Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40K and General Gaming News, Rumors, Rants, Tactics and Hilarity!

signals from the Frontline

Show Notes



  • Las Vegas Open is well into triple digit attendance already! 6 months to go and we’re really seeing that this is going to be a fantastic event.


  • The Fantasy Escalation League has kicked off! This week is all about getting people signed up and ready, so email Reece at: and let him know your name and army so he can get you logged in and ready to rock.
  • Duel Con is just over a month away! Get those tickets! It is a great event.

Duel Con Logo (1)

  • Comikaze tickets will be up for sale this week! Going to be awesome, Bruce Campbell, LeVar Burton, the voice of Goku, Stan Lee, Elvira, Marc Silvestri, Team Unicorn, and the list goes on. This will be a great event. For the Bronies out there, the voice of Sparkle Cakes or something like that will be there!

Comikazee Pics 047

  • Dropzone Commander was at GenCon and revealed their new faction, a human resistance force with converted trucks and even some type of feral human cannibal warriors! Sweet!

1074299_10151603482612945_277287788_o (1) 1074299_10151603482612945_277287788_o 1146624_10151603482552945_104180941_n image (9) image (10)

  • X-Wing at GenCon revealed some HUGE new models. Check them out!

20130816_144932 20130816_144940 xwing xwing2

  • Pathfinder puts up a super cool picture of a dungeon crawl, just thought it was awesome and wanted to share it! They also released a new book, Mythic Adventures, that sounds like a lot of fun.

1173776_10151639356764385_1347153453_n 893377_515145771857706_1808214769_o

Eisenkerntrooper4002_zps950f5b59 Eisenkerntrooper4008_zpsc69fd354 Eisenkerntrooper4009_zpsbc6420dc Eisenkerntrooper4012_zpsd6ffe41e

  • Wrath of kings releases a short story about the setting of their world as well as a new model for the game.


Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • More clamor that supplements are on the way that will continue to give new spins on existing books and increase in complexity as we go.
  • More chatter about an Armageddon supplement that will coincide with the IG release and…wait for it….plastic Steel Legion! Boo ya! That would be killer. Also, there are rumors that the new book will include rules for the Baneblade and all variants in the book. Supposedly boxes will come with enough duders for a platoon? We’ll see, but it sounds great.
  • The rumored Salamaders specific Terminators for Armageddon sound like they may be bogus or a Forgeworld unit as they are tied in to the Horus Heresy.
  • Possibly 4 Supplements for each Chaos god that blend the Daemon and CSM books together. So, you can take units form both books as if they were one so long as they are all mono god/mark. That is cool. Hopefully it is true.
  • Orks, Wolves, IG and 9th ed Fantasy all rumored to be coming at us next year?! Wow, things are going fast.
  • More chatter that we may see Nids sooner than later. Rumors that they can ally with themselves which would be cool. Termagants to gain fleet? Plastic Harpy the size of the Heldrake with a rumored alternative build for a new Flying unit. Possibly two Psychic lists for Nids, one destructive, the other buffing. Sounds like Runes of Battle which are awesome! So much more flexible. Hive Guard/Pyrovore dual kit with rumors of Skyfire and increased ability to ground monstrous creatures. Cool! Lichtors and Ymgarls that come out of reserve can only be hit with Snap Fire, Ymgarls can take upgrades like normal Steelers.

Rant Session

  • The Black Legion supplement.

Tactics Corner

  • Junkticrons and the fun of playing an army with limitations.

Rules Lawyer

  • J on our site pointed out on the Ruins/Area Terrain debate that Pg. 98 of the BRB states that the base of area terrain is area terrain. And yes, that is true, but again, the base is area terrain, not the ruin itself. You only get the +2 for area terrain, not for the ruin. It is super confusing though, and we can see how people read it both ways. It is one of those rules you should talk to your opponent about before the game.

List Review


Cadre Fireblade, x2 Marker Drones

FW x12   [Fireblade]

Kroot x10, Sniper

Kroot x10, Sniper

Riptide IA, Plasma, EWO

Riptide IA, Plasma, EWO

Pathfinder x8

Pathfinder x8

Piranha Squadron x3, Fusion

IonHead SMS, Blacksun, DPod

IonHead SMS, Blacksun, DPod

ADL w/ Quadgun = 100 [Fireblade]

Captain Bike, Artificer, PW

Bike Squad +5 bikers, x2 melta, Atk. Bike (Multi melta), Meltabombs (Sarge)

StormTalon w/ skyhammer ML




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8 years ago


Pascal Roggen
8 years ago

I don’t mind either way with the over issue, but no one has seemed to put up the counter argument up, I will try and do it succinctly.

the area terrain rule specifies that your cover save, when going to ground, increases by 2.
It doesn’t say the cover save from terrain goes up by two.

so whatever cover save you have , when you go to ground, increases by 1 normally or 2 if you happen to also be in area terrain.

if there was a power which granted a 4+ cover save and you happened to be in area terrain and you went to ground you would have 2+ cover.

so, if you are getting 4+ cover from a ruin and you happen to be in area terrain[lets say it’s a crater well behind the ruin] you would still get 2+ because it is increasing your current cover save by 2.

It’s basically a power like shrouding that adds +2 to your save rather than +1 when you go to ground but you have to be in area terrain to “cast it”.

That’s my best devils advocate 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  Pascal Roggen

Agreed, the rule says you get +2 to your cover save if you’re in area terrain.

You’re playing it as if it says the area terrain save is increased by 2.

Subtle language difference, but it seems absolutely clear RAW that you would get a 2+ if you’re on a base and behind an element of ruins.

Mr E
Mr E
8 years ago

The Xwing models pictured above gave me a huge nerd boner

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