Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40K and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics and Jokes!

signals from the Frontline

Show Notes




  • Pre-Sales for the next round of Gaming Mats are going up March 25th!
  • Big Congratz to Nova Star who recently earned a spot on Team Zero Comp!
  • Doing a paint clinic on 4/6 at the Fremont Game Kastle. 9-5 $20 per person

    Painting with a NarrativeSetting an atmosphere, telling a story, and creating a narrative are the key components of evoking a strong emotional response from your viewer.  In this clinic we will be discussing the different materials and techniques used to create a model or display that draws the viewer in, and invites them to lose theirselves in the little details and keep them guess at “what happens next?”.  These are truly the elements that set apart the gaming pieces from the display pieces, but don’t be mistaken! These same elements can be applied to your gaming pieces to help create a cohesive theme and help bring your projects to the next “level”.We will spend the first portion of the day discussing the theories behind the techniques, and we will be covering things like color, composition and source materials.  The second part of the day will be spent in a “hands on” tutorial where you will be applying the methods and theories that you learned earlier in the day.Topics we will be covering: We will quickly touch on color theory and composition, we will discuss the role of details and the part that they play in story telling, we will cover how using source materials (photos) give us our color pallets and an idea of the materials we will need to use, and the most difficult concept: the genesis of a story.

    Techniques we will cover: material collection, advanced basing, mimicking nature, oil  paint rendering, using weathering powders, customizing foliage, and putting the whole thing together.

    Materials and cost: There will be a $20 fee for this class, which will go towards covering the wide variety of materials that will be available to each student. I will provide the basics that will be needed for the hands on section of the class, but each student must come prepared with the “details” that they would like to add to their scene.  Please bring a model or models that you would like to use as your center piece (these can be painted or un painted) all of your painting supplies and some scenic details that you’d like to incorporate in to your piece.  It would also be helpful if you come prepared with an idea for what your narrative will be, and some printed (or if you have a smart phone or tablet, then DL’d or saved) source materials.

    This class is open to all levels of experience, as the hands on section will be a work at your own pace experience.  Each student will be able to spend personalized time with the instructor, and you can stay for as long as you like.

  • Fantasy Flight Games announces Conquest the Card Game, a 40K themed card game.



  • Forge World releases images of Horus and wow, they nailed it! He looks amazing.


  • The Black Library announces that they will be releasing of the final installment of the Tyranid Formations, Leviathan Rising! This one is supposedly focusing on Monstrous Creatures.
  • Forge World puts up pics of the awesome Iron Father!


  • Warmachine Vengeance is out! This advances the story and introduces new Epic Warcasters, Novice Warcasters, and new Solos! We are selling these now, too!



  • Privateer Press shows off some upcoming releases such as Fyanna the Lash for Legion, and Goreshade the Bastard and Death Walker for Cryx!

34088_GoreshadeTheBastardDeathwalker_WEB 73083_FyannaTheLash_WEB

  • Titan Forge releases images of their new Icon Keeper Thaun Ran model.

metal beards

  • Puppetswar releases some new conversion bits that are really cool for human sized infantry models.


  • Raging Heroes releases more, awesome Thoughest Girls in the Galaxy sculpts. I am really pumped to get these!

jail birds lulu

Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • Rumors that Forge World will be making more Knights keep popping up! So far the Castelan, and Lancer have been mentioned with hints of others as well.
  • Pictures are floating around of what folks are claiming are the new GW website that is rumored to integrate Forge World and the Black Library into one site with GW. Supposedly the Forge World part of it will just be a link to the FW site for now until they can ramp up production.
  • Pictures of Night Lords Terror Squads were floating around the net for a while of a new Forge World release that looks pretty cool.
  • Someone has apparently seen the new Ork codex, and the rumors are that they will be getting a lot of changes. Rumored changes:
    • Choppas are +1 Strength, maybe AP4. Both of those may only be on the charge.
    • Uge Choppas are +2 Strength AP4, maybe AP3 on the charge.
    • Power Klaws rumored to be Strength x 2, AP1.
    • Boyz rumored to go down 2 points, but pay 1 point for choppa, 2 points for shoota, shoota to remain the same.
    • The WAAGH! to now be like old fleet, where you could move, run and then shoot.
    • Still have Mob and Furious Charge rules.
    • All Orks have a 6+ FnP
    • WAAGH! points are used on a per unit basis. For example, sluggas generate a WAAGH! point for each round of combat, Shoota Boyz generate a WAAGH! point for each unit they kill with shooting. Rumors that they can also generate a point for every 3 units of 10 Boyz.
    • Mega Nobz can deep strike.
    • Lootas are chaper with weapons options, Deffgun is one of them. They also are rumored to have a rule that allows them to fire the weapon of a destroyed vehicle.
    • Flash Gitz can get skyfire, +1 BS, +1 attack, Blast, apparently, and have random range now, not random AP.
    • Storm Boyz can assault Flyers?!?! Move 18″ if they do.
    • Supposedly Grot Buggies, Whirly Birds, Rokkits, Snotlings, and a Grot Boss with +1 BS and Ork Stats,
    • Gretchin come in units of up to 20 at 2pts per model
    • Weirdboyz can apparently get Divination, and Gork and Mork powers which is awesome if true. Supposedly they use WAAGH! points to generate powers and can explode if they fail.
    • Bomb Squigs as units?
    • Ghaz apparently gets 3 WAAGH! points?
    • Killa Kanz in Elites
    • EW UNITS

      New unit of Warlord Nobz, can be taken as HQ. One Nob is the Warlord. On death, another Nob is the Warlord. Must kill entire unit for the kill

      Possible mek tanks with upgrades

      – Upgrades including a KFF and a SAG that shoots bomb squigs – if they miss you place a bomb squig

      SAG and Flakk guns might be taken as Big Gunz unit

      Halftrakk unit called Gutripper

      Multi-wound Squiggoth-like beastSupplements

      Goffs and Blood Axes first

      Blood Axes can allow Kommandos as troops and can ally with GuardsmenNEW BOXES

      Snapfit mekboy and weirdboy?

      Deffkopta kit

      Cybork body parts box

      Combi Flash Gitz/Tankbustas box

Rant Session

  •  Knights in Action as an army

Tactics Corner

  • Why the 2++ reroll stars appeared in the game. How it is so difficult to cross the table against a shooty army in 6th

Rules Lawyer

  •  Can Crimson Slaughter only ally with Chaos?
  • How does Barrage and the Ion Shield rule work?

List Review

New list, revised for being legal


3 trueborn: 2 splinter cannon

5 Kabalites: Venom with Splinter Cannon

5 Kabalites: Venom with Splinter Cannon

5 Kabalites: Venom with Splinter Cannon

5 Kabalites: Venom with Splinter Cannon




Eldar Allied


5 Avengers: Serpent with Holofields and Scatter Laser

5 Avengers: Serpent with Holofields and Scatter Laser

8 warp spiders

3 war walkers: dual bright lance each

Still not sure on the trueborn…they are so fragile but not sure what 56 points could get me.


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  1. Avatar
    novaStar March 22, 2014 7:37 am #

    Strange how there is a whole slew of Ork rumors and IG is right around the corner and no news on rules or anything, just the derp bus and its passengers, here is hoping they have centurion picture syndrome and look cool in hand, I saw that Reece needed some help that’s why i decided to blow up my knight lol

    • Reecius
      Reecius March 22, 2014 9:23 am #

      You let me kill the Knight, lol, thanks for the generosity kind sir!

      • Avatar
        Novastar March 22, 2014 10:07 am #

        1st rule of miniature warfare: Keep the enemy on the back foot, they will never expect you to kill your own knight!! Gets them every time lol

    • Avatar
      bigpig March 23, 2014 3:55 pm #

      Gratz Nova. Does that mean I’m a member now since you’ve never beaten me in a game 😉

      • Avatar
        Novastar March 23, 2014 4:27 pm #

        Thanks BP, but I’ve beaten you twice lol once with necrons and once with Fateweaver & Belakor

  2. Avatar
    Weidekuh March 22, 2014 2:16 pm #

    I always thought that Barrage hits “side armor” because actually it hits the top of the tank/walker. Just like barrage alwas hits the top floor of any ruins. Barrage weapons are fired high in the sky and strike from above. The top armor is the same as side armor, so that why they worded it like that. (no “top” armor value needed). So with my logic, Ion shield would never protect.

    You could also just rule it that it hits the side the template center is closer to.

  3. Avatar
    iNcontroL March 22, 2014 3:21 pm #

    enjoyable as always and nice job on the shoutouts 🙂 Now keep em coming

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