Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40K and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics, Lists and Stupidity!

signals from the Frontline

Show Notes



  • Duel Con! Las Vegas Open! Wee! Comikaze tickets will be up this week, we had one last detail on the contract to work out which delayed us a few days.

comikaze elvira

  • Fantasy Escalation league! We will be starting this week! I will be emailing pairings out today.
  • Celesticon! Frankie will be running the Zombie Survival game for the first time at Celesticon on Monday and there is a 40K one day, 1500pt tournament on Saturday, run by Doc Dragon.
  • The 11th Company will be putting up a live stream coverage of the NOVA open starting around 5:30pm Eastern, Thursday of the invitational and the Open. Link here:
  • Megalith Games releases some new Godslayer minis, Dwarves, and they look pretty dang cool.

Godslayer_Models_Nordgaard_RunegateKeeper Godslayer_Models_Nordgaard_Einherjer


  • Privateer Press is releasing digital versions of their products! They also have released a deck building game called, High Command.

WM High Command_3D

  • Puppets War releases another new SciFi vehicle turret, this time with rapid firing grenade launchers. They looks really cool.

puppets war turret

  • There’s a pretty interesting looking KickStarter going on for a game called ArcWorlde, it is fantasy pirate themed, and they have a miniature of an undead whale.


Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • Nid Rumors

Rant Session

Tactics Corner

  • Psyker Battle Squad and 2 Primaris Psykers and/or Allied Psyker. Lower target leadership and then hit them with Psychic Shriek. On average dice, destroys almost any unit in one volley.
  • Ode to the Broodlord

Rules Lawyer

  • This comes to us via Eugene K.
    • can I roll to see how many shots I get with my Serpent Shield before declaring a target?

List Review

So I was wondering if youd give my vegas open 1750 list a look and tell me what you think?

My buds are getting kind of sick of playing against it in our practice games, so Im going to switch gears here shortly and run some daemon and eldar lists against them instead, but i wanted to finalize my tau first so I can figure out what i need to finish painting!

Anyway heres the list

Tau Empire & Farsight Allies



drone controller,shield generator,stimulant injector, vectored thrusters, iridium suit,multi spectrum senor, command and control node, puretide chip


farsight cadre fireblade-60(mans the quadgun)



firewarriors x10

firewarriors x10

firewarriors x10

farsight crisis team x3 (commander here)

missilepods x2 each,target locks x3,bonding knives,

marker drones x6

farsight crisis team x3-(deep striking)

fusionblasters x2 each,target lock x1, bonding knives



farsight riptide

ion,twin plasma,earth caste pilot,early warning override,stim injector



pathfinders x5

pathfinders x5



broadside team x3

high yeild & smart missiles, early warning override x3

missile drones x6


aegis w/ quadgun




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8 years ago

Regarding tactics – the psyker battle squad + psychic scream – Grant has an even nastier combo with his seer council. He normally runs 2 jetseers +8 jetlocks.

Cast Horrify twice for -6 LD. Then he could either use Psychic Shriek, or even worse, Terrify (especially against non-ATSKNF units). When the non-ATSKNF enemy is falling back, hit them with an assault and watch them die after failing their LD test again.

8 years ago

It’s particularly nasty because his seer council has the speed to easily get into range to use these powers and the resiliency to survive enemy fire/assault (via Hit-&-Run with the Baron).

8 years ago

I could eat that burger no problem!

8 years ago
Reply to  6thstreetAlan

Just make sure you’re not close to the board edge. ATSKNF units will auto-rally the next turn….as long as they are not close enough to the board edge to run off of it for the 1st time.

8 years ago

Reece, get a light-box plug in already, bring your blog into the 21st century!

One note about the broadside squad is that when you have more drones than suits, your majority toughness is going to go down, so it will make your broadsides more vulnerable to enemy shooting.

8 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

Haha, it’s such an improvement!

How did I not realize that drones are T4?! Carry on then, more drones the merrier!

8 years ago
Reply to  Adam

omg, I’ve been wanting that plug-in there too, sucks when you click a link and lose the streaming. Thanks!

Broadsides and drones are both T4, unless the expansion did something awesome to them?

8 years ago

thanks for reviewing my list fellas! 🙂
Id thought about doing skyfire on the riptide as well but with the reroll from earth caste pilot on gets hot it seemed like a waste not to be firing that large blast (just overcharged, not nova) every turn .
with support from the commanders Bs5 twin linked drones that riptide is typically BS 6-7 with ignores cover, as you can imagine that makes him a huge target as his damage output is potentially ridiculous.
With that is mind i treat him like a fire magnet and almost always try to put up his nova shield for the 3++ (which is pretty reliable since you can reroll nova checks with the earth caste pilot upgrade) combod with FNP T6 and a 2+ its a huge PITA to get through his 5 wounds. its also fun to use his to screen other units, moveing out of the way for clear los and then jumping back to screen in the assault phase.

between the missile sides, the commanders missile pod team and the BS5 quad i didnt think i really needed the extra anti-air for fliers.. though i can def see a case for FMC’s… between the ion and a ripple charged rapid range plasma thats 7 ap2 shots at full BS.. hmm..

i chose pathfinders over drones in my FA slots because theyre super cheap and typicly hang out near my fire base for support fire so dont need the drones mobility.
even one markerlight hit on overwatch usually means a unit is getting murdered or pretty close to it on the way in. plus i have the drones floating around with the commanders team already, and really they just dont preform without a drone controller. the BS2 is rough.

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