It’s Go Time! 20% Off GW Pre-Order Is Up and Ready to Rock!

Grab em while they're hot!

Grab em while they’re hot!

Check out GW’s website for the newest release, you can see it here:

So, it has hit GW’s website which means we’re clear to start taking those pre-orders! (We can’t say what it is per our agreement with GW, we’re not trying to be cryptic).

Here’s the skinny:

We sell GW product at 20% off of retail!

We charge a flat shipping rate of $5.99 in the USA (and we can only sell to USA customers).

Product should ship at the end of next week, September 7th or Monday, September 9th. Place your order ASAP to ensure that we get it on the release date!

From the time we get the new product in our greedy little paws, we will be doing a comprehensive review of the products. At the end of the month, we will offer another sale price, 25% off! So, if you want your stuff now, we will hook you up, if you want to wait for the deeper discount and see what all of the units do before buying, we will hook you up there, too!

To place an order email us what you are looking for at:


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