The French Overlord Takes Nids to TSHFT

Jeremy Veysseire, aka the French Overlord, is a well regarded tournament 40K gamer and brought the new Tyranids to the recent TSHFT in Seattle, WA. He managed to go 3-0 in the first day with them which is quite the feat, and here is his list and thoughts on Nids.
I only wanted to play day 1 because I only assembled the Nids 3 days before TSHFT and just wanted to give them a whirl. I didn’t think I would go undefeated day 1 and I didnt want to make to the top table with a bare plastic army, that would be pushing my luck and pretty dickish imo. I was just happy my opponent didnt “bug” me about my bare plastic bugs.

I did go 3-0 but lets be honest, while that appears to be a feat considering the Tyranid Codex, all of the Day 1 Undefeated players were in the top 6 Spots while I was number 11, people with losses and draws scored more BP than me and there was a 12 point delta between me and the top 3 players which at TSHFT is almost an entire Win. With that aside, I took the following List:

2 Flyrants with 2x TL Devourers and Wings

30 Termagaunts with Fleshborers

1 Tervigon with Regen

20 Termagaunts with Fleshborers

1 Zoanthrope
1 Venomthrope

2 Harpies with TL Heavy Venom Cannons

2 Mawlocs

1 Tyrannofex with Acid Spray and Regen

Round 1 was against a GK players that brought 2 Stormravens kitted out with 3 Warriors and 1 Acolyte, 3 Dreadknight with Incinerators, 4 twelve men henchmen squad with Stormbolters and 2 Monkeys and finally Coteaz. It was Hammer and Anvil with 3 Objective Primary and KP Secondary (The Tertiary ended up being 1BP for 2 Scoring units left alive at the end of the game). I made him go first and he deployed 2 Dreadknights and his henchmen squad while keeping the Ravens in reserve and 1 Dreadknight in Deep Strike. I had 1 Piece of area Terrain and deployed my Tyrannofex and Tervigon in it while keeping the Thrope’s Brothers out of LOS behind them in terrain. The Mawlocs stayed in Deep Strike Reserve. The Flyrants and Harpies were deployed on the periphery touching area terrain while all the gaunts surrounded them. I got Master of Ruins Warlord Trait on a table with no Ruins. My Warlord Flyrant got Onslaught and Warpblast and the other Flyrant got Paroxysm and The Horror, the Tervigon got Dominion and the Zoey got Catalyst.

Going into the game, I was pretty sure I couldn’t fight the Dreadknights with anything I had except feeding them gaunts. On his first turn he stripped 1 wound off the Tervigon and that was that. On my turn the Flyrants flew mininum speed so I could bubble wrap them with gaunts while both maintained Range to 1 Dreadknight, their maledictions were all denied by the Dreadknight, The Horror could be good against Dreadknight if they were in Shadows (-5LD Pinning Test) but I refused to try flying within Shadows and having it fail and then grounded. The Harpies flew straight at his army edging a table side each and staying in Area Terrain. Their job was to deter him into firing at them and moving his Dreadknight back incase they grounded. During my shooting phase I knocked 2 wounds off 1 of the Dreadknight and the Harpies killed off some Henchman.

On his turn 2, he did exactly what I though, he shot the Harpies but 1 managed to say alive with 2 wounds and the other with 3 but 1 was grounded in cover. His dreadknight which walked backwards to charge it needed a 6″ charge to make it but failed giving the Harpy another turn. I should add that none of his reserve entered the game on turn 2 which was shocking. I had even made sure the Flyrants were in terrain with Venomthrope Shrouding for the Ravens. On my turn the Mawlocs both entered and now was the time to strike with the Harpies alive, the Flyrants in position and the Mawlocs entering let us see what would happen. 1 Mawloc managed to burst out on top of Coteaz with a whopping 5 Wounds his unit and he failed 1 of his LookOut Sir and the Mawloc ate him and clear his opening. The other Mawloc tried to knock off the last 2 wounds of the Dreadknight and managed to cause 1 wound but misshaped and went back into reserve. The Flyrants flew into area near his deployment next to the 1 wound Dreadknight (All Maledictions once again were Denied) and proceeded to Devourer off as many Monkeys as possible with their Precision Shots. The Harpies flew off the Table but Vectored and dropped Spore Mines. At the end of my turn he had lost 80% of his Scoring Models on the table and the rest of the backfield tide was slowing creeping up the middle. The Tyrannofex was bubbled wrapped but trying to entise his unwounded Dreadknight to come after him instead of the Mawloc that ate Coteaz.

On his turn 3, His Ravens entered and put two wounds on the Tervigon and killed the Zoanthrope with 2 Mindstrike Missiles and put 3 wounds on the Warlord Flyrant and 2 on the other Flyrant who was grounded but out of charge range of his Dreadknight. His Henchman unit were slowly backing up from towards his objective to clear space for his Dreadknight to charge the Mawloc. He needed a 5″ charge in the open and rolled a 4″. (Btw this happenned 5 times…. I felt so bad for him). On my turn, I Paroxysmed a Raven and wrecked the other with all the Devourers. The Mawloc reentered and finished off the Dreadknight, his twin went off to chase down left over henchman. At this point the game was pretty much dictated by the Tyranids. His deepstriking Dreadknight managed to scorch some gaunts and almost contested an objective but his collective failed charges from Dreadknights allowed all my MC to pick their fight. I even killed a Dreadknight in Combat with my Tyrannofex and a Harpy combo charging to drop his Ini by 5.

Overall, this game was pretty much decided by opponent refusing to roll any charges while I did feed him charges that I considered worth losing for me, the fact that he failed all of them made this game a poor benchmark for Tyranids. I did not get max Tertiary as my Tervigon pooped out on turn 1 with a Roll of 5. Props to my opponent who did almost make it a game on turn 5 with his surviving Raven that managed to rip apart a gaunt squad and his troops running on an objective.

Round 2 was against a White Scars army that brought Khan in a Command Squad with 2 Grav Guns, 1 Max Size unit of Bikes with 2 Meltaguns and a MM Attack Bike, 1 Max Size unit of Bikes with 2 Plasmaguns and a HB Attack Bike, 1 6 Man Bike squad with 2 Grav guns, 1 LasPlas Razor with 5 Tact and 2 Typhoon Speeders. I dont like Grav Guns or bolters that are Twinlinked with all of my Flying grounding death traps but when I saw no Skyfire, and playing White Scars for the better part of a decade, I knew exactly that they could destroy my MC. He made me go second on a Dawn of War deployment with Emperor’s Will Primary and Relic Secondary (The Tertiary was having Heavy Support alive at end of game in opponent deployment. His Librarian rolled Invis and Psychic Scream and my Warlord Power was -1 to his reserve, Catalyst on Zoey and Tervigon; I dont remember the Hive Tyrants cause they both died on turn 2. I deployed his weakest flank much like the first game, and watched his Scout Move allow him to grab the relic turn 1 with an invis unit and bring it back towards his deployment.

His first turn of shooting killed a few gaunts but that was it. Each Flyrant and Harpy moved on the outskirts of his bike force away from his Command Squad charge range and some of you might be wondering why since he had no Chapter Master of Death well thats because Khan on the Charge before the Hive Tyrants since they are only Iniative 5 and with Invis him on on 3’s with an Instant Death weapon on rolls to wound of 6s. Yeah I did not like those odds but it didnt matter next turn. I shot up his Plasmagun squad and got rid of the Plasma gunners with Precision, the Harpy stunned his Razor and the other immobilized a Speeder. I couldnt get in range of the grav guns with the other Hive Tyrant and shot meaningless shots into a 2+ cover Unit hoping to have him drop the relic.
His turn 2 shooting was GodMode. his Grav gun unit his 3 of 6 shots with snapfire and I failed not only all my cover from the area terrain but failed grounding and died. Then the rest of his bikers with BOLTERs killed the other Hive Tyrant. Thats right folks, fucking Bolters and half of them weren’t even in double tap range. His Raven which he moved to fire at the Flyrant that got Grav Gun decided just to shoot gaunts. I had 1 thing going for me and that was the Tervigon did not poop out turn 1 and by the end of game pooped ~50 Gaunts which allowed me to keep his Bikers off my objective and even claim his late game. The Mawlocs both entered during the game and died the turn after they came out with cover saves everytime but their solejob was to know down his Grav Guns and Relic Carrying unit which they did.
The game was pretty much a back and forth of emotions as he was knocking FMC out of the sky with impunity and my gaunts dying mercilessly to his command squad while the Tyrannofex was gunning for his objective. 1 of the Harpies managed to drop his Relic carrying unit down to 1 model before it died to his Hit and Run Command Squad which came over to help them out. I tried to finish off that last biker with a long shot termagaunt creation from the Tervigon that broke away from the bubble wrap to punch his Hovering Stormraven but failed to have him drop the Relic. I won Primary, lost on Secondary and got Zero Tertiary but man that game was a rollercoaster of bad saves and great shooting on his part. Who knew Grav Guns came with Skyfire!

Round 3 was against a Tau/Dar list with Buffmander w/ Onager Gauntlet, FNP, 4++, 2+, Farseer on Bike with Shard, Riptide with Ion, Riptide with HBC, 2 Serpents with 5 DA, 3 Units of FW, 3 Missile-Sides. The Riptides had Interceptor and Skyfire while the Broadsides had interceptor. This was finally the game to see if Tyranids could take on Tau/Dar shooting. The Mission was Vanguard Strike with Big Guns Never Tire 4 Objectives and The Scouring as secondary (Tertiary was Killing a Troop Choice with an Elite Unit Dedicated Transport Excluded). Due to both our confusion we thought that the Secondary mean FA slots were scoring for the Primary but also additional VP, we were supposed to deploy 6 more objectives apparently. It did allow my opponent to get the Secondary easily as he had no FA and I had 2 and no objective for me to claim. I rolled Night Fight as Warlord and my Hive Tyrants both got Warp Blast, 1 had Paroxysm and the other had the Horror while and both the Tervigon and Zoanthrope had Dominion. He made me deploy first and go first which already a big downside to my army as now I didnt have bottom of turn for an objective missions and also had 2 Flying VP Turkeys. I followed the same Deployment as my previous two games and hoped he wouldnt seize and he didn’t try. His deployment was basically pretty much getting in maximum range of my stuff. I forgot to add that his Farseer had Misfortune, Prescience and Precog.

On my Turn 1, I elected just to fly off the Table with all the FMC and castle my Tervigon, Tyrannofex, Gaunts and Thropes to weather the incoming storm of fire their way but I wanted to make sure all my threats would appear simultaneously to force his Interceptors to make tough calls and for his Ion Riptide to waste interceptor shots without his Buffmander powers. My tervigon pooped out on the first turn with a roll of 10 which felt like the odds were already moving away from me. On his turn he moved his serpent down the short table edge and his other down his long table to get 2 fire lanes onto the gaunts. The Fire warriors walked forward to get within 30″ and his HBC Riptide also to get Ripple Fire SMS onto them. His Ion Riptide failed NovaCharge and took a wound. His shooting saw killing 8 gaunts out of the 20 man unit and 13 out of the 30man unit.

Turn 2, 1 Mawloc entered and I decided to have it hit the Broadsides with no Characters to see if I could both Mishap and get them to at least take 25% casualties but he scattered and hit his Ion Riptide and managed to put 2 wounds on it and mishap. Rolled a 3 on chart and my opponent chose not to deploy it in front of his gunline since he also had 2 Harpies and 2 Hive Tyrants to deal with this turn and put it in the farthest corner guaranteeing me that it would burrow on my turn. He fired all his interceptor guns at my flying bricks and I was under the impression that Broadsides could only fire 2 guns during their shooting phase and not during Overwatch and Interceptor but I didnt want to slow down the game for an unambiguous rule understanding and allowed him to fire both guns. He knocked a Harpy down to 1 wound and killed the Hive Tyrant Warlord (To Grounding). The Harpies did manage to Vector and Drop mine Cysts on his Firewarriors and killed all of them combined. I was hoping 1 cyst would deviate and possibly get to the charge his Wave Serpent from the rear. The Flyrant shot at something but didnt do anything if I recall. The Tyrannofex put on his dancing shoes and started bolting down the middle of the table while using the ruin in the center to cover his approach. Now that all of his Suits had basically fire their weapons with Interceptor his Firewarriors and Wave Serpents tried to kill the FMCs. The managed to kill the Harpy with 1 Wound who was grounded and knock 3 wounds onto the Flyrant (with a failed grounding). The Ion riptide which did not intercept with this SMS tried to Nova agian but failed and took another wound and had 1 left, the HBC Riptide got scared that I would charge it with a Shard of Anaris Farseer and Nova Charged his Invul Save which I tried to explain to him would not help if I challenged. He did fail 2 Powers and took a wound on his Farseer thanks to Shadows.

Turn 3, Mawloc Reburrows, Other Mawloc enters table and kills his Ion Riptide. Nom Nom Nom, picture a Cobra eating an elephant. Harpy Glides and chases Wave Serpent. Hive Tyrant flies to get shots off other Wave Serpent because the Tyrannofex made it into the edge of his deployment zone and his torrent flamer was now in range of his Firewarriors. I elected to not try charging his Broadsides with my Hive Tyrant because I was now on the Hunt to Kill scoring models as this turn was basically a great position to destroy 2 scoring units. Tyrant knocked 1 Hullpoint off Wave Serpent (BTW Warp Blast is terrible on BS4, missed everyshot) Tyranofex flamed a FW unit off existence while retaining Ruin Cover. Harpy punched through the Wave Serpent and explosion killed only 1 DA but they were very far away from any objective. His turn 3 saw him trying to deal with a Tyrannofex unscathed in front of his Broadsides, a Mawloc behind them and a Harpy not far. His Wave Serpent ignored the Hive Tyrant and kept moving towards my objective and picking off gaunts. His Broadsides knocked with the Buffmander shot at the Harpy and killed it. The HBC Riptide got a wound on the Tyrannofex.

Turn 4, Mawloc re-enters and kills puts 3 wounds on Broadsides and managed to enter table. Other Mawloc chases down Firewarriors on his objective and eats them whole. Tyrannofex flames and charges his Broadsides and killed the last 2 while his Onager gaunt knocked a wound off but Regeneration returned it to me. The weakened 30 man Gaunt Squad broke off the castle and shot the DA and killed them while maneuvering towards another objective while maintaining 18″ distance to Tervigon. Hive Tyrant shot the Wave Serpent from the Rear and …. removed 1 Hullpoint and Shook it. At this point the Gaunts were adopting the Bubble Wrap objectives strategy. His Turn 4 Shooting saw him kill the Mawloc that ate his Firewarriors and his Wave Serpent killed the Hive Tyrant. Tyrannofex coud not kill Buffmander but Regenerated back to full HP.

Turn 5, Mawlock and Tyrannofex kill Buffmander and both consolidate back on an objective each as they are scoring. Gaunts bubble wrap objectives. His wave Serpent attempts to unload his DA for a long contesting of my home objective while his Jetseer Farseer would turbo to contest another but at this point it was over as both the Mawloc and Tyrannofex were scoring. The game didnt end but we called it.
I ended the game with a Win on Primary, no Secondary and no Tertiary.

When the first day ended, I was one of the 6 Undefeated player but unlike my peers, I wasn’t even in the top 10, I was number 11. I had a huge BP disparity and I didn’t think I could have played the games any better especially how Lucky I was game 1.

Overall, I like playing the Nids, not because I find their codex particularly good but because I find them challenging and they were exactly what I thought they be. You have no room for error in this codex.

The Changes I would make is that Hive Tyrant should be at least 5 Wounds and possibly Initiative 6, Tervigons need to be about 30points cheaper in their current state, Harpy and Crone need to be able to reroll failed Grounding at the minimum or 3+ armor, Heavy Venom Cannon should be 2 shot and not a blast and allow them to ally with themselves.

For 1,850 I would just buy an Aegis with Comms Relay and get Adrenal Glands on the Tyrannofex plus more Gaunts.
Tyranids aren’t terrible but you have to play them knowing most of your stuff isnt going to see the end of the game. I don’t recommend playing this army at any tournament with Battle Points because most of your wins are going to be nail biters.


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43 Responses to “The French Overlord Takes Nids to TSHFT”

  1. Bridges60 January 21, 2014 6:01 am #

    Impressive, may I ask how the terrain was set up at T-shift? very nice list btw

    • MikhailLenin January 21, 2014 7:25 am #

      The tables i played on had decent area terrain and all of them had a centerpiece that could block LOS.

  2. Goatboy January 21, 2014 7:54 am #

    Congrats on doing well! TSHFT sounds fun and Frankie winning is rad. Suck on not getting in the top even going 3-0.

    Tau can only shoot one gun on Overwatch. That wargear that lets them shoot two without being an MC only says they can do it during their shooting phase. Overwatch is during assault blah blah blah. It is also why MC’s can only shoot one too – as it only says their shooting phase as well.

    Still congrats – are you making it to Vegas?

    • Mikhaillenin January 21, 2014 9:45 am #

      I wont make it alas. Will be at Adepticon.

    • japatoes January 22, 2014 12:09 pm #

      Doesn’t it say to treat overwatch exactly the same as the shooting phase, but casualties don’t cause morale or pinning?

      If we are treating it exactly as the shooting phase then I’d say normal shooting rules apply.

      • jy2 January 22, 2014 9:22 pm #

        Nope. You may want to review the rules for Overwatch again.

  3. Adam January 21, 2014 7:56 am #

    In game 3, I’m a little confused how you flew off the board (and reached the enemy to vector strike and drop bombs)? FMC only move 12-24″ and can run another 2D6″, unless there is something I’m missing.

    • Mikhaillenin January 21, 2014 8:31 am #

      Vanguard Strike and turn 1 movement saw him deploy near my long board edge.

      • Adam January 21, 2014 10:13 am #

        Ah, gotcha.

  4. fluger January 21, 2014 8:04 am #

    Well done, Jer! That second game sounded insane. Did you play anyone I know?

  5. jadedknight January 21, 2014 8:29 am #

    Rules question, if a Mawloc mishaps, is placed in a corner, and then fails IB. Can it still burrow? Trying to see if this is a downside to the burrow and accept a mishap tactic besides, the obvious 1 roll on the mishap table.

    • mathhammer January 21, 2014 8:41 am #

      there is nothing to stop him from moving so he can burrow. Since he is a single model unit results of 1-3 become 4.

      • jadedknight January 21, 2014 9:34 am #

        Great thanks!

  6. bigpig January 21, 2014 10:31 am #

    Good report. You illuminate something I’ve found also, when you do win it is often not by a lot. Another thing which helps the current power armies dominate is there ability to wipe the field of the opponent and score ALL the battle points available.

    Good stuff and stick with them. I’m going to soldier on and bring my nids to LVO, hell or high water 🙂

  7. iNcontroL January 21, 2014 10:45 am #

    Fantastic writeup Jeremy.. ty for doing this!

    I’m with you bigpig.. nids for life 🙂

    • Bigpig January 21, 2014 2:08 pm #

      Life as a leper 😉

  8. THE General Oadius - Wolfbrother Reclusiarch January 21, 2014 10:58 am #

    Frankie “yellow fever” Giampapa won the TSHFT?!???!!!!!!!!!!?

    If so, I implore him to post list and breakdown the fights!

    • Reecius January 21, 2014 2:50 pm #

      Already on it! Frankie doesn’t like them book words and learnins and such, so you have to kick him in the ass to get him to write anything!

  9. Siphen January 21, 2014 11:05 am #

    Thanks for the reports and congrats on the record!

    My big question is: How would you rate your unit choices? Any changes you would make to this list?

    • MikhailLenin January 21, 2014 12:17 pm #

      Hive Tyrants are a pretty mediocre unit at best considering their cost in my eyes and were probably the least performing unit compared to my level of expectations.

      The Tervigon only got shot at Game 1 and he failed all of his Regen Rolls.

      The Gaunts were pretty much non-impactful until game 2 when they created a wall to my objectives but it was hard considering my opponent had Hit and Run on everything.

      The Harpies were actually consistently good performers but because my expectations for them were almost nil and I only had them because they were the only long range firepower I had plus they were additional threats in addition to my Tyrants. They do eat through squishy troops really quickly.

      The Mawlocs performed exactly as I expected and I love them dearly but I try to mishap them everytime until late game or unless I need another distraction.

      The Tyrannofex was probably my biggest performer because he kept showing up in the late game to sweep away the remaining units after the barage of FMC and MC I am shoving in their throats during early in the game.

      I really wish I had access to 4 Heavy Slots over 3 for this codex. I would trade both Harpies for another Hive Tyrants just for access to more powers and more AA. I hate that Venom Cannons are blast.

      I hope the Dataslates give Nids a bit more options than this blandness.

      Synapse didn’t really matter with all these MCs.

      • Reecius January 21, 2014 2:49 pm #

        You said it, they need 4 HS slots. The T_Fex has been a stud doe me, too. I shall have to try the Harpy.

        • fleetofclaw January 22, 2014 7:42 am #

          Such a bummer a top tier player squeaks out 3 wins with near flawless play. I agree about the Heavy Slot, I really hope the “late stage invasion” slate opens up some formation that gives us non-FOC heavies we can add to the list.

          By the way Jeremy, 1 question, would you have done better with a 5e codex list or this one?

          • Mikhaillenin January 22, 2014 12:35 pm

            I think the new harpy and mawloc rules helped too much to consider the old codex.

      • Prometheus January 22, 2014 9:07 pm #

        Moved these here so you could specifically address them as the person who played in the tournament…

        First, when you say that you bubble wrapped your MCs with gaunts…are they enough to give cover in 6th? I have been hearing both, and it’s 50/50 depending on who I play. Hormagaunts more than Termagaunts.

        Second, when your opponent redeployed your Mawloc after the mishap, couldn’t he have set it on YOUR UNITS? The Mawloc’s special rule says when it arrives from Deep Strike Reserve it can be placed on models. A friend and I had this issue in a recent game, and decided that he could. Your thoughts?

        • jy2 January 22, 2014 9:32 pm #

          I don’t think the bubble-wrapping is for cover. Usually, it is more for area denial (i.e. to stop a unit from contesting an objective) or protection (i.e. screening from assault or drop-podding attacks).

          As for the 2nd, no you cannot. The rules for the Mawloc doesn’t say you can mishap onto another model. For mishaps, you have to follow the rules from the BRB.

  10. Black Blow Fly January 21, 2014 1:05 pm #

    Well done ! Similar to your previous feat with Ravenwing.

  11. ReeciusMakeMeABaby January 21, 2014 4:13 pm #

    The Internet ASSURED me that the book was worthless 😀

    • Reecius January 21, 2014 7:03 pm #

      Best screen name, eva!! lol!

  12. THE General Oadius January 21, 2014 5:07 pm #

    I’d kick Frankie in his ass but I’m afraid that my bode badly for me as a LVOGT competitor..
    Besides, Bass and Douglas have given me concise instructions on who to harm and who not to harm and Frankie is not on the list yet. Typically they’ll amend a “hit list” or “sanction sheet” all the way to within 48 hours of the contracted hit, just an FYI.
    Could you, as the obvious “power top” of the your relationship with Frankie, kick him or ask again or bribe him with an 18 year old Korean girl or something? get er done son?.?

  13. Shane January 21, 2014 10:28 pm #

    That was an excellent insight, thanks for spending the time to put it together.
    I can really see what you mean about the battle points versus straight win loss systems and how they effect the Tyrinids chances.
    To be honest I’ve been struggling with the battle point format even with other armies as I build prefer balanced lists which aren’t designed to scoop max points but can grind out a minor win, dice willing, against almost any army.

  14. N.I.B. January 21, 2014 11:11 pm #

    Thanks for a good reading. It seems you regenerated in your opponent’s turn too, but regen doesn’t work that way.

    • MikhailLenin January 21, 2014 11:42 pm #

      I never regened in my opponent turn, must be a miscommunication.

      • MikhailLenin January 21, 2014 11:42 pm #

        That is when I even remember to roll Regen.

  15. Prometheus January 22, 2014 12:02 am #

    Nicely done. Great stuff to inspire the Bug community after so much ranting. Two quick questions…

    First, when you say that you bubble wrapped your MCs with gaunts, are they enough to give cover in 6th? I have been hearing both, and it’s 50/50 depending on who I play.

    Second, when your opponent redeployed your Mawloc after the mishap, couldn’t he have set it on YOUR UNITS? A friend and I had this issue in a recent game, and decided that he could. Your thoughts?

    Thanks again for this great report.

  16. N.I.B. January 22, 2014 1:59 am #

    “His Turn 4 Shooting saw him kill the Mawloc that ate his Firewarriors and his Wave Serpent killed the Hive Tyrant. Tyrannofex coud not kill Buffmander but Regenerated back to full HP.”

    • MikhailLenin January 22, 2014 6:47 am #

      Yeah I just wanted to include that detail to give Regen a mention but it was rolled during my turn.

  17. Kwodd January 22, 2014 7:28 am #

    Nice Writeup, hopefully we get a supplement to open up our force org a bit.

  18. TheGravemind January 22, 2014 8:28 am #

    Good write up. From my experiences this really just sounds like the same play as from the 5th edition book, and thats how this new one has played for me as well.

    I feel like the tau player could have done a little better against you, but you played it spot on with the threats I think.

    Also wanted to throw in, that yes broadsides and tau can shoot multiple weapons in overwatch and interceptor. They have a wargear to allow them to shoot an extra weapon in the shooting phase this is correct. But the limitation to only being able to shoot one weapon also says it is only for the shooting phase. So most people agree that to not allow the sillyness of letting people fire 5 weapons for overwatch, that any shooting functions the same as in the shooting phase.

    • Mikhaillenin January 22, 2014 12:36 pm #

      The problem the Tau Player was that he was hunting my threats instead of my scoring units while vice versa for me.

  19. jy2 January 22, 2014 9:37 pm #

    Congrats Jeremy,

    Would have loved to see you stuck it to the end, but that’s entirely up to you. In any case, great job!

  20. Cameron January 23, 2014 11:36 am #

    Have you tried running mawlocs in tournaments where the inquisition book is allowed? Once Coteaz is in an army they become almost useless in my experience.

    • Reecius January 23, 2014 12:04 pm #

      Yeah. Good old Coteaz. However, his attacks happen before the Mawloc is placed, so, he would at least still get to hit his target.

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