Warhammer 40k Short Form Video Bat Rep #269 Chaos vs White Scars

L-5-Kahn the Unknown-Desktop

Frankie and Cooper battle it out, Chaos with a Brass Scorpion vs. White Scars! Check out the Tactics Corner for more video bat reps!


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8 Responses to “Warhammer 40k Short Form Video Bat Rep #269 Chaos vs White Scars”

  1. BBF April 18, 2015 4:28 pm #

    Cooper = Imperial Pimpinator

  2. iNcontroL April 18, 2015 9:01 pm #

    nice game! I think you gotta really run the brass scorpion up there as fast as you can like a super knight.. get him into combat/shooting range and lay down the ignores cover plate on stuff.

    Camera seemed a bit choppy/fragmented for some reason btw

    • Reecius April 19, 2015 2:37 pm #

      Yeah, don’t know what hapenned to the video? It’s all shaky.

  3. Requizen April 19, 2015 9:40 pm #

    That Hound and Herald unit is really cool! Wish there was a better picture of the Juggerherald, I’d like to see it all Nurglefied up.

    • Reecius April 20, 2015 10:28 am #

      Yeah, the video quality in this one is pretty poor, I do not know what happened in the editing process.

  4. droozy April 20, 2015 9:47 am #

    Sweet, my Nurgle guys made it onto the commercial! That’s awesome guys, made my day

    • Reecius April 20, 2015 10:18 am #

      That is rad, glad you liked it!

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