Fantasy Escalation League: Dwarves vs. Lizardmen

Dan and Frankie throw down at 500pts with Dwarves vs. Lizardmen.

Dan had his Lizards ready and Frankie brought his Dwarves thinking he would run no black powder weapons! The heresy!  After being picked apart by Skink Chameleons and beaten up in combat by Saurus we think Frankie might be changing his tune!

Victory to the Lizardmen!

Everyone told me I couldn’t win without Black Powder weapons….turns out they were right! -Frankie


Thane: Banner of Advanced Deployment

Warriors x 18: Great Weapons

Warriors x 18: Great Weapons

Frankie learned that Dwarves struggle with movement and really need shooting to help.



Saurus Scar-Veteran

1 ~[(^One or more selected options present a potential usage conflict]◊~[(#]Saurus Scar-Veteran (Always Strikes Last; Cold Blooded; General; Predatory Figther; Hand Weapon; Great Weapon; Shield; Scaly Skin)

1 Armour of Fortune

Saurus Warriors

19 Saurus Warriors (Cold Blooded; Standard Bearer Std; Predatory Figther; Hand Weapon; Spear; Shield; Scaly Skin)

Chameleon Skinks

6 Chameleon Skinks (Cold Blooded; Hand Weapon; Blowpipe; Aquatic; Scaly Skin; Scouts; Skirmishers)

Chameleon Skinks

6 Chameleon Skinks (Cold Blooded; Hand Weapon; Blowpipe; Aquatic; Scaly Skin; Scouts; Skirmishers)

Hrm, well I thought Frankie would have an Organ gun and was worried about that.  Which is why I thought the Camo skinks could save me.  In the end they were still really great as in this low point level most folks don’t have a lot of flexible/maneuverable units so they could cause havoc in the backfield.

I think we are also learning that having a big combat block is better than have two small ones.


8-30-13 pics 034

The Dwarves get flanked by the deadly Chameleons!

8-30-13 pics 035

Poison darts are no fun!

8-30-13 pics 036

The Lizardman Champion with a great weapon brings ruin to the Dwarf Thane!


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8 years ago

Nice! Could you put up the lists? Also, a small breakdown of things learned would be cool 🙂

8 years ago

My favorite part of playing against lizardmen is yelling “STUPID SKINKS!” across the gaming store….ya it turns some heads ;D. im especially prone to this when those priests are slinging chaining lighting and meteors all over my poor dark elves ><.

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