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signals from the Frontline

Show Notes



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  • The Las Vegas Open is hot! We have now players coming in from Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the UK, Canada, the USA and China! We’re over 1/3 full for the 40K championships and approaching half full! Fantasy championships is at 25% and climbing. Don’t wait on those main event tickets.


  • Fantasy Flight Games announces BattleLore second edition.
  • Allegiant Air again has some great deals on flights to Mesa, AZ if you want to fly out to Duel Con on the cheap!
  • Doc Dragon, running Celesticon, said he’d be willing to let clubs call each other out at the tournament! That could be a lot of fun. The tournament is Saturday, August 31st at 9am.

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  • TT Combat did a feature on our paint studio! Check it out.





  • Micro Art Studios releases some new -1 Hull Point Counters and some really beautiful new bases.


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  • Wrath of Kings Kicstarter went live with a BANG! Already in 6 figures and destroyed their 50K goal in days. Really gorgeous Japanese themed fantasy figures.

Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from  any manufacturer nor is it necessarily accurate. This section of the podcast is intended for entertainment purposes only.

  • Forgeworld is making a new Tau suit! It is described as a super stealth suit that can go in solo, hit the enemy and then get out again. Sounds awesome! The FW suits are lovely models.
  • Early rumors that Nids might be coming in the not too distant future. Some of the rumors sound so boss! Hive Guard with Skyfire? YES! Pyrovores with Torrent and a points reduction?  A rumored big bug that could possibly be the Dominatrix from Epic and is described as being in relative in size to the Tervigon what the Wraithknight is to the Wraithlord? Wow! Plastic Harpy (hopefully with rules that don’t absolutely suck) and all the missing characters like the parasite, Doom, spore pod, etc? Sounds awesome, time will tell if this is what goes down.
  • GW rereleasing the Armageddon codex as a group of supplements? Rumors are circulating that far off in the future it is possible that we will see a group of supplements for the Armageddon War! Cool! Special kits are rumored such as plastic Mega Nobz, War Buggies and Waxdakka for Orks, special Terminators and Flamer/Melta weapons for Salamanders, and possibly a Griffon/Salamanders kit for Steel Legion! Awesome, and supplements for all of the armies in Armageddon. That would be cool if true. However, some counter rumors indicate that supplements will only come out for books that are current to 6th and that no supplement specific units will be made, they will only modify existing units.

Rant Session

  • So Jy2 wrote in with our record so far in 6th ed, and here it is. I am up by just 1 game! It’s very close and I look forward to the next match:
  • Jy2′s CSM+Daemons vs Reece’s Footdar – Tie
  • Jy2′s New Chaos Daemons vs Reece’s Tyranids – Tie
  • Jy2′s Tyranids vs Reece’s Night Lords CSM – Tyranids win
  • Jy2′s Purifier Grey Knights vs Reece’s TAC Marines – Marines win
  • Jy2′s old Daemons vs Reece’s SonsofAnOrky – Orks win

Tactics Corner

Rules Lawyer

  • Also, I have for you a rules lawyer suggestion.A player in our group recently clarified that we had been playing area terrain incorrectly. Ex- a ruins on a base is not area terrain. Area terrain is an un-based cluster of trees. thus going to ground in a ruins with a base does not give you a 2+ cover save, since they are not area terrain. it would only give you a 3+, which is not how we, and i bet a lot of players have been playing it.

    also, craters created by exploded vehicles are area terrain, and grant you the 2+ cover save if you go to ground in them, making them as good of cover as a ruin.  we also had not been playing this right, and i think it’s pretty important in the game right now.see you guys at BeerHammer in Vegas!

  • This one comes via Jack S.
  • I was hoping you could give me the 411 on the Dark Eldar’s Court of the Archon.

Specifically, do you need to run the Archon that allows you to take them as a choice as part of the unit or can I have them run on their own w/ 1 Medusae, 1 Lhamaean, 1 Ur-Ghul, and 3 Sslyth so that the unit is toughness 5?

  • Follow up on Warp Storm and the dreaded 11. Thanks to Noah for pointing this out, Pg.7 of the Rulebook FAQ clearly states that units that are vehicles or are in vehicles cannot be affected by Leadership abilities. Case closed on that one.

List Review

HS Wraithknight w Suncannon and 5++sheild, sc. laser

Farseer Bike Mantle witchblade 3 powers (HnR Shrd Stlth re-roll cover saves.)

FA 9 Spiders

TR 3 jetbiker guards 1 shur cannon

TR 3 jetbiker guards 1 shur cannon

HS 3 warwalker w b.lance, sc laser, 5++

HS 3 shadow batteries +6 guards

4X TR 7 dire avengers91

Wave Serpent tl scl aser shurcannon holo field, serpent shield


The shooting from the wave serpents is the MVP here. the only draw-back is deploying them to get shot at first turn when i go 2nd.

Depending on the opponent, terrain and mission i might outflank the walkers, spiders and bikes.

If it looks really bad i might even reserve the serpents, but generally they can survive the first round, hopefully getting ruins cover saves.

The re-rollable 2++ on the farseer almost insures he’s a waste of shooting.

This list just went 3-0 at a tourney up here vs. Guard BA and DE. even causing a small amount of rage-quitting


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Pascal Roggen
8 years ago

just noticed that list has 4x in it for, I presume, the avengers in serpents, pretty bloody nasty:)

8 years ago

Pg:98 BRB

Ruins with bases: threat the base as area terrain.
Ruins without bases: the ground floor is not counted as area terrain.

8 years ago

To me, claiming 2+ cover while g-t-g behind ruins is like cherry-picking the best rules. Kind of like taking both a lightning claw and a power fist and saying, “ok, I strike at I4 S8 with re-rolls to wound”. But I can see the perspective from both sides. Best thing to do is to check with your TO in a tournament rather than trying to argue it.

Ok, Reece, name the time and place and I’ll even the score between us. 😉

8 years ago

I will wear a bone in my nose 😛

8 years ago

What cover save you’d get is based on were the shooting unit fires from. Are your unit obscured from that unit from any of the walls on the ruin, you’d get 4+ from the ruin and follow all restrictions that comes with, not gaining better cover from gtg. If there is no wall or other part of the ruin obscuring your unit from the shooting unit you’d get 5+ from area terrain and thus following all rules from being in area terrain.
This is how I interpret the rules from being in cover, keeping it simple and logic.

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