Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40K and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics and Jokes!

signals from the Frontline

Show Notes




  • Get your GW pre-orders in! Check GW’s website to see what the release is, or the latest White Dwarf! Submit orders to
  • Forge World shows off their new Tiels for the realm of battle board and their new, big Space Marine tank, the Falchion!

legionfalchion realmofbattleboard

  • Privateer Press releases some cool new models! Gatorman Bokor with Bogtrop Shamblers, a Trollkin Sorcerer and a Skarlock Commander.

34104_SkarlockCommander_WEB 71076_TrollkinSorcerer_WEB 75046_GatormanBokorBogTrogSwampShamblers_WEB

  • Forge World announces the Heresy Book 3! It is about the aftermath of the Istvaan V Massacres. It features the Raven Guard, Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion and Imperial Fists.
  • Miniatures of the North releases some awesome SciFi infantry models.

004_zps1f184464 005_zpsa9d7b688 021_zps277feb40

  • On the Lamb Miniatures releases a new female crusader sculpt that is beautiful. They make some cool, RPG oriented Fantasy miniatures.


31_163_579280_md-beastmen, endless, endless fantasy tactics, on the lamb games 43_58_125-371 45_74_169-386 114_136_157-363

  • There’s a new Mordheim Video Game on the way! It is described as a turn based, skirmish game. Sounds fun.


Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • Apparently a new Tyranid book will be coming out from Forge World. This may be a revision of the older book or a new one.
  • May-Wood Elves and Chaos Marines (chosen, havocs)

    June/July Orks and 7th edition 40k.

    August Warhammer Fantasy 9th

    September- New 40k box set

Rant Session

Tactics Corner

Review the Third Tyranid Formation

Bioblast Node

Warrior Brood (must have a Bio-Cannon upgrade)

3 Carnifex Broods (each model must have a Bio-Cannon upgrade)



All models have split fire and if within 12″ of the Warriors can re-roll 1’s to wound in shooting phase

Wrecker Node

Warrior Brood (cannot take Bio-Weapons)

3 Carnifex Broods (cannot take Bio-Weapons)

Rampage of Destruction

Carnifexes do 1d3+1 Hammer of Wrath and if within 12″ of the Warriors can re-roll 1’s in the assault phase

Tyrant Node

Hive Tyrant (no wings)

Tyrant Guard Brood (must take 3 Tyrant Guard)

Venomtrhope Brood

Command Node

Hive Tyrant has +6″ to synapse

Subterranean Swarm

Tyrgon Prime



3 Ravenor Broods

All must start in reserve, and come in on a single die roll. Trygon Prime comes first bby Subterranean Assault rules. Then the 3 Ravenor Broods come in within 6″ of the Trygon Prime’s base. As normal cannot move extra or assault, but can shoot and run. The rest of the formation comes in normally via deep strike.

Living Tide

1 Tyrand Node

1 Synaptic Swarm

3 Endless Swarms

1 Wrecker Node

1 Skyblight Swarm

The formation gains Fear.

Synaptic Command Network: As long as the Hive Tyrand from the Tyrant Node Formation is there, all synapse gains 6″

The Swarm Unleashed: As long as the Hive Tyrand from the Tyrant Node Formation is there, all rolls to endless swarm and skyswarm rules can be re-rolled

Rules Lawyer

  • Can you Death or Glory with a Walker or Knight?
    • No, you cannot.
  • What does the community think about a tournament rule that allows units of Chaos Space Marines to purchase ATSKNF at 1 point per model, and every model in the unit must purchase it if one does. Also, changing Champion of Chaos to say you may challenge, not must?

List Review

Hi! I have a neat list idea for Orks with Chaos Space Marine allies, and with the recent Crimson Slaughter supplement, I thought it might be a good chance to give this a try! I call it Gork and Mork’s (Un)holy WAAAGH!


Warboss w/Attack Squig, Mega Armour, Cybork

Warboss w/Attack Squig, Mega Armour, Cybork


8 Lootas

8 Lootas

7 Lootas


18 Choppa Boyz+Nob w/PowerKlaw

18 Choppa Boyz+Nob w/PowerKlaw

30 Shoota Boyz w/2 Big Shootas and Nob w/ Big Choppa

Heavy Support

Battlewagon w/Red Paint Job, Deffrolla

Battlewagon w/Red Paint Job, Deffrolla

Crimson Slaughter Allies


Sorcerer w/Balestar (Divination)


10 Chaos Cultists

Fast Attack


Heavy Support

3 Nurgle Oblits

Each Warboss goes in a Battlewagon with 18 boyz and go kill whatever needs that many powerklaws (Warboss’ Mega Armour comes with a free Powerklaw). The Shoota Boyz that are on foot can either move forward slowly or wait in reserve to take backfield objectives (the cultists will be doing that as well). The Lootas get spread out in cover and target low AV vehicles, flyers, and whatever needs shot. The Heldrake does normal heldrake stuff, and the Sorcerer is there to give the Oblits Divination powers.



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