40k Brawl! Spawn over-run! Sons of Horhey Vs Chaos Emperors Will, Purge The Heretic!

Simon from 40K Brawl is back with another bat rep! “Giant Rotten frogs? Ew COOL! We test out a Chaos Spawn Frog Spam list vs my Sons of Horhey triple Sicaran-Friendship-breaker force o’ doom to see what it do!”

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For The Emperor Sombrero! 
Chaos Spawnz!
Sons of Horhey!

The Mission:

Primary – Emperors Will

Secondary – Purge the Heretic!

Secondary – First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Line breaker



Hammer and Anvil 

Night Fight – ON

Psychic powers:


– Nurgles Rot, Weapon Virus, Gift of Contagion

Demon Prince 

  • Nurgle – Nurgles Rot, Weapons Virus
  • Biomancy – Iron Arm, Warp Speed

Herald of Nurgle – Herald 

  • Bimancy – Endurance, Haemorrhage 


Chaos – Demon Prince of Nurgle

Sons of Horus – Master of the Forge on Bike

Setting up:

Horhey’s posse win the roll off and elect to take the first turn. The sicarans set up in a team in the right hand of their deployment zone while carefully avoiding not to be too far forward – They dont want a first turn assault thank you kindly!

In reserves are the 3 drop pod tactical sqauds, the MOTF for the Red scorpions and finally the Raptor. 

The Chaos beasts swarm the starting lines of their deployment zone and get as close to the starting line as physically possible.The Plaguebearers sit back behind the wall holding the Emperors Will objective in their deployment zone. (top right hand corner ruin in the image above. )

I want the first turn so I have the chance to turn the frog spawns into frog soup but Adam being the kind of guy that likes to steal your beer, also likes to steal your initiative. Whooopow! Chaos drop a sneeze bomb!

That’s a fine 6 you rolled there.

Chaos Turn 1

On your marks…*Spawns sprint off* HEY I DIDN’T SAY GO YET!

After managing to seize the initiative on Horhey, the frogs do not wait for someone to tell them to move – they are straight off! hurtling towards the Sicarans across the board. the Demon prince doesn’t take flight but carefully stays out of LOS. Typhus curses one of the Sicarans by casting Weapons Virus ( Gets hot!) and the Demon prince blesses himself with Iron arm – and perils…

… he then loses a wound AND warp speed…OUCH!

Typhus and his horrifically unpainted zombie buddies

Sons of Horhey Turn 1

Yikes! That was pretty cringey to watch – I hate playing a dice game sometimes! Anywho – the two tactical squads smash down into the deployment zone of the Chaos in their pods and go straight for the easiest kill they can find – the Nurglings. one of them lands precisely where they wanted too while the others scatter back towards the array of spawn, demon prince and cultists where they are close enough to sniff em….errrr…. can you smell that? 

Peeeeyeeew! Nurgles rot!

They unload their flamers and bolters into the nurglings and murder all bar one base which is left on 2 wounds. The second unit that scattered away blow away a shed load of cultists – killing 14 of them!

Killing Spree!

The Sicarans roll back and unload their mega shells into the spawns popping one and wounding another- thankfully no blunders from Weapons Virus! Finally the bikers finish off the turn by firing into the spawns and dishing a total of 0 wounds followed by one of the marines burning himself to death. Nice one duuuude!

Burn em! Burn em all!
Squish em!
Shoot em!

Chaos Turn 2

So it’s safe to say turn 1 was pretty lame on both accords. Thankfully everything now has a target to pick a fight with! 


everything continues to advance up while the demon prince and spawns go back for the tactical squads.  Typhus manifests Weapons virus on the bikers while both the demon prince and herald fail to pull off endurance and Iron arm!

 The demon prince flames and kills 2 of the red scorpion tactical squad and follows up by assaulting in with the spawns. With a massive 9 attacks, he only manages to kill a single marine…womp womp ! while the spawn manage to tear down a few more.After Master of the Forge Bane declines a challenge, ( He did what?!) the marines fail to inflict any wounds on the demon prince with their krak grenades and consequently lose the combat but manage to stay locked down for another turn.

…You think darkness is your ally?
…please don’t hurt me!

The other spawns assault the Sicaran but Adam completely forget that they are AV12 on the rear…. mistakes where made!

No matter how hard they ribited, the frogs just could not penetrate the armour. You would have thought they could have worked that out themselves…

Sons of Horhey Turn 2

Both the Raptor and last drop pod arrives onto the battlefield – the raptor screams over towards the spawns on the right flank (Marines perspective) while the drop pod comes in closely  behind the nurglings new whereabouts after scattering a few inches away from them.

Chaos Perspective, note objective bottom left hand corner

The Sicarans and Raptor surround the remaining frogs, point their accelerator auto cannons at them completely shred them to shit, finishing them off for First Blood!


The tactical squad closer to the centre of the board kill another few cultists leaving just two left while the fresh faced marines squish the last of the Nurgling swarm!

The Master of the forge and the remaining tactical squad meet a bitter end where the demon prince does not fail his god this time around. they consolidate and make way for the second squad of marines. 

Chaos Turn 3

The Demon prince manifests iron arm on himself but with the power of the D6, it’s denied! he does however successfully bleach the tactical squad with weapons virus and assaults them alongside the spawns. (I’ll tell you now to avoid the heartache – they sadly did not live to tell the tale.)

The Plagebearers that hold the objective choose to come join the fight and make a move on the tactical squad in the backfield.
They charge in and really tear them up in combat after the marines fail to kill a single booger man with their bolter fire (dang shrouding) and rambo punches. The remaining few marines hold their nerve by passing their moral and stay locked down in combat for another turn.

Typhus breaks out his beat-stick and punches the Sicaran repetitively with his scythe stripping it down to its final HP.


The Spawns leave the Sicaran and make way for the Warlord and his biker squad- charging in successfully. with a whopping 40 attacks – the spawn do a GARGANTUAS –  one wound. HAHA! Look out Sir at it’s finest. The bikers and Master of the Forge hit back at the spawns and manage to take one down – winning them the assault – no care for the frogs though – they are Feeless!

Sons of Horhey Turn 3

The Raptor absolutely blends the demon price with the avenger bolt cannon earning the marines Slay the Warlord! while the 3 Sicarans roll their tracks back and obliterate Typhus’s unit of cultists leaving only a few standing. 

Dakka! and the Demon Prince is gone!

Combat comes around and the Look out sir rolls are not as hot as they where last turn for the Master of the Forge. as the froggies ribbit all over his face with a rather overwhelming quantity of dice, earning the Chaos Slay the Warlord! as well. The Bikers flee from combat after losing their favourite boss and are now right up agains the board edge, unsure on whether they should stay or go.

The Plaguebearers continue to beat on the marines who despite taking a beating once again, steadily hold their ground.
Secoundary current score
Chaos: 6
Marines: 6

Chaos Turn 4

Typhus manifests Weapons Virus again at one of the Sicaran’s on full HP while he marches off towards the other on 1 HP. He slices it with his scythe but isn’t able to take that final point to wreck the damn thing! The spawns run back into the bikers and kill one more however stay locked in CC.

Typhus goes for another swing and a miss!

Sons of Horhey Turn 4

The Sicarans surround Typhus and the last of his dirty brethren and unload hell. leaving nothing left but a single wound left on Typhus however one of the Sicarans loses a HP due to Weapons Virus over heating the barrels! Oh Snap!


The Fire raptor comes down into hover mode and fires heavily into one more Spawn, shredding it apart while the drop pods finally finish off the last cultist in no mans land near the bastion. 


Both Sicarans regrow their HP thanks to Iron Hands Chapter Tactics ( Sorry fluffers- to be the best you gotta bring the best!)

The Bikers and Spawn continue their brawl but are unable to break apart – staying once again locked horns!

Chaos Turn 5

Potential last turns are always tense ones and with the score so, so tight ( dead even in fact!) you have to rack up the last points you can and ensure you hold your ground as well as possible. Typhus races back towards the Sicaran for one final punt at finishing off the Sicaran but just cannot manage it – he takes 1 HP off but fails to destroy it. 

The Spawn finally finish off the last two bikers and seek cover to hold line breaker however with the sicarans on the prowl it will be a struggle to stay resilient! 

Sons of Horhey Turn 5

The Sicarans pull back and chug their tracks around to take aim upon Typhus and the Spawns. Both of them are completely obliterated by an overwhelming 18 S7, Twin linked rending shots and the Raptors awesome Avenger Bolt cannon – Denying line breaker and winning another 2 VP for Purge the Herertic!


…We roll for one last turn but on a 2 – thats it!

The Board at the bottom of turn 5, Chaos perspective

The Final Scores

Chaos : 10

Sons of Horhey: 12 VICTORY!

Thats a Wrap Amigos!

Running a list for the first time is tough as it is but running a list for the first time against that…. YIKES! I damn sure wouldn’t want to be in that position!Sicarans are just so fucking good. I just cannot justify not taking one in my marine army! They are the Crown Jewels, the bee’s knee’s, the tits, the bomb! They are RADICAL MAN!!! For the points they cost and what they do to your enemy, they are brutal. I’ve never run a list without them and I very much doubt I ever will. Infact the models and rules combined are what swayed me to the dark side of 40k and took up marines once again.

Spawns are awesome- I played an insane list during a 6th ed tournament back in July against the nicest guy who I cant remember his name. ( sorry!) He ran Spawns, two Mauler fiends, Kharn ( Yes, what a champ!) with Necron Allies – Wraiths, D lord and Night scythes – He went on to win the tournament after we drew a very brutal fight – ( one that I could have won may I add if Loth hadn’t failed 2 , 2+ invunerables on 4 dice! haha!NOT BITTER!) but for real, this guy played an awesome tournament, did extremely well and totally deserved the win. 

I think the composition could do with a bit of alteration – Demons definitely do not compliment it. I feel it needs something more offensive and with demons, although they are very good at securing objectives and buffing your army, they seriously lack in the shooting department – something that this list needs, for sure. I would recommend some Night Scythes but hey, that would be copy catting! 

So what do you think would compliment a Spawn Spam list and how would you make it work in 7th? Could it work? let us know what you think!

Thanks for reading guys and look out for the next one!



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  1. Reecius
    Reecius August 15, 2014 6:54 am #

    Another awesome bet rep! I agree, Sicarans are incredibly good. The Scorpius is great, too. Forge World has just been killing it with marines, lately.

    • Avatar
      Simon August 15, 2014 8:54 am #

      Aye, that it do! IA2 is just an insane book that buffs marines to the next level. I’m praying that Chaos get the same treatment in their next FW book – heres hoping that they too get access to Sicarans and the Raptor becomes 40k official.

      • Reecius
        Reecius August 15, 2014 12:19 pm #

        I have heard rumors that your wish for Chaos will be coming true 😉

  2. Avatar
    rexscarlet August 15, 2014 8:14 am #

    Looked fun, Frog/Toads are Great!
    How about a close-up of that painted Frog/Toad Spawn?
    And maybe what/where the frog model is from/is?

    My wife bought a 100 lb carved Jade Toad in Beijing, broke my carry-on bag, good times!
    Drop Typus for a Buff Character on a Nurgle-esque Mount and let him run with one of the Spawn Units?
    Moar pics!

  3. Avatar
    Novastar August 15, 2014 8:48 am #

    I love my fire raptor and sicaran tank l

  4. Avatar
    Prindlehaven August 16, 2014 8:40 am #

    Spawn needs some Obliterator backup. Something like this.

    CAD- Black Legion

    Sorcerer, mbombs, bike, sigil, familiar, last memory, level 3

    13 cultists
    13 cultists

    5 spawn, MoN
    5 spawn, MoN
    5 spawn, MoN

    3 obliterators, MoN, VotLW
    3 obliterators, MoN, VotLW

    Allied detachment- CSM

    Sorcerer, mbombs, bike, sigil, familiar, level 3

    12 cultists

    3 spawn, MoN

    2 obliterators, MoN, VotLW


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