Adam on Orks and Challenges in 7th ed

Tears of Joy: Challenges and Precision Shots

Adam’s back with another article on Orks and Challenges in general in 7th ed.

One of the most frustrating things about 6th Edition for Orks was the way Challenges worked.  Every once in a while, we could use it to our advantage, of course, by sacrificing a Nob or Mekboy in order to keep a unit alive for a turn, but at the end of the day a Challenge usually meant a dead Ork with no hope of retaliation.  Indeed, even if you packed two Power Klaws in the unit, the second Klaw was likely to be doubled out by Strength 10 precision strikes.
My friends, ring out the church bells and strike up the band because those days are over.

Challenges vs One Model

While reading through my 7th Edition book (painfully slowly due to being busy and passing out after reading two pages), I came across this:
Whilst the challenge is ongoing, other models locked in the combat can only allocate Wounds to the models involved in the challenge after all other enemy models that are locked in that combat (if any) have been removed as casualties, even if the models fighting in a challenge are the closest models.
What this means is that if you are fighting a single Monstrous Creature Character which challenges you, no longer are you just going to lose two power Klaws, then die.  Instead, you actually get a chance to get un-stuck from the son of a bitch.
This doesn’t stop two players from deciding to go ahead and do a single combat for thematic purposes, but this makes way more sense for the fluff of most of the armies in the game.  We aren’t all honorable do-gooders!

Precision Shots for Characters

I thought this was nice and all, but it still wasn’t stopping precision shots from taking out Power Klaws in a denied challenge.  This was the real deal, here.  Being able to deny a challenge and still bring a Klaw to bear would be a true joy.
I was listening to the Overlords Podcast today and they mentioned something about Characters losing natural Precision Shots.  My brain said “Ha-whaaat?”, so I poured through my rulebook.
Nothing.  Nowhere to be found.  Indeed, there’s a “Characters and Shooting” section which simply states that Characters are treated like other models in the Shooting Phase, but usually have a higher Ballistics Skill.  I’m assuming that the authors added this as almost a pre-clarification on the topic.
My joy was swelling at this point and I just had to do an article on it!

Some Other Notes

Please also note that, now, you can’t duck out of a challenge by having your Character unengaged anymore.  I often left my Klaw 10″ away from the unit I was charging in the hopes that he’d be too far to be Challenged, but close enough to swing.  Now the language is clear that any “Locked” model may accept a challenge. Editor’s note: you still have to be able to swing to issue or accept a challenge, pg. 101 BRB.
Just like in 5th, you must try to pile your character into base contact.  I’m pretty sure this was omitted in 6th.  Now you’ll have to use the same shenanigans you did before to keep your Characters safe, but this is very manageable by handling the Movement Phase with intelligence.
I hope that brightens some Orky spirits out there.  It’s not great, but it sure is good and I, for one, am very pleased at this turn of events.  It is not only more fair and probably a lot more fun, but also a lot more thematic.
It’s a win for everyone.
Except stupid Monstrous Creature Characters, of course, but no tears are being shed on this side of the keyboard, I’ll tell you that much.


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6 Responses to “Adam on Orks and Challenges in 7th ed”

  1. AbusePuppy June 6, 2014 3:36 am #

    “Characters that cannot fight or strike blows (including those not engaged with an enemy model) cannot accept challenges.” p.101, bottom paragraph

    Not being in the fight still prevents you from getting into or issuing a challenge.

    • Loopy June 6, 2014 5:39 am #

      Ah! Thank you, AbusePuppy! I obviously missed this. This is almost verbatim from the last edition, if I recall correctly. Derp.

  2. TableTopJosh June 6, 2014 8:00 am #

    Thanks for the article!

    These are nice very little things that help us warbosses but I still think we face much bigger challenges in the current edition. In my opinion the biggest challenges ork face are:
    Leadership problems
    Barrage sniping (Wyerns be cursed!)
    Random Charge (New Ork rumors show we may get some help with this!)
    HIgh AV targets
    Powerful shooting armies (Eldar, Tau, IG)

    With 7th edition I expect to see more heavy armor and more knights so Im really hoping for some better anti armor stuff in the new dex. Super excited for the new book and finding new ways to keep our Orks competitive and fighting!

  3. D-ManA June 6, 2014 9:06 am #

    Adam I like you upbeat look at some of the rules changes even for Orks. It’s is good to see articles like this and how some army play styles are changed because of a rules update. We need more articles like this instead of the doom and gloom that has been posted here lately on frontline. Now somebody needs to do an article on the changes to chariots 🙂

  4. fluger June 6, 2014 9:53 am #

    I’m very excited to dust off my Orks in 7th.

    6th was all about IG for me, but I have a feeling Orks are going to really like 7th.

    The change to challenges is really nice. I always thought it was stupid that everyone steps back to watch. Good catch.

    • AbusePuppy June 6, 2014 10:44 am #

      Yeah, I’m much happier with the way challenges work this time around. They’re no longer a place to hide/force a guy into a closet to limit damage, but more of a targeted way to take out specific models.

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