Warhammer 40K Video Bat Rep #228 Chaos vs Tau


The Architect and Frankie duke it out, Triple Drake Chaos with Be’Lakor vs. Triptide Tau! For more great videos, check out the Tactics Corner!


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16 Responses to “Warhammer 40K Video Bat Rep #228 Chaos vs Tau”

  1. iNcontroL May 1, 2014 8:01 pm #

    Nice game! Belakor gunned down mid board again… Come on!!!

    • Reecius May 1, 2014 8:19 pm #

      He’s squishy! lol

    • DCannon4Life May 2, 2014 7:54 am #

      I keep saying he’s not worth his points…

      • Knight of Infinite Resignation May 2, 2014 9:59 am #

        he works if he can stay out of sight from most of the enemy army.

        • DCannon4Life May 2, 2014 10:45 am #

          Sure. But also consider that he had 0 effect on the outcome of the game (outside of soaking 1 round’s worth of shooting from 2 riptides) and Chaos lost on turn five but won on turn 6. I think 350 points spent differently would have ensured that Chaos was winning turn 5 AND turn 6 (and even turn 7). 350 Points = LasCannon Havocs, many more Obliterators, or even a couple of units of plague marines (or noise marines) unlocked as troops, or any of a number of other things that will actually make a contribution to the success/failure of the mission.

          We’ve had two (three?) examples of belakor going down early–without making a significant impact–and chaos losing. Now we have an example of belakor going down and chaos eking out a win because the game went to turn 6. Replay the same opponents (their lists) & missions with those points spent elsewhere… Would be nice to see.

  2. Jy2 May 1, 2014 11:20 pm #

    Congrats Frankie for breaking out of your slump.

    In my experiences & observations, be’lakor usually never survives. Usually, he’s an even more prioritized target than fate weaver!

    • Slaede May 2, 2014 9:26 am #

      Helps if you don’t put him in the middle of the board outside of cover on turn 2 when most of the other dude’s shooting is still alive. Just sayin!

  3. Joshhodg May 1, 2014 11:54 pm #

    So how much does a full table of terrain cost?

    • Reecius May 2, 2014 10:57 am #

      It varies depending on what you want, but our lowest price option is $200.

      • Slaede May 2, 2014 12:52 pm #

        Who did the LVO Warmachine table with all the Malaysian boobie statues and what did they use?

        • Reecius May 2, 2014 1:26 pm #

          We didn’t make that one, actually. Our Warmachine TO, Tyson did. Check him out at Firgurepainters.com

  4. Moridan May 2, 2014 2:57 am #

    How do I get a custom portalglyph??

  5. Fister May 2, 2014 8:28 am #

    They sound tired. I’ve had games like that.

  6. T2-Keks May 3, 2014 12:38 am #

    Nice BatRep.

    Can we see Orks vs SkyBlight Tyranids before the new Ork Codex drops and then a rematch after the new Codex? 🙂

  7. droozy May 8, 2014 7:31 am #

    Score one for the spikey boyz! Nothing but love for you Steve but I hate riptides.

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