Comikaze Tickets Now up for Sale!


It’s go time, folks!

Purchase tickets here:

Grab those tickets, this is going to be a great event and a great 40K tournament. Comikaze is a huge pop culture event, with tens of thousands of attendees all coming to meet celebrities, Cos Play, game, and have a fun weekend of geeking out.

This will be the 3rd year for Comikaze and we are really looking forward to it as in years past, this has been a really fun event. Imagine yourself playing games in a cordoned off section of a huge con with beautiful Cos Players all over the place, celebrity nerds and tons of happy geeks all around! It is a blast.

Remember, the event ticket includes your admission to the Con AND the tournament. You get a lot for that.

Here are some pics from previous years!

The Prize Pool! Winners got to choose what they wanted from the pool!

The Prize Pool! Winners got to choose what they wanted from the pool!

Robert Pait enjoying the $100 dollar door prize he won!

Robert Pait enjoying the $100 dollar door prize he won!

J Mac loving the prizes!

J Mac loving the prizes!

John "madfjohn" Johnston's awesome Mech-Godzilla Orks!

John “madfjohn” Johnston’s awesome Mech-Godzilla Orks!

Mario Akuna's Orks

Mario Akuna’s Orks

Russ "Warboss Russ" Adderson's Orks

Russ “Warboss Russ” Adderson’s Orks

Dean Hanley's Deathwing

Dean Hanley’s Deathwing

Lee "Leenus" Horn's Space Wolves

Lee “Leenus” Horn’s Space Wolves

Jason "pSybeKorps" Green's Eldar

Jason “pSybeKorps” Green’s Eldar

Keith "Skrewpa" Holt's Necrons

Keith “Skrewpa” Holt’s Necrons

Kevin "Janthkin" Brown's Tyranids

Kevin “Janthkin” Brown’s Tyranids

Josh "Blasto" Harris' Amazing Orks (Best Painted)

Josh “Blasto” Harris’ Amazing Orks (Best Painted)

Steve "Stave Stiff" Smith's Patriotic Grey Knights

Steve “Stave Stiff” Smith’s Patriotic Grey Knights

Christian "ChristianA" Alessi's Imperial Guard

Christian “ChristianA” Alessi’s Imperial Guard

Chris "theChr1s" Sov's Eldar

Chris “theChr1s” Sov’s Eldar

Kelly "dkellyj" Jurnigan's Hawk Lords

Kelly “dkellyj” Jurnigan’s Hawk Lords

Nick "Nick the Wise" Card's Venom Spam Dark Eldar

Nick “Nick the Wise” Card’s Venom Spam Dark Eldar

Bryan Ostrich's Iron Warriors

Bryan Ostrich’s Iron Warriors

Jason Butler's DoA Blood Angels

Jason Butler’s DoA Blood Angels

The winner enjoying the spoils of victory!

The winner enjoying the spoils of victory!

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