Stompyspath DzC BAO Report


BAO Dropzone Commander Tournament Report

Stompyspath here with a quick overview of the Tournament that was held during the Bay Area Open. This was the first official tourney held by Frontline Gaming and sadly a couple of people dropped which left us with 4 people in the brackets. Of those 4 players, 3 were PHR, Tom, Rich, and I. The lone man out was Ian who brought a very nasty Scourge army.

My list for this event was as follows

Hand of the Sphere

Zeus with Councillor Commander and Hyperion in Neptune

2X Sirens in Triton A1

Battle Pantheon

4X Ares

2X Phobos Both in Poseidon


2X Immortals in Juno A1

2X Immortals in Juno A1 both in Neptune

2X Helios

Heavy Pantheon

2X Odins in Neptune

2X Apollo A

Air Wing


My thoughts were to have a little of everything. The Helios is to help with UCM against Ferrums, The Ares are very good against skimmers as well as UCM tanks. Apollos help with Shaltari and I know one of the things that all PHR players will see is that I don’t have the Immortals in Tritons. It may just be my local meta, but everyone knows to severely limit my infantry’s mobility they just need to kill a rather weak dropship, and even though it doesn’t happen often, that EN 7 gun has won me games. Funny enough there were no UCM or Shaltari.

The first two scenarios had the same board layout.

Map 2

For this article I’m going to cover the first mission in which there were 5 Objectives (designated by the 5 red flags) the objective in the middle was in the open but only troops could secure it, rolling as if in a small building. Needless to say no one went for that objective, (can you say murder bait) which left the other 4 as the primary goals. In the tournament the TO also altered the tournament packet slightly by saying that every 200 points destroyed (rounded up) was an extra victory point.

My first opponent was Ian Chadwick, who ran a nasty 4 battlegroup scourge list.


Desolator with Enslaver Commander

4X Minders in Intruder Beta


6X Hunters

3X Reapers both squads in a Despoiler with Plasma Cannons


2X Warriors in Intruder Alpha

2X Warriors in Intruder Alpha

3x Ravagers in Harbinger with Mini Arc Caster

Occupation Patrol

2X Destroyers in Intruder Alpha

4X Minders in Intruder Beta

Annihilator with Master Commander

This army had some very fast elements and several groups with the ability to hit very hard! I attempted to hold the middle with my heavy unit of Ares and flanked my Odins off to my right. I rushed my infantry up but could only reach the right objective with my Immortals and my sirens staged to run into the one on my left. My Zeus dropped behind a building near the middle on the right. The second turn went very badly for me. Ian managed to take both his Objectives off, and dropped his Destroyers on my left objective. I failed to find my objective on the right and Ian proceeded to dump all his hunter and annihilator shots into that building doing 19 damage points, leaving it on 1. I shuffled up the board and prayed I’d win initiative. Luckily I rolled high and got first activation. I rolled for both my Immortal squad’s and neither could find the objective. With cybernetic tails between their legs they jumped into their Junos and loaded back into the Neptune. Ian took a few shots into the building and brought it down. I was now down 4 to 0 on objectives and knew I had to pull something out to win this, my entire focus shifted to just killing things. Upon activating my Sirens I really felt I was not going to have much luck clearing out the Destroyers, but a 2+ dodge is nothing to laugh at. I rolled very well and only lost 1 more siren. Ian though, did not roll so well and failed six 4+ passive saves and lost both squads of Destroyers.

Siren BeforeSiren After

This was a huge swing for me as it gave me more time to look for that objective as well as quite a few points.  I used a Countermeasures Hack to do serious damage to his Desolator and finished it off with my Athena. I ran after his hunters and thanks to the scanners on the Ares dropped half of them. A weapon hack card took out another Hunter and my Odins did good damage to the Reapers. Over the next three turns I was able to destroy almost all of Ian’s forward units. My Immortals, after failing so miserably early on, rushed up the right side to jump into the building on Ian’s side, behind where his objective had been. Ian didn’t fire much at that building choosing instead to take shots at my Ares. On the fourth turn those Immortals went to the wall and brought down his Harbinger. Then on the final turn of the game, he had moved his Annihilator out of line of sight of my Odins and Ares, but it was still visible to my Immortals. The three remaining snipers took bead on that huge monstrosity. I needed 2’s to hit and 6’s to damage (thanks to Shape Charge!), it had 1 DP left. I rolled two hits, and then one 6.

Siren After

This gave me close to 1100 points killed or 6 Victory Points.

Final score was 8 to 6. This game was intense; it literally came down to the last die roll. If I had not killed his Annihilator (which was worth 260 points!) we would have tied. The mission was a little odd, and I’m not a big fan of a completely symmetrical layout. But for my first competitive game it was a blast, Ian was a great player and tons of fun to play against. I guess the lesson of the day is don’t give up, no matter how bad it looks! As long as there is a slim chance of winning, go for it! Whatever you do, don’t rage.



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  1. Reecius
    Reecius August 24, 2014 11:04 am #

    Well done, and nice bat rep!

  2. Avatar
    Cameron August 24, 2014 6:04 pm #

    How was the tournament scoring these missions? This doesn’t sound like the standard Hawk tournament scoring.

  3. Avatar
    TinBane August 24, 2014 10:25 pm #

    Awesome battle report! 🙂
    Never underestimate the small arms rule, or sniper rifles with SC, hey?

  4. Avatar
    Stompyspath August 25, 2014 10:20 am #

    The TO was using a mix of the Tournament Packet rules and his own. Objectives were scored the same as in the Main Rule Book, but in addition every 200 points killed (rounding up) was an extra Victory Point. This wasn’t known until the day of the Tournament though, so had no impact on the lists anyone brought. Also, the missions were not from the packet.

  5. Avatar
    Egge August 26, 2014 2:25 am #

    A fun read! I think that 4 squads of infantry is basically a must – in our meta they are vital. Or 3 squads and something else to kill infantry. It seemed the Athena did some damage? I have always considered it the best flyer (it is even better now) as even when boosting it should take out an enemy light aircraft.

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