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signals from the Frontline

Show Notes



  • As stated in the last Podcast, we were away during the holidays and iTunes was down, too! We’re back up and running, today!
  • Frankie will be on a NYE Video Cast!
  • Frontline Gaming is currently hiring new painters for the paint studio! If you like painting miniatures, can hit deadlines and want to make some good money, send an introductory email and samples of your work to: You must be local to the Northern California area to qualify for this position.
  • Mega Mats will be for sale out of our webstore in the next few weeks. A lot of folks were asking if it was a one off KS project but no, it will be an ongoing product that we support with new mats and that we plan to continue to stock.
  • Infinity releases some amazing new models.


tgitg2 tgitg


  • Gotaboy said he wrote his list for the LVO in his own language and it can only be communicated in interpretive dance! haha, he also said it is highly erotic!
  • KickStarter was a big success! Awesome. And we went immediately to work on terrain for the LVO! No rest for the wicked, at FLG.
  • Wolfbrothers are holding a LVOGT primer event on Jan 11th in Sparks at Heroes Games and Hobbies.
  • The group rate for the LVO at Ballys is only good through January 8th, so if you want that smoking hot $79 a night for Friday and Saturday, be sure not to wait! Tickets have been selling really strong through December and we anticipate that one paycheck away from Christmas, we will get a big spike in sales and events will sell out. Don’t wait on those LVO tickets!
  • Get your Con Badges!
  • Sunday, January 12th we will have a Dropzone Commander learning day! bring your army or come and use the starter set we will be opening up. The event will start at noon at FLG.
  • Kill Teams is out and reviews have been largely positive. Everyone that has played it seems to enjoy it quite a bit. And it seems the 4×4′ mega Mats would really be great for this game!
  • GW releases a new teaser video which you can see here:

Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • 7th ed 40K? There are rumors floating around that 7th ed 40K is inbound in September of 2014? We have heard nothing to this effect but that would be something pretty crazy if so. Rumors seem to indicate that instead of a full fledged edition change, it would be a 6.5 style update to streamline and change some rules, and to set the tone going forward that rules editions could be minor updates instead of total overhauls.
  • Also, rumors about 9th ed Fantasy will and will not be coming out next year. Lots of confusion as of now.
  • Pictures up on 4chan of Plastic Steel legion but who knows if they’re real or not. It would be cool if so!

Rant Session

  •  New tournament formats going forward.

Tactics Corner

Rules Lawyer

List Review

Crimson Fists

-Pedro Kantor

-5 man bolter scouts w/ heavy bolter and hellfire shells, storm w/ multi-melta

-5 man bolter scouts w/ heavy bolter and hellfire shells, storm w/ multi-melta

-10 man sternguard w/ 4 combi-melta and drop pod

-9 man sternguard w/ 4 combi-plas and drop pod (kantor joins this squad)

-stormtalon no upgrades

-stormtalon no upgrades

-thunderfire cannon w/ drop pod

-thunderfire cannon

Iron Hands Allies

-chapter master beatstick w/ shield eternal, armour indomnitus and the burning blade on bike

-5 man bike squad and 2 grav guns

This list leaves me 76 points to play with, I can add more troops( I have 5 scoring units right now, possibly 7), or more bikes, or  a comms relay? what would you opinion be?  I was not sure if the chapter master can take all three relics, if not i can switch the blade for a thunder hammer.  the drop pod for the thunderfire will remain empty and provide cover or impede enemy movement.  i can also use it to decide when the melta or plasma will hit the table if i do not want one of them to come on first turn.  i can run the scouts in or out of the storms depending on where they need to go, then go open some cans for the thunderfires to do some work.  i can even reserve most of the list and hide the thunderfires if i need to avoid a first turn shooting.

Guys, thank you for reviewing my list.  Please be brutally honest, I want to hear what you guys really think.

thanks a lot, and feel free to use my name on the show if you do review the list.

Got a list for you guys to review for me. I am headed to Railhead Rumble which is a GT in Texas in March. Here is the link for the info :

They are allowing more than 2 armies so I used Inquisitors as a detachment taking Goatcheese and an inquisitor. I made two lists for this tourney and the first I made was a drop pod denial list which is pretty awesome but I am not an aggressive player (to some extent) so I felt I would not do it justice. So I gave the list to my buddy Mike Keys who is going as well and he fell in love with that list and is running it well. This list is kind of a fun list, that is deceptive. Mike and I coined the term “The Brick” which is essentially this:

Soden’s Brick

A bastion with quad

Telion and a scout squad on top

AutoTake Tiggy + A dev squad with 4 lascanons + GoatCheese inside

Yes it does work well to drop in a sock and flail at your opponent.

The nastiness about this combo is, you roll on Div with Tigirius and shoot for Perfect Timing, Prescience and  finally Precog/Misfortune/Foreworning. Coteaz does the same looking for similar powers or whatever Tiggy missed etc.

Two pieces of cheese about this combo, one you have 4 las cannons coming out of the bastion that are more than likely going to be twin linked and ignores cover. Ouch. Oh I can see a sliver of your tank you carefully hid behind that ruin, oh no you don’t get cover, oh yeah your dead. Thats basically a dead wave serpent a turn. The second is Coteaz, where is he in the bastion? Normally his 12 inch bubble for interceptor is measured from his model. Since he is in the bastion (which the rulebook so cleverly states he could be “anywhere”) it extends his bubbly by a good 6 inches in every direction around the bastion effectively giving in a 20 inch bubble. Yuck.

Basically my problem is, what do I wrap my brick in. My goal was to make an army that is durable, has a lot of bodies, can accomplish a wide variety of tasks, and has enough range to put down a horde army if needed.

So here is the full list:

Space Marine Primary + Imperial Guard (Allies) + Inquisition

The Brick:

Bastion + Quad 125

Tiggy 165

Scout Squad + Telion + 4 sniper rifles 109

Legion of the Damned + Melta + Multi Melta + Combi Melta on sarge 155

Devastator Squad + 4 lascanons + 1 body 164

Tactical Squad 70

Thunderfire 100

Coteaz (AKA GoatCheese) 100

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor + Power Armor + Psyker + Neat Grenades + Liber Heresius 117

Company Command Squad + Mortar + 2 Bodyguards 85

Infantry Platoon

3x Infantry Squads + Mortar 65 ea = 195

Platoon Command Squad + 4 Flamers 50

Lemun Russ Punisher + Hvy Bolter Sponsons + Pask + Heavy Stubber 260

Vendetta 130

Total: 1820 (Have some points to spare)

The only thing not obvious is probably that the Platoon Command Squad goes into the vendetta to drop on an objective because they are scoring.

First time I have sent you guys a list so let me know what you think! Again I am taking this to a tourney so I want some competitive feedback, but I also want to have fun so I chose something unique and fun to play. Thanks so much for all your time and efforts to improve to community as a whole!

~Cody AKA Doc_S


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Mr E
Mr E
8 years ago

yes, when they launch the steel legion plastics i will finally spend the $$$$$$$$$$ for an IG infantry army, I’ve only been waiting and saving for ever, not to self spend life savings on steel legion infantry army… order it all from frontlinegaming.

8 years ago

The 4chan steel legions are a bad photoshop. They’re literally a copy/paste of whatever the current steel legion models are, but mirrored and stuck on the front of a GW box. 100% identical poses, weapons, everything, just the models are suddenly all left-handed instead of right-handed.

8 years ago

Happy New Year to all of you from Germany!

Also… I don’t have kill team yet but I am curious about how reanimation protocols would (or would not) work in kill team. If each model is its own unit they never get to roll it?

8 years ago

yes my FLG pod cast fix ahhhhhh sweet relief

THE General Oadius - Wolfbrothers Reclusiarch
THE General Oadius - Wolfbrothers Reclusiarch
8 years ago

I like the premise of the brick, but it could use refinement. I would question the points spent on the Leman Russ. I like the idea of the vendetta, but putting the PLatoon Command in it means no First Rate Second Rate Fire orders(and that’s a fun one). Just throw an infantry squad with a flamer in the Vendetta, more models, same leadership. Get the points from the Leman Russ that gets lanced turn 1 and explodes to kill your entire PCS and causes enough wounds to have an infantry squad run off the table. Just my opinion, and I hope you do well.

8 years ago

Thanks for your input here, yeah totally agree. Played a game last Saturday, turn 1 night fighting, WraithKnight got 1/2 inch within the 36″ shot it, penned it, failed my 5+ cover, rolls a 6. Rats. Vendetta comes on, gets shot down by 1 shot from a icarus and everyone inside dies. Even losing those two key elements I still only lost by 1 point. The biggest drawback to this army is it has almost 0 mobility. What suggestions do you have for the Brick?

8 years ago

Also the Company Commander has access to the First Rank Fire, Second Rank Fire! Ability. That is why he sits back behind the blob and hopes to not die a horrible death before he can do something.

8 years ago

So whats the deal with Frankie doing a video cast on TWIT? Has that show been completed yet, or is that forthcoming? Link to what show it was if it happened already?

The General Oadius
The General Oadius
8 years ago

Mobility is a tough role to fill. I would suggest more bodies, possibly even walking infantry squads across the board. The legion of the damned Deepstrike, so that’s some penetration there.

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