Dropzone Commander Battle Report #13 – Land Grab – 1500 PHR vs Allied Resistance

Cameron brings us a Dropzone Commander Video Battle Report – 1500 PHR vs. Allied Resistance – Land Grab. Check out the Tactics Corner for more great videos!

We played a Land Grab mission using some of the newly released Resistance units: the breaching drill, Freeriders, Zhukovs, and Occupation Veterans.
These new units are really interesting, and they add new dimensions and threats to the game! Freeriders especially add a new dynamic; I can’t remember ever playing a game where I made so many minigun, assault rifle, and magnum shots. Freeriders are very difficult to kill with a traditional anti-tank build… I think some current lists will find them very difficult to deal with.
Overall I’m really liking the Resistance faction. I think it is a very versatile faction with a lot of diverse and interesting builds, and all of the units I’ve played against so far seem well balanced.
As always, let us know how we can make these reports better! I apologize for the shakiness and low framerate that occur at times in this video.


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2 Responses to “Dropzone Commander Battle Report #13 – Land Grab – 1500 PHR vs Allied Resistance”

  1. NIK2286 October 15, 2014 8:00 am #

    Great BatRep Cam! Awesome to see the resistance in action. That was a TON of stuff comin at you! The Hades has been a beast in our games too. The prevailing strategy is: can I kill it in one turn? Don t bother, reposition for a one turn kill while staying in The shadows.

    I’d like to see those bikes deal with fire blades or Menchit tho. Seems like they might cry a little more often, but then again the short range on those takes could be easily circumvented by the bikes’ speed.

    Keep em comin guys!!

  2. Cameron October 15, 2014 9:58 am #

    A direct hit from the Hades black nanomachines would annihilate Freeriders. I think Area weapons are the way to go.

    If you have good scouts, sometimes lurking in the shadows doesn’t work for taking out a Hades. A scourge player tried to sneak up a group of 6 hunters on me behind buildings… but as soon as they were within 18″, I spotted them with the Mercuries and started hitting them with black nanomachines.

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