Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40K and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics, and Bad Jokes!

signals from the Frontline

Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40K and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics, and Bad Jokes!

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Show Notes



  • Las Vegas Open ticket go on sale Wednesday! We’re coming down to the wire, now! Get ready for a great time!
  • Heavy Gear will have some awesome events for the Las Vegas Open! Look forward to some surprises! We can’t say anything more than that….
  • Ed a 40K nut was in San Francisco all the way from Australia and jumped on the BART and came out to Frontline Gaming to hang out for the day! That was super cool.
  • A gentleman named Jake wrote in saying our videos and his friends got him to try 40K out and he is buying a Tau army from us! Pretty cool! He wanted advice on where to begin which we’re happy to help. If anyone out there wants advice on where to start with 40K, just hit us up.
  • Farsight supplement out! Crisis suits as troops! Holy crap! 4d6 for Deny the Witch? Yowza!
  • The Feast of Blades Qualifier at Equilibrium Games this Saturday, July 27th is a qualifier but will not earn the winner a travel voucher but will earn an invitation to the event. There will be normal prize support at the tournament determined by the store’s owner.
  • Big thanks to Tangentical on our site for suggesting Grzzly Trophies for my Ravager. Lets you reroll failed psychic tests for a measly 5 pts! That is awesome.
  • Forgeworld releases some awesome new goodies! The Javelin Speeder, the Scorpius and the Palatine Blades.

jls-cyclone2 jls-lascannon2 palatine-blades scorpiusp2


Rumors: Remember, these rumors gathered from the internet and are rumors, not an indication of any information we have about impending releases. Take anything in this section for entertainment purposes only.

  • A World of Warcraft movie? Rumors are floating around that a trailer was shown at Comic Con for an upcoming WoW movie that will begin filming in 2014. If anyone has the trailer, please shoot it to us! We’d love to see it.
  • Forgeworld in a letter to a customer stated they are working on Imperial Armor Volume 2, 2nd edition. However, it may not be done this year.
  • Tau Mercs? Tau lists with no Tau in them, cool! Ravenguard? White Scars? Who knows what’s coming but we’re excited for it! Mini Dexes, hooo!
  • Juicy Black Templars rumors are floating around. We won’t go into detail but it sounds like they will have some cool rules and ultra cheap marines for a horde playstyle. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Rant Session

  • Fantasy escalation league will begin mid August, after the Golden Throne when Reece gets back from his road trip. We can all learn Fantasy together! 500pts to start, order $100 or more of Fantasy stuff and we’ll ship it for free.
  • The Footdar have been stopped dead in their tracks! Daemons ended the hot streak.

Rules Lawyer

  • This comes to us via Adam.
  • The new digital Rulebook is supposed to include all FAQs, Eratta, and Amendments.  I looked over the shooting section and there seems to be no  adjustments for the Out of Range Wound Allocation FAQ that was ruled rather heavily RAW by the tourney FAQ team. Do you think this is another sign that both the GW and tourney FAQ regarding out of range wound allocation are inherently flawed and should be ignored?
  • From Pascal: Can a Herald of Tezzentch in a unit of Horrors fire a separate witchfire? The rules for Brotherhood of Psykers seem to indicate that they are their own unit and cannot use the leadership of an IC for their test (BRB pg.34). The conflict comes from the wording of the rules for IC’s in a unit (becomes a part of the unit for all rules purposes, BRB pg.39) and the actual power, Flickering FIre of Tzeentch which uses the amount of models in the unit and Warp Charge spent to determine the power of the shot (Daemons pg. 68).
  • Do powers that target the psyker but affect other models trigger Deny the Witch? Null Zone, Aura of Despair.
  • Order of Operations and stat modifiers.
  • Last week we were asking the question about rending and vehicles, it is right there in the BRB FAQ, haha, doh! No, it doesn’t count. However, with vehicles and ignores cover, the BRB FAQ (first page, left column, first paragraph) also points out that vehicles with an invul save can still take it vs. penetrating or glancing hits whereas the wording in the BRB indicates invul saves can only be taken vs. wounds. This to me sets precedence that the same logic applies to cover saves.
  • Some other points I read the other night going over the BRB FAQ again:
  • JotWW is a Beam and only the target model gets a Deny roll.
  • No Deny the Witch from aura powers such as Null Zone and Aura of Despair, etc.
  • You CAN charge something you can’t hurt.
  • You can take a FnP save against perils!
  • Kevin Pointed this out to me in our game, Dangerous Terrain tests are taken for compulsory movement too, so every consolidation in a combat, this really impacts cavalry.
  • A single model with defensive grenades gives it to the whole unit. Blight Grenades FTW!

List Review

I like terminators, I love the idea of unkillable super human killing machines in huge armor kicking ass and taking names…..but on the table top they are far from that. I played Deathwing towards the end of 5th and beginning 6th , but now the meta has changed in ways that leave terminators at a disadvantage .

I’ve heard Reese say a couple of times that terminator armies can’t beat his footdar because the math just kills the terminators .Which from the time I played him seems to be true

My challenge to you guys is make a Terminator/paladin heavy marine army(doesnt need to be 100% terminators but at least 50% should do it ) using any books that will be able to compete with the big dogs in the meta.

Reece’s List:

I think to make terminators work, you needs lots of them! I am taking it old school with a Shrike, fleeting terminator list.



Libby: Gate, Null Zone

TH/SS Termies x 10

TH/SS Termies x 10

TH/SS Termies x 10

Scouts x 10: T.Homer, M.Bombs, P.Weapon

Sniper Scouts x 5, H.Bolter

Guest Mike, discusses his group’s narrative campaign!

Check it out!


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  1. Avatar
    WarlordEXE July 23, 2013 6:56 am #

    black templar rumors have rose, fallen, and resurfaced before even grey knights got their new dex. Hope for once these are actually rooted in some truths.

    • Reecius
      Reecius July 23, 2013 7:21 am #

      Yeah, we only have read what you guys have read. Hopefully we get some more concrete stuff, soon.

  2. Avatar
    Tarrant July 23, 2013 8:06 am #

    Great podcast!! Interesting information regarding dangerous terrain. Will have to refresh my understanding of it.


  3. Avatar
    Mark July 23, 2013 8:08 am #

    Re: Farsight book

    I haven’t yet cracked how to abuse the Independant Character Riptide and Broadside suits.

    I’m sure it’s possible. Regular Riptide, joined IC Riptide and a farseer or spirit seer joined up for perfect timing, prescience, or some of the runes of battle? It looks like there could be something ridiculous here… Warlocks on Bikes with a couple suits joined in would still get their 2d6 assault move. … Gah, my brain!

  4. Avatar
    Tangentical July 26, 2013 10:55 am #

    Riptide IC in a unit of Dark Reapers ignores jink saves without need for Markerlights due to Reaper range finder. Riptide IC in a Vauls Wrath Support Battery becomes T7. Just a couple of ideas.

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