Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40K and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics and Comedy!

signals from the Frontline

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  • Dropzone Commander is killing it with these new releases, they look awesome!

dzc resistance 1 dzc resistance 2 dzc resistance 4 dzc resistane 3


  • Powered Play Gaming shows off their new light kit in a Warjack! It looks really cool.


  • Custumeeple shows off a new Infinity Terrain set that is pretty awesome looking.

infinity terrain

  • Pathfinder reveals a new Iconic Character, Zadim the slayer.


  • New Infinity Modrat Sogarat released.


Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  •  We’re hearing more rumors about Blood Angels and Dark Eldar coming out in a combined wave linked by codex, supplements, novels, limited box set and miniatures the way Space Wolves and Orks have been.

Rant Session

Tactics Corner

  • New Tyranid Beasties are sweeeeet!
  • Reece & Frankie-

    I much appreciate the love Orks are getting these days.  I’m trying to settle on a list before running headlong in to the hobbying aspect, namely forking over $$$.  One thing I haven’t seen discussed much at all is orks + allies, and with Chaos being the only slightly favorable alignment option (everything else having “one eye open” at least) it seems the obvious choice.  How would you guys build a competitive Ork + CSM list (1850, single CAD, just allies)?I think I would combine some Ork firepower and in-your-face speed CSM but I’m not very familiar with the Chaos dex.  Something like a few large squads of boyz, some combo of lootas/mek gunz, some meganobz in trukks, bikers, and space permitting storm boyz.  For the Chaos side, a fast lord/demon prince, cultists, spawn and maybe a maulerfiend?  Crimson Slaughter?  There are options, not sure what would dovetail best with Orks.

    Any help/suggestions/comments would be most appreciated!  Thanks for the great content guys, keep up the good work.



Rules Lawyer

  •  FAQ Updates! Lol, good timing! Not much to report, the Scion HQ got quicker and the Gorkanauts gun got shootier!

List Review


Hive Tyrant – Wings, 2x Brainleech Devourers  230pts
Hive Tyrant – Wings, 2x Brainleech Devourers 230pts
Malanthrope 85pts
Ripper Swarm (4 bases) – Deepstrike 60pts
Ripper Swarm (4 bases) – Deepstrike 60pts
Dimachaeron 200pts
Hive Crone 155pts
Hive Crone 155pts
Carnifex Brood (2) – 2x Brainleech Devourers 300pts
Tyrannofex – Acid Spray, Fleet, Electro grubs 200pts
Exocrine 175pts
Keep up with the show and good luck with BAO!


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      You are correct

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