Warhammer 40K Video Bat Rep #259 Tyranids vs Daemons

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Frankie busts out the Daemon Factory vs. InControl’s powerful Tyranid list in this 1850pt bat rep. Sorry fellas, no lists on this one. Check out the Tactics Corner for more video bat reps.


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18 Responses to “Warhammer 40K Video Bat Rep #259 Tyranids vs Daemons”

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    iNcontroL October 24, 2014 5:58 pm #

    This was a chaos assault army from Frankie. My list ends up getting revised for brawl/current practice btw. My list NOW is

    Flyrant dakka w/ egrubs 240
    Flyrant dakka w/ egrubs 240
    Flyrant dakka w/ egrubs 240

    Dima 200
    Barbed Heirodule 565
    4×3 Rippers 180
    2x Zoanthropes 100
    Malanthrope 85

    = 1850

    This list in the bat rep is similar but minus 1 egrub, minus 3 rippers and (I think) minus 2 zoanthropes but + broodlord + 5 genes.

    Was a fun game 🙂 I had a sick run vs frankie around the time of this game with 3-4 tablings. Frankie needs to get revenge on me! 🙂

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    Vendra October 24, 2014 6:32 pm #

    Hey guys, I always love seeing the nids destroy things. It makes me happy. One thing I need to ask though, and thats on the stomp. If I am reading the book correctly you first roll on the effect chart for each unit that will be stomped. Then roll to see how many of those stomps you get. We got into a heated discussion at the GW store and the manage read it from the book so I could not argue. But I would like secondary confirmation on this. If so then the first roll of a 6 would mean you would wipe out with D3 stomps, not roll per stomp hit. Anyway please let me know what you think per the book rules.

    Anyway keep up those awesome nid bat reps. I really should bring my army out there as I do love to play the nids but I have nowhere near a competitive list.

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      iNcontroL October 24, 2014 10:06 pm #

      Will have to check. Every tourney/game I’ve played has done it the way we were doing it in the bat rep. Still could be wrong tough!

    • Reecius
      Reecius October 25, 2014 7:58 am #

      Hey Vendra, this is how it works: roll how many Stomps, place template 1, roll for effect, resolve, repeat for as many stomps as you have left. You don’t stomp each unit, just one set of stomps total, not per unit in assault.

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    Moridan October 24, 2014 8:42 pm #

    I thought after scouting or infiltrating, you couldnt charge on the first players turn. So after siezed on, Frankie could have assaulted on the bottom of 1.

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      iNcontroL October 24, 2014 10:07 pm #

      The rule (afaik) is “if you scout/infiltrate that unit cannot assault on their turn 1” so being seized on doesn’t change that. It would be like if I infiltrated units while going 2nd.. and then being able to assault with them. This is a no bueno situation. You can assault units that infiltrate though (assault against them that is).

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        TinBane October 24, 2014 11:18 pm #

        I think it’s actually “can’t assault in the first turn”, but not the first game turn. If you infiltrate, you can assault if your opponent has already gone first? I’ll check the rulebook when I get home.

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          jamie October 25, 2014 7:54 am #

          that’s from the rule book and its 100% rite

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        dcannon4life October 25, 2014 9:30 am #

        “A unit that deploys using these rules cannot charge in their first turn” (BRB 167). Doesn’t matter if you have the top or bottom of turn one; no charges. This is the same for units that utilize a Scout Move.

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          Aidan October 26, 2014 8:33 am #

          Actually, the rules are different for scout and infiltrate.

          You have the infiltrate rule correct, but the scout rule states:
          “A unit that makes a Scout redeployment cannot charge in the first game turn.”

          Notice the different wording for “the first game turn” vs “their first game turn”

          So you could charge after scouting if you were going second

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            RoockieBoy October 26, 2014 1:44 pm

            True! Just checked it. My Spanish book says so. Thanx for clarifying!
            This brings some doubt to me…
            1. You deploy via Infiltrate, so you CAN’T charge at all during turn 1.
            2. You redeploy via exploration and you’re going 2nd, so you CAN charge in your 1st turn.
            Now comes the question…
            3. If you infiltrate, and then explore, can you charge YOUR 1st turn if going 2nd?
            Thanx in advance!

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            Chosen of Khorne October 26, 2014 3:30 pm

            “In a complete game turn, each player gets a player turn, divided into Movement, Psychic, Shooting and Assault phases. One game turn therefore comprises two player turns – one for each player. ”

            Excerpt From: Workshop, Games. “Warhammer 40,000 (Interactive Edition).” v1.0. Games Workshop, 2014. iBooks.

            Don’t think you can charge after either scouting or infiltrating.

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    Novastar October 24, 2014 9:27 pm #

    And here I thought Reece put all of iNcontrols battle reports in the attic lol

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      iNcontroL October 24, 2014 10:09 pm #

      This game was from roughly a month ago 🙂

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        bigpig October 25, 2014 1:57 pm #

        Nova and I still have one he’s sitting on. Slacker 😉

        • Avatar
          Novastar October 25, 2014 4:56 pm #

          You call it a game, I call it a massacre :/

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            Simon October 26, 2014 11:44 am

            As is any fight that nids win. Hive mind eats all!

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            Novastar October 26, 2014 2:31 pm

            Bigwig played Eldar vs my Dark Eldar

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