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Hey everyone, its Ethan again with a spicy enchantment deck for standard. I came across this deck when playing against a casual player and have modified it to be competitive in standard. The deck revolves around using enchantments like Detention Sphere, and Pacifism to lock down the board while getting damage through with creatures pumped up by Ethereal Armor.






Now I’m gonna tell it to you straight, this deck has quite a few bad matchups (at least game one), and this deck suffers against enchantment removal, but in the right meta-game this deck is competitive to play, and rewarding. The deck has an acceptable first game matchup against jund, and the second game we have Brave the Elementsto mitigate some of the effects of Bonfire of the Damned,and a second Sin Collector to absorb removal. We also get to replace some of our creature removal because it’s not as effective against their removal. They gain a lot through Liliana of the Veil, Golgari Charm, and Barter in Bloodso it’s about the same difficulty as the first matchup.

.Against the latest iteration of Gruul Aggro, we have a sweet matchup and if that deck continues to grow in popularity, then this deck will get considerably more powerful, they don’t have much of a chance until the second game where between Burning Earth, and hasty creatures they can swing the matchup, but with the fourth Blind Obedience, and the third Sphere of Safety they usually don’t have a chance.

Against flash/control we have a pretty terrible first game as most of our cards focus on the board state and Restoration Angel makes Pacifism more of a two for one than anything else. The second game, Rest in Peace trumps flashback, Dispel beats Sphinx’s Revelation (fingers crossed) and we have two powerful clocks in Blood Baron of Vizkopa, and Sorin, Lord of Innistrad, but it’s still a hard matchup.

Well here is the obligatory reanimator matchup. I personally am sure reanimator has been killed off, but basically we have a pretty decent matchup until they draw Angel of Serenity. We also have trouble with Obzedat, Ghost Council, as he is hard to deal with without instant speed removal. It’s unlikely we see this matchup, but if we do Sin Collector is good,Rest in Peace is good and good cards are good.

Bant Hexproof, is a bit of a pain to deal with, but we can remove enchantments with Oblivion Ringand Detention Sphere. We can race them with Fiendslayer Paladinbuffed up with enchantments, and remove their lifelink but I really haven’t tested the matchup at all.

I’ve enjoyed discoursing on this deck and hope you can have as much fun playing it as I will. Best of luck!


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