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signals from the Frontline

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  • 25% off Pre-Order Special is still a go! We put in a huge order with GW for the new Nids. So, we should still be able to fulfill orders that come in today or later on release day, but do not wait as it will be first come first served. After that, we will ship all orders on the following week when we get next week’s shipment.
  • Only DAYS left on our group rate with Ballys! DO NOT MISS OUT! Click here to book.
  • Life After the Cover Save will be at the LVO covering the event!
  • Frankie and GTA tried a game using the 2+ reroll to the 2+/4+.
  • Frontline Gaming is hiring painters! If you are in the Northern California, Bay Area and are looking for work as a part or full time miniatures painter, email Frankie at
  • Sunday, January 12th will be the Dropzone Commander and Infinity learning day at Frontline Gaming! Come out and give the games a try and see if you like them.
  • Clockwork Goblin releases some awesome WWII clockwork Tommy!

clockwork goblin

  • My cousin down in Oz sent me this awesome picture of a Fantasy army he saw. You have to see this one to really appreciate it! haha

Gingerbread army

  • Kromlech releases some awesome German Ork Greatcoat units! We do sell this product line, too.

  • Scibor brings us another very cool sculpt. The Roman Cruiser Mech Suit.

  • Our buddy and fellow Podcaster, Skari, is having a contest to give away a Raging Heroes, Olga Female Commissar mini! Check out his YouTube, we’ve embded the video here, too! Link here.

  • Privateer Press puts up some awesome pictures of just beautifully painted Trollblood Gargantuans. Check them out!

Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • More rumors that plastic Steel Legion are indeed coming and that the Leman Russ is meant to be getting a big overhaul. The rumors indicate some way to make them feel more like heavy battle tanks and not just an increase in hull points.
  • Rumors of a Lord of War in the IG codex, or something that sounds like it. Something between a Leman Russ and a Baneblade, Malcador sized.
  • Regarding the Leman Russ:

    Vehicles & Ordnance Weapons: Unlike other units, vehicles can move and fire with Ordnance weapons, but can only make Snap Shots with its other weapons that turn.

    A vehicle that remained Stationary can fire all of its weapons, including Ordnance weapons.

    An interesting note:

    Ignore cover USR: the target receives -2 on it’s cover save. Template weapons ignore all cover saves.

    Vehicles ignore the “Gets hot” USR.

  • Rumors of a new Basilisk kit that is updated and more “armored” looking, with speculation that it may be a multi-kit to make the other missing artillery pieces, too such as the Griffon and Colossus.
  • Rumors of an IG dogfighter that is totally new!
  • Plastic Stormtroopers and Veterans rumored to be coming in a 5 man kit with tons of options as well as rumors of plastic Rough Riders! Now, give them good rules for the love of Mike! And, this sounds awesome if true, possibly Imperial Robots! That is old school fluff.
  • Doctrines for Regiments similar to Space Marine Chapter Tactics.
  • Thunderer/Destroyer in the book, supposedly.
  • Rumors that Forgeworld will be taking over finecast production and will be sold in certain European stores, too.
  • Pics popped up on 4Chan of an Eldar and Tyranid Apoc Warzone book that is the battle for Iyanden, which would be cool!
  • Fantasy Rumors
  • – About Shelving 9th Edition … I did hear that they had discussed shelving fantasy FULL STOP! (Not sure how long that discussion was before it was abandoned, but that’s what I heard)

    – I heard they discussed losing some of the least popular armies.

    – I heard they discussed condensing the army books into less volumes. (So the less popular armies could survive)

    – I heard one Warhammer armies book … I heard two books?

    – I have no idea where the dust settled on these discussions except that they decided to do something …. and that it would have to be radical.

  • Tyranid Rumors (we still do not have the book yet)
    • Apparently Deathleaper and Old One Eye are HQ choices as well as Trygon Primes which is cool.
    • The Haruspex and Exocrene are Elites we’re hearing.
    • Boneswords to AP3, booo.
    • Cheap Hormagants
    • Ymgarls gone from the book?
    • Lots of units got significantly cheaper, such as the Harpy, Carnifex, Mawloc, etc.
    • Pyrovores rumored to be largely the same? Boo if true, they are garbage.
    • Brainleach Devourers supposedly still Str6
    • Gants cheaper but with more expensive upgrades.
    • Impaler cannons said to be great against Skimmers
    • Rumors of EMP effects on weapons
    • Lash whip supposedly boosts bearer’s Initiative now.
  • Tyranid Vanguard data slate sounds interesting. You can find the rumors on Faeit.
  • Forgeworld and GW merging more every day, with FW apparently looking for warehouse and production space in Texas at the moment.

Rant Session

Tactics Corner

Rules Lawyer

List Review

Got a list for you guys to review for me. I am headed to Railhead Rumble which is a GT in Texas in March. Here is the link for the info :

They are allowing more than 2 armies so I used Inquisitors as a detachment taking Goatcheese and an inquisitor. I made two lists for this tourney and the first I made was a drop pod denial list which is pretty awesome but I am not an aggressive player (to some extent) so I felt I would not do it justice. So I gave the list to my buddy Mike Keys who is going as well and he fell in love with that list and is running it well. This list is kind of a fun list, that is deceptive. Mike and I coined the term “The Brick” which is essentially this:

Soden’s Brick

A bastion with quad

Telion and a scout squad on top

AutoTake Tiggy + A dev squad with 4 lascanons + GoatCheese inside

Yes it does work well to drop in a sock and flail at your opponent.

The nastiness about this combo is, you roll on Div with Tigirius and shoot for Perfect Timing, Prescience and  finally Precog/Misfortune/Foreworning. Coteaz does the same looking for similar powers or whatever Tiggy missed etc.

Two pieces of cheese about this combo, one you have 4 las cannons coming out of the bastion that are more than likely going to be twin linked and ignores cover. Ouch. Oh I can see a sliver of your tank you carefully hid behind that ruin, oh no you don’t get cover, oh yeah your dead. Thats basically a dead wave serpent a turn. The second is Coteaz, where is he in the bastion? Normally his 12 inch bubble for interceptor is measured from his model. Since he is in the bastion (which the rulebook so cleverly states he could be “anywhere”) it extends his bubbly by a good 6 inches in every direction around the bastion effectively giving in a 20 inch bubble. Yuck.

Basically my problem is, what do I wrap my brick in. My goal was to make an army that is durable, has a lot of bodies, can accomplish a wide variety of tasks, and has enough range to put down a horde army if needed.

So here is the full list:

Space Marine Primary + Imperial Guard (Allies) + Inquisition

The Brick:

Bastion + Quad 125

Tiggy 165

Scout Squad + Telion + 4 sniper rifles 109

Legion of the Damned + Melta + Multi Melta + Combi Melta on sarge 155

Devastator Squad + 4 lascanons + 1 body 164

Tactical Squad 70

Thunderfire 100

Coteaz (AKA GoatCheese) 100

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor + Power Armor + Psyker + Neat Grenades + Liber Heresius 117

Company Command Squad + Mortar + 2 Bodyguards 85

Infantry Platoon

3x Infantry Squads + Mortar 65 ea = 195

Platoon Command Squad + 4 Flamers 50

Lemun Russ Punisher + Hvy Bolter Sponsons + Pask + Heavy Stubber 260

Vendetta 130

Total: 1820 (Have some points to spare)

The only thing not obvious is probably that the Platoon Command Squad goes into the vendetta to drop on an objective because they are scoring.

First time I have sent you guys a list so let me know what you think! Again I am taking this to a tourney so I want some competitive feedback, but I also want to have fun so I chose something unique and fun to play. Thanks so much for all your time and efforts to improve to community as a whole!

~Cody Soden AKA Doc_S


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14 Responses to “Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40K and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics and Jokes!”

  1. Invok93 January 7, 2014 7:49 am #

    Bluetable painting have a video bat rep with that gingerbread man army played as chaos

    • ak_sasquatch January 7, 2014 8:19 am #

      Hmmm. Haven’t watched it yet. But that army would never be around to finish a game with fatties like me around. The temptation to eat his cavalry would be too much.

      • Reecius January 7, 2014 1:57 pm #

        Hahaha, get in my belly!

  2. Gordy January 7, 2014 8:33 am #

    Yeah, the 4chan steel legion plastics and tyranid warzone books are photoshops. The steel legion one is just a picture of existing models mirrored so they’re left handed instead of right handed, but literally exactly the same pose and weapons and everything otherwise. The nids book is also existing artwork, from the same source I think, so I wouldn’t trust it either.

  3. Adam January 7, 2014 11:53 am #

    All of the fantasy boxes make a legally playable unit… Just not a good one.

    I’ve found the biggest problem with fantasy is just the barrier to entry, like you said. Each unit is going to cost $150+ to make one at a strength that is worth playing. The Battleforces help a bit, but often times they really aren’t the ideal models to build an army around. It would be really nice to see boxes on par with the Tyranid Swarm kit where you get a ton of core infantry and a couple other things at a steep discount. I think that would really do a ton to push sales.

    The game itself is fine and honestly with 2-3 small changes would be pretty much perfect: Disruption > Steadfast, cap dice to cast at power level +2, and allow wards/LOS with the uber spells. That would do so much to change the game, even though it’s really not that much on paper.

    • Reecius January 7, 2014 1:59 pm #

      Yeah, it is a trip how much a unit costs in Fantasy and how flippin long it takes to paint one up! Unit fillers are a must.

  4. Hotsauceman1 January 7, 2014 12:56 pm #

    If the IG do come out, I think I will start it TBh, I really want to. And with my Space marines I can make some powerful combos

    • Reecius January 8, 2014 6:58 pm #

      Yeah, IG are good fun to play.

  5. z3n1st January 7, 2014 7:57 pm #

    pronounced zen-ist lol

    • Reecius January 7, 2014 7:58 pm #

      You have numbers in your name, Deadmou5, it’s hard to pronounce! haha

  6. z3n1st January 8, 2014 9:40 am #

    totally understand 😉

    • Reecius January 8, 2014 6:59 pm #

      Looking forward to Infinity!

  7. Tangentical January 9, 2014 1:02 am #

    Dark Eldar Grotesque is 1 Finecast in box, min unit is 3. Same with Dark Eldar beasts where Beastmaster is separate kit. Guess Finecast is a different animal though.

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