Signals From the Frontline Videocast Episode #335 & #336

signals from the Frontline

#335 In this episode we discuss ITC, Eldar, Knights, and Forgeworld.

Signals from the Frontline Videocast #336 In this episode we discuss ITC, Salute, Imperial Knights, and Wargames Con.


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7 years ago

Could you provide the audio of these videos as a podcast download? Would be awesome since i listen to these on my way to and from work 🙂

7 years ago

Wouldn’t banning WWP for Eldar (or any Allies to Dark Eldar) and reducing heavy weapons for bikes to 1/3 like before solve most of the (big) problems with Eldar?

Wraithguards have one big weakness, short range. If you take away the WWP they have to get to their target in a transport, which is possible to counter. Especially since Wave Serpent got much easier to kill (no 3+ jinx save anymore).
Also if you just nerf Wraithguards then Firedragons will WWP obliterate vehicles just as easely. So not really adressing the problem. You can still use the Falcon formation, but it’s a big point investement to do this.

Reverting Jetbikes to 1 in 3 heavy weapons would also solve the problem of using a Troop choice as “heavy support substitute”. They are still very very good, even with 1/3 heavy weapons.

Just some thoughts before doing sweeping changes that might have some undesired side effects…

7 years ago

Hey guys, great video about ITC/Eldar discussion. Overall, I think the points about making a workable tournament format are very good and well thought out. You really do need to have a solid bottom line and standardized format to make competitive play work-and everyone does do a bit of house ruling if they’d admit it.

Also, I am probably in the extreme minority when I say that I don’t think the new Eldar are OP or going to be THAT bad-but that might be because I don’t plan on playing them in a way that people will hate (i.e., D-Scythes and Scatter Laser bikes EVERY WHERE).

Feel free to check out my blog post on why I don’t think the new Eldar are going to be OP and perhaps people can let me know why they think I am wrong?

Feel free to delete my reference to my blog if that is not proper posting etiquette.

7 years ago

Hi Reece, greetings from Barcelona.

With this new formula of Youtube Signals from the frontline are you going to drop the old just audio format? Considering is most of it “just” talk, I think it could be great if you also provide us with the old format; personally, I usually listen you while I’m working at the fields with my movile, and it is imposible to do that with a youtube video.

Anyway, I’ll come here every couple days, reading great articles and improving my english with your talk.

See you

Adam (
Reply to  Manxol

Agreed, I miss the audio format…

7 years ago

Imperial Knights fluff seems very similar to the Five Star Stories anime. Check it out.

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