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Show Notes



  • Comikaze tickets are up for sale!
  • Flash Gitz are at it again with a really funny Space Wolves comic strip:
  • We’re having a Bitz trading day Saturday, September 14th from 5 to 7pm Sponsored by Rich from Green Stuff Industries. Come on by to swap yo bitz!
  • The winner of Celesticon’s Best General award William, who was playing Necrons and Grey Knights, so congrats to him! Well played, young sir! Thanks to Jy2 for sending us that information.
  • Space Marines will be allowed in Duel Con!
  • Last episode we discussed NOVA results and sounded like Sad Pandas. Here is some more analysis on the results in comparison to other events and in light of the missions they used. Thanks to Adam from the Dice Abide blog for shedding light on some of these points.
  • The Dropzone Commander two player starter set is now up for order! Hit us up!

Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • Fantasy rumors.
  • Space Wolf, Nid and Supplement Rumors.

Rant Session

  •  The Fantasy league is chugging right along and it is a lot of fun so far!

Tactics Corner

  • Hi,Long time lurker and lover of your podcast I have a couple questions I could use your sage advise on.  First I have managed to get my girlfriends brother (he’s 17) interested in playing 40k and he wants to start with Dark Angels.  He doesn’t have a lot of cash but I figured going in halvesies on a Dark Vengance Box would be a decent way to get him a) the rule book and b) decent start at some models (not the best list obviously) but you have to start somewhere.  Long story short I will be ending up with the chaos side of the bargain and haven’t done a lot with chaos.  I used to have an Eldar army which was leveraged in acquiring a massive pile of Orks.  Will get back to them later…on to question one.  I’m thinking I will convert up a Nurgle Lord on a bike as the HQ choice for my new band of chaos misfits.  My question is delivery system I’m concerned that with a group of say 5 spawn his cover save difference will get him singled out.  What are your thoughts on a delivery system for bike lords? Or should I consider other HQ choices all together?  Thanks in advance! Keep up the good work. I am really looking forward to the LVO. As an aside I live in Idaho and its kind of hard to get my 40k fix.  Thanks again.V/R,
  • Aaron (aka. The 5th Horseman)

Rules Lawyer

  • Jeremy D. asks: Does a model with move through cover auto pass the dangerous terrain check from jumping off of a building?
  • Christopher M. asks: How does Obyron’s “Cleaving Counterblow” work in 6th ed?
  • Sean P. asks: Can a C’Tan come out of the portal of the Monolith? It describes the action as Disembarking…
  • Can you replace the Combi Bolter on a Chaos Bike for a Lord with a wargear item?

List Review


2 Librarians. powers. fear the darkness x2 and 1 shield of sanguinius and one lance of sanguinius.

200 points.

4x5man assault squads in drop pods:

1x5man assault squad in a drop pod with a melta gun[2 libbies go here]

3x Furioso dreadnoughts in drop pods[magna grapple, frag cannon, melta gun

Iron Hands Allies

Master of the forge.

1x5man tactical squad in a pod.

2x ironclad dreadnoughts in drop pods with , ironclad launchers, melta gun and heavy flamer

Thats 1810 points.

If forgeworld is allowed I’ll take a Lucius drop pod [+30 points] all units that can, will take cover on the doors etc to get shrouding for the next turn and also from interceptor, so 3+ cover from the dreads in front of the pod and in the turn after 3+ cover with 5+ from shield of sanguinius + shrouding

and then maybe 1 more melta

otherwise 4 hunter killers for the ironclads.


so we have 11 drop pods in total so 6 come down turn 1

3 fragiosos triple frag cannon melta and magna grapple

2 ironclads with heavy flamer and melta gun[maybe 2 missles each]

1 5 man assault squad with 2 librarians.

If you can affect units with fear the darkness[-2 leadership test in the shooting phase] separate the librarians out to fear different units and the melta gun+ krak grenade vs another target.  If the opponent has no good targets[like demons:P] swap the powers for divination and telepathy.

The ironclads have It will not die from iron hands chapter tactics, the tac squad gets Fnp 6+ and the MOF gets 3+ blessing of the omnisah so when that unit comes down later he can fix any of the dreads[ the new dex says you can repair any friendly vehicle so, a change from the FAQ]

against a heavy flyer list there is a chance you could wipe the army before the flyers come in, forcing your opponent to place more troops that might be in flyers on the board.

otherwise it’s 5 armour 13 dreads turn one with 8 templates , 6 melta, 2 leadership tests at -2, 4 str8 ap3 missles.

and 5 scoring troops.  also, a ton of drop pod storm bolters to try and knock out flying monstrous creatures.

It’s a pretty funny list but could work a treat in a fair amount of situations, espeically if the opponent has an aegis defense line and you can park the dreads in front of it granting them 4+ cover:)

Thanks for reading this madness:)


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Pascal Roggen
8 years ago

The list wasn’t meant for Las vegas, it was just a Laugh using the new marine codex with old BA:).

the output of a furioso with a magna grapple and frag cannon,however, is super nasty, you can tank shock troops with the enemies vehicles if you drag them and double strength 6 rending templates are just so excellent.

Nova star
Nova star
8 years ago

Russ didn’t chase Magnus into the warp on prospero, he sent the 13th company in after them
and that’s how they got lost, later he told bjorn to watch for his return and that he was going to go find their lost brothers

8 years ago

Could you take a Chaos Lord with a Powerfist, a Lightning Claw, and a combi melta?

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