40k Brawl! Tyranids Vs Iron Hands 1750 The Relic, Purge the Alien (Devourer!)

Simon S. and his brother shoot us another great bat rep, Nids vs. Space Marines! As always, check out the Tactics Corner for more great bat reps, and be sure to check out Simon’s blog, 40K Brawl!


Last night the gloves came off for both the Iron hands and Tyranids and holy hell was it brutal!
The lists!



Hive Tyrant – Warlord Trait – Master of Ambush

Electroshock grubs

2 X Devourers with brain leach worms

Hive Tyrant

Electroshock grubs

2 X Devourers with brain leach worms


Termagants x 10Termagants x 10Rippers

Deep strikeElites




Fast Attack 

Hive Crone

Hive Crone

Dimachaeron ( Proxied by Mawloc!)

Please note that due to the height of this sucker compared to the real deal, we added an extra 3 inches onto the height for LOS purposes.  

Heavy Support 

Biovore Brood

Electroshock grubs

L-10-Ferrus the Stoic-desktop

Iron Hands


Chapter Master – Warlord Trait – Strategic Genius, 

Storm Shield

Power fistChapter Master


Storm Shield

Power fist



Grav guns

Combi GravBikes

Grav guns

Combi Grav

ElitesFast Attack 

Storm Talon

Skyhammer Missiles

Storm Talon

Skyhammer Missiles

Heavy Support 


Demios Pattern Whirlwhind

Ultramarine Allies




Tactical Squad

LascannonTactical SquadLascannon

Heavy Support 


Plasma cannons




The Objectives:

The Relic – Primary

Purge The Alien – Secondary

First Blood, Line Breaker, Slay The Warlord – Secondary

Deployment – Dawn of War

So the Iron hands won both rolls to choose sides and deploy so they elected to go first. Tigirius crowds into the ruin on the far left alongside the Devastators, Tactical squad, Chapter master in yellow with his bikes and the Stalker. The Demios, Coteaz, Warlord with his bikes and another Tactical squad bunker in the ruin in the centre of their deployment Zone.

Tyranids counter deploy as well as can be with the majority of the hive nibbling in the right hand corner, shrouded by the venomthrope. The Biovores and a Zoanthrope hide in a ruin on the other side of the board… so far away! A Crone sits comfortably out of sight behind the Bastion.

Iron hands elect to go first and the Tyranids will attempt to seize… which they do! Unfortunately…. Coteaz is over there, hiding his giant balled cranium and of course the Tyranids are forced to re-roll which they fail the second time around… wop wop!

Iron hands turn 1


After both bike squads have moved up, Tigirius and Coteaz attempt to manifest a few powers, two of which where presience. Once on the Demios which the Tyranids managed to deny and the other on the Warlord’s bike squad which was casted successfully. The shooting phase comes around and it looks nasty, a Lot of high strength barrage fire power coming directly towards the hive…

…Until the Demios completely misses it’s barrage on the Zoanthrope! The Chapter master in yellow completely misses his orbital bombardment on the Hive Crone and finally the presienced Warlord misses with his orbital bombardment as well! HA… It was safe to say, morale was low after that turn…


The Tyranids enjoying the pleasant fireworks display going on around them.


Zoanathrope just waiting for a mate.

Tyranids Turn 1

Both Crones and Tyrants fly up in the face of the two bike squads and the central ruin.


The Dimachaeron moves around the ruin coupled alongside the Tyranofex for cuddles and cover saves.

The Hive Tyrant manifest’s paroxysm on the yellow chapter master’s bikes squad and reduces them all by -2BS and WS, followed by the Biovores killing three bikers and the Crone taking off 1 HP from the Demios and causing Crew Shaken.


Iron hands Turn 2


Shockingly neither Storm Talon arrive from reserves despite the re-rolls granted by the Strategic Genius warlord trait! The Bikes with the Warlord surround the Crone most central while the others go after the Hive Tyrant. Tigirius and Coteaz cast preisence on the two bike squads which are both manifested successfully. They follow up by shredding the Crone down to 1 wound and cutting a wound off the Hive tyrant. The Crone fails it’s grounding check and is fatally wounded for first blood! The Hive Tyrant keeps its cool and flaps away.


Tyranids Turn 2

One unit of gants arrive from reserve while the others hang back with their little ripper buddies, they obviously aren’t done digging holes and sniffing each others butts! The remaining Crone flies off towards the centre to get better aim of the Demios while both Tyrants go for the rear armour to ensure it’s destroyed. The Hive Warlord physic screams at Coteaz and his squad and absolutely wrecks them leaving Coteaz left on 1 wound. The other Tyrant cast’s paroxysm on the yellow chapter master… something sinister appears to be lurking in the shadows…!


The Hive Warlord instant kills Coteaz with an overwhelming amount of fire power from the Devourers while the Hive Tyrant obliterates the Demios.


The Dimachaeron advances up towards the remaining bikers and successfully assaults them the second time around thanks to adrenal glands! It scores an 3 extra attacks from Rampage, bringing its total number of attacks up to 10 at Strength 8, with Instant death on a 4+! It murders the two bikers while the chapter master in yellow saves two more instant death wounds but fails a normal save! He passes his morale and they stay locked down in combat for another turn. He’s lucky for now, but I feel he has a lot more to endure…



Iron Hands Turn 3

Reinforcement’s arrive and they come locked and loaded! the Stalker and the first Storm Talon savage the Crone and watch it fall to its death while the second Storm Talon tears through the Hive Tyrants thick carapace dropping it down to 1 wound.


Now you see it…


And now you don’t… Bug Splat!


It was a day of mourning for the yellow Iron Hands as the Demachaeron stuck a Chapter Master in it’s belly…

Tyranids Turn 3

Gants arrive but the Rippers hang back. They must be lost! They run their little touches up into the centre of the board, chasing after the Warlords bike retinue screeching for the Relic.  The Dimachaeron also advances on its prey, moving quickly towards the Warlord…


Both Hive Tyrants fly over to the left corner ruin where there appears to be a small gathering, The Hive Tyrant attempts to cast Psychic scream at Tigirius but is denied due to his dang ridiculously high mastery level! The Hive Tyrant on 1 wound lays it’s devourers into the Stalkers side armour but only manages to break off 1 HP! The Hive Warlord then fires its devourers ‘s the Storm Talon but only scores 1 SINGLE HP with 11 hits! He definitely loaded blanks that round!



The Dimachaeron successfully assaults the Warlord and his bikes and eats a few bikers but loses combat, thankfully his high LD allows him to stay locked down in CC. ( HOW is this BEAST not Fearless?! DANG IT Forge World!!)

Iron hands Turn 4

The Storm Talons press forward to apply pressure on the gants and the Exocrine. The Plasma cannons far back in the left ruin evaporate the unit of Gants on the left side of the bastion while the Storm Talons shred the Gants on the right… Ouch.

The Stalker takes aim for the Hive Tyrant on 1 wound and rips it apart while the bolter rounds from the tactical squad open fire on the Hive Warlord but fail to bring any harm to it.

The Dimachaeron fails to inflict instant death on the Chapter master AND loses combat by 2 but thankfully stays locked down. Cmon Dema! YOU WHERE THE CHOSEN ONE!!


Tyranids Turn 4

The Rippers finally find their way into the open air after digging all that time and find themselves a little off course, but not too far away from the shiny Relic. The Tyranofex is pissed off with the Chapter Master Warlord and wants to help its best buddy the Dimachaeron beat it’s face in, so naturally It stomps towards the two.


The Dimachaeron and Tyranofex butcher the Chapter Master for Slay the Warlord and pick up the Relic on the way out. Jackpot!

The Hive Warlord goes in to Swooping mode and takes aim on the rear armour of the Stalker which it fails to inflict a single penetrating hit on! It also attempts to manifest’s psychic scream but fails to cast again…Frick!

The Zoanthrope over in the right hand corner ( Tyranid perspective) moves closer to the exocrine and manifest’s dominion giving a security bubble of Fearless. Fearless for all!


The Hive Warlord not looking at what it’s doing. What a dick.

Iron Hands Turn 5

The Storm Talons go into hover mode and beast the living snot out of the Rippers. R.I.P little bugs, you did absolutely nothing to deserve that!


Tigirius cast’s a healthy dose of Forewarning on his unit before going into assault with the Hive Warlord…

They charge in and somehow pull off killing the Hive Tyrant. Fricking Krak grenades man! What is this Krak grenade and why can 5 marines throw them all safely in close proximity and not kill each other! ha – The RAGE!

Tyranids Turn 5

A Short turn for the Tyranids where the Tyranofex and Dimachaeron assault the Storm Talon and make swords and shields out of the scrap metal. They then consolidate and make their way towards the safety of their own board edge with the Relic, out of harms way in the hope that the game ends!


Purge the Alien/ Devouer Current score:
Iron Hands : 7KP , First Blood, Slay the Warlord=9
Tyranids: 8KP, Slay the Warlord= 9

Iron hands roll for an extra turn to see if the game continues…

…and it does!

Iron Hands turn 6!

If the Iron Hands are going to pull off a win they need to kick some serious butt with fire power and range they just do not have so it’s all for pride now! The Storm Talon drops into hover mode and opens fire on the exocrine putting two wounds on it with its Assault cannon and Skyhammer missiles. The Devastators in the back left ruin open fire on the Dimachaeron and steal it’s final wound, wracking up the last of the kill points available to the Iron hands, devastatingly though it’s just not going to be enough to keep the Hive at bay…

Tyranids Turn 6!

The exocrine turns and melts the Storm talon brining the game to a glorious finish of Bright yellow Storm Talon Fireworks!

Final Score 13:10 to the Hive Fleet Nightmare!

Tyranids Steal a Crushing Victory!

GG Brother! We both knew the first turn woulda’ /coulda’ made it a whole lot different. Two S10, AP1 large barrage templates and D3 S8 AP3 small barrage templates would have really done some serious damage, should they have hit perfectly- but as a great man once said ” It’s a dice game of dice.” … So yeah, probably not the best quote of all time but one that applies none the less! The Tyranids had an awesome game and the MVP totally goes to the Dimachaeron, I’m sure Adam would agree should he have not been the one to lose 2 Chapter masters and 7 Bikes to it!

I hope you enjoyed the game and make sure to check back soon with more 40k shenanigans!

Peace to all!


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16 Responses to “40k Brawl! Tyranids Vs Iron Hands 1750 The Relic, Purge the Alien (Devourer!)”

  1. Joshhodg July 25, 2014 1:36 am #

    How did the Dima lose combat twice without dying? It should have been inflicting about 5-6 wounds per turn with nothing but invulnerable a being able to be taken. That’s as many wounds as the Dima has.

    • Simon July 25, 2014 2:42 am #


      I must have got my numbers wrong, he also ate a bike to get FNP which saved a few punches but like I said I made some ( pretty stupid!) mistakes – eating a bike being one of them!).( But in my defence your honour, we had only had got the rules a few hours before and they are super chaotic all over the page!)

      My bad for the mistakes :]

      • Joshhodg July 25, 2014 1:02 pm #

        Oh it’s no problem I was just curious. Thought maybe you rolled miserably bad or something.

  2. greggles July 25, 2014 4:23 am #

    Something everyone tends to forget (about krak grenades). They are only AP4. A lot of us see the work krak, and assume they are AP3.

    I don’t know if you took armor saves on your tyrant, but he should have gotten armor saves in the fancy librarian squad battle.

  3. Maximum Skosh July 25, 2014 5:47 am #

    I like these text reports better than the video kind. Tyranids seem really strong to me. I don’t get why their players are such whiners when they have a very powerful faction with great models. Like what exactly week make them happy? When if you play them you auto loose? All they do is complain when actually they are a really powerful list.

    • Simon July 25, 2014 6:35 am #

      Glad you enjoyed it Skosh, I’ve got a few more coming up over the weekend so check them out if you like! Nids have some pretty great builds for sure but they take some getting used too.

      I will own up and say that I probsbly wouldn’t be able to run a nid list half as good if it wasn’t thanks to the internet and the fact that the nid fan base come together so strong to share ideas.

      If you wanted to make me happier* with my nids, you’d give me a 2+ for my hive tyrant and access to Biomancy+ telepathy for our psycher’s. But that’s the nid dream.

      Aye, that’ll do it! I reckon you’d see nids jump to Top tier if that where the case!

      Thanks again for reading bud!

      • Maximum Skosh July 25, 2014 7:29 am #

        Thanks yeah I really liked it. The text is a lot easier on mobile I feel like too.

    • Smellofwetdog July 25, 2014 8:59 am #

      Browse back in the Frontline feed Reece wrote up some pretty decent reasoning behind why the tyranid codex release was so disappointing. If you’re aware of the fact tyranid players were disappointed with their codex I suspect you already know why. I’ll go ahead and give you my biggest reason anyway just since you took the time to bring it up.
      It deals mostly with your point about great models. Tyranids do have great models available to us, unfortunately swathes of them are useless and you never see them. This could be easily corrected with the addition of biomorph upgrades equivalent to any of our previous books.
      In any event we got what we got, some of its good some of its not. Tyranid players have a good reason to complain a little. The great thing about 40k is you can play any faction you want. Next time your opponent is bitching about it listen to him. It’s tough to empathize with an army you’re fighting but I think we can all objectively recognize bad rules when we see them.

  4. RoockieBoy July 25, 2014 7:00 am #

    Nice report guys! I really enjoy these as well as the video ones! One thing though, you Can’t consolidate after wrecking a stormtalon. Don’t think it made a big difference, maybe just helped getting into assault range of the 2nd talon.

  5. Novastar July 25, 2014 8:21 am #

    2 chapter masters…..really?

    • Reecius July 25, 2014 9:39 am #

      They’re twins, bro. Duh.

      • Novastar July 25, 2014 2:02 pm #

        So is one arnould and the other Danny?

        • Reecius July 25, 2014 3:35 pm #


          • Km July 26, 2014 11:24 am

            Or they’re both actually alpharius in disguise…..

  6. Reecius July 25, 2014 9:41 am #

    I really enjoyed the report! Good to see the Dimachaeron kicking butt, even with some rules boo-boos.

  7. TrueKnight July 25, 2014 10:06 am #

    I like the text reports as well, its easier to read at work. I have to wait until im out of work and usually at home to watch the video batreps. Keep em coming

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