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signals from the Frontline

Show Notes



  • LVO tickets are selling at a steady pace, don’t wait to grab them!
  • Comikze tickets will be up for sale soon! After all the feedback, we determined that folks want to stay on the main hall. Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead, Army of Darkness and burn Notice will be there!
  • Duel Con is approaching fast! Grab those tickets.
  • Big shout out to Jim Yeh, Kevin Brown, Bill Kim, Mike Mustcheller, and Brandon Vallee who won the ATC! Way to be, and a big shout to Kevin who went 6-0 with his bugs, also winning best Nid player!
  • The Fantasy escalation league will begin next week! We’ll take a week to get everyone ready to rock and situated, and then we’ll start! We’ve got about 12 people excited to give it a go!
  • Avatars of War releases there Dwarf Pathfinders box set! Looks very cool and there are some pics of all the components that come in the box.

  • Battle Boards for Dropzone Commander to be debuted at GenCon!

  • Puppets War releases a new Flame Turret for a generic SciFi vehicle.

•Brawl in the Fall! Date is October 12.  Its the same format, 3 games in one day for 30bucks.  Attendance is capped around 30-36 participants so folks should act quickly if they want int.  All the information is on the website<>.  There are also pics of past events posted too.  They can also track some of the local game updates at Central Valley Gamers<>, though they may have to create an account to view the forums

We don’t have a host hotel as its a one day event, but if anyone is interested in an overnight the Best Western Clovis Cole is like 50 yards from the venue and has reasonable rates.

Contact person is Mark Reindl through the website.  If anyone has problems connecting, they can feel free to email me<> and I’ll put them in touch with Mark.

Thanks and gratz again on your near tourney win.


Rumors: The Rumor Section is gathered from the web and is not in any way information we receive from any manufacturer. This section is for entertainment purposes only!

  • As GW’s new releases come out, we’re going to space out the release as we get a large volume of orders and the flow of product hasn’t been keeping up. So, we’re going to hold off on the 25% off special until after the release. What we will do is a comprehensive review of every unit in the codex and then offer our big discount after 3-4 weeks. What this should do (we hope) is spread the orders out so it isn’t so crazy. Folks who want stuff right at release can get it at 20% off, and customers that want to see what everything does before buying can wait and read our reviews and see our video battle reports and then buy later at a better discount knowing what they want to get.

Rant Session

  • Frankie’s list changes to his DE for Feast of Blades.
  • Reece’s Space Marine/Space Wolf list at the GTGT
  • Trying to build a Chaos list using actual CSMs and why it’s like stabbing yourself in the eye with a hot poker.

Rules Lawyer

• Can powers or abilities ever effect units inside of transports? Lyzz and I played at the GTGT and she rolled an 11 on the Warp Storm table, which turns your psyker into a herald) and my only Psyker on the board was in a transport. Lyzz made the argument that it could hit me but I countered with no it couldn’t as my model wasn’t “on the table” as the power specifies the psyker must be in order to be hit (pg.27, CodexL Chaos Daemons). What do you guys think?

List Review

The Borg Cube (aka Necron Death Star) brought to us by Matt G.

HQ 1: Nemasor Zandrekh (185pt) w/ Varagard Obyron

Royal Court: Harbinger of Destruction w/ Eldritch Lance, Gaze of Flame and Solar



Harbinger of Eternity w/Aeonstave, Chronometron and Timesplinter

Harbinger of the Storm w/ Voltaic Staff and Lightning Field

3 x Necron Lord w/ Warscythe and Mindshackle Scarabs

2 x Nercon Lord w/ Gauntlet of Fire and Mindshackle Scarabs

HQ 2: Trazyn the Infinite

Troops: 2 x 10 Necron Warriors

4 x 5 Necron Warriors

Fast Attack: 2 x 5 Canoptek Scarabs

Heavy Support: Necron Monolith

There it is. With Trazyn this list has 7 scoring units (one being the death star). I like to start with

the 2 units of 10 warrior and the Monolith in reserve.


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8 years ago

The GW FAQ clearly states that psychic powers or other effects that cause a leadership test do not effect vehicles and units that are embarked. The warp storm roll of an 11 forces a random psyker to roll a leadership test. So a psyker on board is safe and even GK vehicles are safe from that as well.

steven morrow
steven morrow
8 years ago

yeah thats in the faq. Psychic powers or other effects that cause a ld check will not effect vehicles or units embarked in a transport

8 years ago

Thanks for the shout-out, Frontline. This is Jim from Team Fluffy Bunnies who won the ATC this year. Brandon and Mike were the veterans of the team and the runner-ups to Team Wrecking BOL’s from last year. Greg Sparks was also on the team last year but this year, is the captain of the ETC. Thus, Kevin, Bill and I are new to the team this year. Being new to the team format, I was honestly surprised with how well we worked together. I would have been happy with a Top5 finish, but to win it all – and in the process getting to play against the 2-time defending champs Wrecking BOLs – was just like the cherry on top. This was just a really fun tournament. Hope to see Team Zero Comp there next year.

I like the fact that Frankie is adding more eldar to his list. Necron tesla-spam and mechdar counters mech-DE pretty hard. Eldar allies will make this less of an issue. There are just so many good units in a very, very strong codex. You can’t lose by taking more eldar allies.

As to the necron list, it looks more like a list one would take to a team event like the ATC or the ETC (I believe Ireland was taking such a list to the ETC). It’s one of those lists that will give certain armies matchup issues but it’s got weaknesses that it can hopefully avoid in a team tournament format.

As for my matchup with Reece, this is our record (since 6th Ed., compiled from my and Frontline’s battle reports):

Jy2’s CSM+Daemons vs Reece’s Footdar – Tie

Jy2’s New Chaos Daemons vs Reece’s Tyranids – Tie

Jy2’s Tyranids vs Reece’s Night Lords CSM – Tyranids win

Jy2’s Purifier Grey Knights vs Reece’s TAC Marines – Marines win

Jy2’s old Daemons vs Reece’s SonsofAnOrky – Orks win

8 years ago
Reply to  Reecius

Thanks, and don’t worry. There’s plenty of time for me to even the score. 😉

8 years ago

hey guys, tell us more about the specifics of the events at the LVO, particularly the apoc. game and beehammer. points limits, match-ups, etc. can’t wait!

8 years ago

Yesss warp spiders! Gald you are going with them. They are super awesome.

Good to hear know about a pyscher in a vehicle would not be affected. As for a vehicle psyker there is a communication error, vehicles psychers cannot be affected by warp storm roll of an eleven. Thanks for asking it!

8 years ago

Between me and my kid using him a bunch, I’ve never seen Imhotek be someone you can count on, and he’s really expensive. You’re better off points-wise with 2 Night Scythes firing Tesla Destructors at guys and hoping for your D6 Arcs on them for your random extra hits. Because at least then you’re getting your core shots on target.
There’s so much “ignores night fight” or “ignores cover” stuff anyway that keeping it dark doesn’t help a ton (in my experience)

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