00 minutes

Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.: Starting at 28:30 minutes

  • Further Dark Angels discussion.
  • Age of Sigmar, wow! Looking fantastic.

Rant Session

Tactics Corner: Starting at 42:40 minutes 

  • War Convocation vs. Necrons in the Live Stream last night.

Rules Lawyer

Completed Commissions

List Review: starting at 48:20 minutes

First List: Eldar and Deldar

1.  The autarch is a must for my heavy flyer and reserve list.  Is a single level 3 psycher worth bringing or should I drop him?

2.  Do I have enough objective secured units?

3.  How would you defend your back field with my list? With The raider of 10 warriors?

4.  What do you like and dislike?


Autarch: banshee mask, swooping hawk wings, fusion gun, power spear (115)

Farseer: skyrunner, Spirit Stone, singing spear (135)

Succubus: Webway portal, archite glaive (130)


2 x 5 Scattbikes (270)

10 kabalite warriors, raider (135)


5 D-scythe wraithguard (210)

Heavy Support:

Ravager 2 dark lances, 1 disintegrator cannon (120)


Wraithknight w/ 2 D cannons

CRIMSON DEATH FORMATION all w/ brightlances (440)


So the plan is to deploy the Farseer, 2 scattbikers, kabalites in raider, ravager, and wraithknight as far back from the enemy as possible behind cover .  That way if i go first I can move everything forward and shoot and if i go second il be out of range of a lot of the enemies fire power.  I will use the Autarch’s reserve manipulation shenanigans to get the 3 flyers, WWP d-scythe w/ Succubus, and the Autarch himself on the board when I want them.  The few Psychic dice that i do have will be used to cast guide on my D slinging Wraithknight to help put the damage on heavy vehicles,monsteros creatures, and or knights until he gets into CC.  I had the opportunity to use this list with my local hobby group in Yuma Arizona and it did very well.  I find it funny that the d-scythe provide the ultimate distraction carnifex after they drop and delete a key enemy unit.  The Crimson death formation is amazing with the 90 degree turn before and after movement.  If the enemy list is flyer light then i bring them on as early as i can (turn 2 if possible) to hunt vehicles.  Otherwise I try to  hold them in reserve to come onto the board after the enemies flyers and put their preferred enemy skill to use.  I try my best to hold the Autarch in reserve until all my reserves arrive so that his reserve manipulation is not put to waste.  When he does hit the board I send him off to contest objectives and to sting the enemy in their backfield.  I never field him without a fusion gun and power weapon.  The 18 inch move with the swooping hawk wings is helpful.  The kabalite warrior unit is in the raider so that I can make them a 10 man unit instead of 5 to make it harder for the enemy to wipe them.  I plan to be jinking the raider to keep its contents alive.  Their poison will be focusing enemy monsterous creatures or termies.  So please review my list and let me know what you like and what you

guys would change.  Also email me back and let me know what podcast or article this can or will be featured in.  Thanks a bunch

Second List:

Space Marines (Relic heavy BA using Raptor’s tactics)

My list is 2000 points of Charnel Guard Space Marines. I fell in love with the fluff for this chapter after reading the tiny passage on them in Imperial Armour two (they’re an unacknowledged BA successor fleet-based chapter that seal themselves in stasis chambers whenever they’re not fighting and have so many relic vehicles they deploy them en masse in special formations).

The goal is to have something that straddles the line between competitive and fluffy in a fun way. The list doesn’t have a whole lot of mobility, but I couldn’t figure out a way to do it that I felt fit alongside a more static style of Space Marine force.

Space Marine CAD – 2000p – Raptors Chapter tactic (I honestly don’t know what tactic to use, but Scout helps with the mobility issue)


Master of the Forge, Combi-Plasma, Meltabombs


Relic Contemptor-Mortis, 2x Kheres Assault Cannon

Relic Contemptor-Mortis, 2x Kheres Assault Cannon


5 Tactical Marines, Missile Launcher

5 Tactical Marines, Missile Launcher

5 Tactical Marines, Missile Launcher

Fast Attack

Relic Xiphon Interceptor

Relic Xiphon Interceptor

Heavy Support

Relic Whirlwind Scorpius, Battle of Keylek

Relic Whirlwind Scorpius

Relic Whirlwind Scorpius


Lord of War

Marauder Destroyer, 8x Hellstrike Missiles



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      Ah, I thought you said Skitarii. We covered the other images in a previous show, we can hit the rules on Monday!

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